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High Power Lasers, High Energy Lasers, and Silicon-based Photonic Integration
Editor(s): Lijun Wang; Zhiping Zhou
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Volume Number: 10152
Date Published: 28 December 2016

Table of Contents
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Transfer printing of thin-film microscale GaAs lasers on silicon
Author(s): Xing Sheng
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Experimental study of HgCdTe imaging sensor irradiated by pulse CO2 laser
Author(s): Xi Wang; Qingsheng Wang; Hongtao Hu; Xiaodong Fang; Jinsong Nie
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Numerical studies of the magnetic field and thermal flux reduction in anisotropic plasmas
Author(s): K. Ayikanbaier; A. Abudurexiti
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Numerical analysis of the temperature field in silicon avalanche photodiode by millisecond laser irradiation
Author(s): Di Wang; Guangyong Jin; Zhi Wei; Hongyu Zhao
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High efficiency Tm3+-doped fiber seed source of optimum fiber length
Author(s): Miao Yu; Guang-yong Jin; Ji Wang; Xu Li
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Analysis of influence factors on 2 μm Tm3+-doped fiber laser output characteristics
Author(s): Miao Yu; Guang-yong Jin; Ji Wang
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Study on CCD detector irradiated by multi-pulse laser
Author(s): Mingxin Li; Guangyong Jin; Yong Tan
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Influence analysis of an asymmetrical suspension system on triaxial signals' phase differences of fiber optic vector hydrophones
Author(s): Jing Zhu; Jun Wang; Xingshu Wang; Yanqun Wu; Zhengliang Hu; Yongming Hu
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Stable and tunable single frequency mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Qian Wang; Xin Wang; Zhuo Li
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Study of dual wavelength composite output of solid state laser based on adjustment of resonator parameters
Author(s): Lei Wang; Jinsong Nie; Xi Wang; Yuze Hu
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A novel criterion for evaluating the beam quality of high energy laser
Author(s): Kai Han; Quan Sun; Xiaojun Xu
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Active illuminated space object imaging and tracking simulation
Author(s): Yufang Yue; Xiaogang Xie; Wen Luo; Feizhou Zhang; Jianzhu An
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Measurements of electron number density and plasma temperature using LIBS
Author(s): Xiao-xia Zhao; Wen-feng Luo; Jun-fang He; Hong-ying Wang; Sen-lin Yang; Yuan-yuan Li
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The shape effect of space debris on recoil impulse by pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): Chenglin Wang; Yan Zhang; Kunpeng Wang
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Powerful 40 GHz narrow linewidth random fiber laser
Author(s): Jun Ye; Jiangming Xu; Hanwei Zhang; Pu Zhou
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Investigation on the thermal properties of volume Bragg grating in laser diodes with external cavities
Author(s): Zhiyong Li; Rongqing Tan; Wei Huang; Qing Ye; Gaoce Han; Hui Li; Yijun Zheng
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Thermal effect of large-diameter laser rod in multi-direction side-pump high power pulsed Nd:YAG laser amplifier
Author(s): Shuzhen Nie; Tianzhuo Zhao; Zhongwei Fan; Hong Xiao
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Plasma evolution regulations with the change of initial conditions of femtosecond laser and an optical detecting scheme is verified numerically
Author(s): Yuze Hu; Jinsong Nie; Haitao Wang; Lei Wang; Xianan Dou
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Proposal of using slot-waveguide cavity to reduce noises in resonant integrated optical gyroscopes
Author(s): Yi Jiang; Mei Kong; Yameng Xu
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Wideband and low dispersion slow light in structure optimized optofluidic infiltrated photonic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Yuanghang Zhou; Changhong Li; Zheng Xia
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Investigation on ultrafast third-order nonlinear optical properties of benzothiadiazole copolymer with triphenylamine derivative side chain
Author(s): Weixiang Gong; Junyi Yang; Yuan-cheng Qin; Xing-zhi Wu; Xiao Jin; Yinglin Song
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Wide band slow light with large NDBPat any group index in photonic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Zheng Xia; Changhong Li; Min Wu
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Ultra-fast nonlinear optical properties and photophysical mechanism of a novel pyrene derivative
Author(s): Youwei Zhang; Junyi Yang; Zhengguo Xiao; Yinglin Song
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A tunable nonreciprocal device based on PT symmetry
Author(s): Jianfei Jiang; Xiaoqing Jiang; Hui Yu; Xia Li
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The performance study of oxide by-passed(OB) lateral double diffused MOSFET
Author(s): Pan-pan Tang
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Influence of Er3+ and Yb3+ concentration for upconversion emission in KLTN ceramics under 980nm laser excitation
Author(s): Lei Li; Jing Jia; Ruixi Zhou
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Chemical laser exhaust pipe design research
Author(s): Yunqiang Sun; Zhilong Huang; Zhiqiang Chen; Zebin Ren; Longde Guo
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High power 888 nm optical fiber end-pumped Nd:YVO4 picosecond regenerative amplifier at hundreds kHz
Author(s): Zhenao Bai; Zhongwei Fan; Fuqiang Lian; Tan Tan; Zhenxu Bai; Chao Yang; Zhijun Kang; Chang Liu
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The homogeneous and dual-medium cell’s refractive index decoupling method and entropy tomographic imaging
Author(s): Z. D. Xin; Y. Y. Xu; Y. Ji; W. F. Jin; H. R. Zheng; L. Zhang; Y. W. Wang
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Design and optimization of a silica waveguide based visible etched diffraction grating with uniform loss
Author(s): Han Wang; Minyue Yang; Tingting Lang; Jinyan Song; Mingyu Li; Jian-Jun He
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Design of 6 kw fiber-coupled system for semiconductor laser
Author(s): Yulong Wu; Zhiyong Dong; Yongqi Chen; Yunfei Qi; Lushuang Ding; Pengfei Zhao; Yonggang Zou; Li Xu; Xuechun Lin
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The study of the noise immunity of chip spectrometer based on sparse recovery
Author(s): Feiying Sun; Zheng Yang; Peng Wu; Liangping Xia; Xiuhui Sun; Changbin Nie; Jun Cui; Shaoyun Yin; Chunlei Du
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Interaction between pulsed infrared laser and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite laminates
Author(s): Yan-Chi Liu; Chen-Wu Wu; Hong-Wei Song; Chen-Guang Huang
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An experimental research about dye-doped distributed feedback laser
Author(s): Zhigang Zhou; Rongwei Fan; Zhaodong Chen; Xinrui Xu; Deying Chen
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Research of target uniform illumination on SG-III laser facility
Author(s): Rui Zhang; Huaiting Jia; Yuanchao Geng; Ping Li; Lanqin Liu; Xiaocheng Tian; Haoyu Yuan; Chen Fan; Jingqin Su; Dongxia Hu; Qihua Zhu; Wanguo Zheng
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Pockels effect and optical rectification induced by the built-in electric field in the space charge regions of surface layers of silicon crystals
Author(s): Qi Wang; Xiuhuan Liu; Lixin Hou; Zhanguo Chen
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Study on the electromagnetic radiation characteristics of discharging excimer laser system
Author(s): Duliang Zhao; Xu Liang; Xiaodong Fang; Qingsheng Wang
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Study on transmission characteristics of one-dimensional photonic crystal microring resonators
Author(s): Xueping Wang; Mei Kong; Yameng Xu
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Compact and efficient CW 473nm blue laser with LBO intracavity frequency doubling
Author(s): Yan Qi; Yu Wang; Yanwei Wang; Jing Zhang; Boxia Yan
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Compact polarization rotator based on directional coupler of two waveguides with different width and height
Author(s): Ping Liu; Junbo Yang; Shaobo Gao; Linmei Liang
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Optical properties of two-dimensional ZnO array generated by template method
Author(s): Xiu Li; Xiu Yan Chen; Gao Chao Zhu; Shan Shan Wang; Si Yu Chen
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Compact intra-cavity frequency doubled line beam green laser by a laser diode array pumped
Author(s): Boxia Yan; Yan Qi; Yanwei Wang
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Influence of deviation in central wavelengths of both a seed laser and a pump LD on the output features of a DPAL-MOPA system
Author(s): Zhigang Jiang; You Wang; He Cai; Juhong Han; Ming Gao; Guofei An; Shunyan Wang; Wei Zhang; Liangping Xue; Jie Zhou; Hongyuan Wang
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Study of plasma oscillations in photoelectric semiconductor detectors
Author(s): Bing-feng Luo; Long-zhao Lu; Xiang-ai Cheng; Xiang-yang Yu
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Evaluation of population densities of a rubidium laser pumped with a narrow-linewidth Ti:Sapphire laser
Author(s): Shunyan Wang; You Wang; Juhong Han; Wei Zhang; He Cai; Guofei An; Ming Gao; Zhigang Jiang; Liangping Xue; Hongyuan Wang; Jie Zhou
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Ultra-compact photonic crystal integrated sensor formed by series-connected nanobeam bandstop filter and nanobeam cavity
Author(s): Yujie Yang; Daquan Yang; Yuefeng Ji
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Passively Q-switched Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG micro laser with high beam quality
Author(s): Xuesong Huang; Yongling Hui; Menghua Jiang; Hong Lei; Qiang Li
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Influence of truncation factor on coherent beam combining based on a triangular fiber laser array
Author(s): Dong Zhi; Yan-xing Ma; Xiao-lin Wang; Pu Zhou; Lei Si
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Stable 500kHz, 1ms, 40mJ pulse-burst GdVO4/Nd:GdVO4 laser Oscillator
Author(s): Xudong Li; Xiaohu Han; Renpeng Yan; Xin Fa; Deyan Wang; Yiping Zhou; Zhongxiang Zhou
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Improving efficiency of spectral beam combining by optimizing reflectivity of output coupler for laser diode array
Author(s): Yongqi Chen; Pengfei Zhao; Yulong Wu; Yunfei Qi; Yonggang Zou; Xiaohui Ma; Li Xu; Xuechun Lin
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Development of slab amplifiers for integration-test-bed
Author(s): Yuanbin Chen; Jianguo Liu; Yong Liu; Lin Chen; Kuixing Zheng; Xiaofeng Wei; Wanguo Zheng
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Design of 150W, 105-μm, 0.22NA, fiber coupled laser diode module by ZEMAX
Author(s): Yunfei Qi; Pengfei Zhao; Qing Chen; Yulong Wu; Yongqi Chen; Yonggang Zou; Xuechun Lin
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Front Matter: Volume 10152
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