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Micromachining Optical Components and Precision Engineering
Editor(s): Peter Langenbeck

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Volume Number: 1015
Date Published: 11 April 1989

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Generation Of Surface Topography By Interactions Of Vibrations, Spindle Speed And Feed Velocity
Author(s): R. Haberland; G. Pfeifer
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Manufacturing And Measuring Of Aspherics Integrated In One Ultra Precision Machine
Author(s): Pierre H. Knol; Denes Szepesi; P. Guenther Werner; Wilhelm Knappert
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Problems And Their Solutions When Thin-Walled Turned Parts Of High Precision With Quasi-Optical Surfaces Are Manufactured On A CNC Automatic Lathe Under Workshop Conditions
Author(s): Valentin E. Jager
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Ultra-Precision Airbearing Workspindles For The Economic Micro-Machining Of Optical Quality Components
Author(s): P. A. McKeown; W. J. Wills-Moren; K. Carlisle; P. D. Chapman
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Recent Developments In The Generation Of Glass Aspherical Surfaces
Author(s): Gavin F. Chapman
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In Process Interferometry By Real-Time Fringe-Analysis
Author(s): Bernd Breuckmann; Peter Langenbeck
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The Geometrical And Dynamical Behaviour Of Ultraprecision Diamond Turning Machines Set Limits To The Workpiece Accuracy
Author(s): M. Weck; R. Hartel; T. Bispink
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Surface Modulations On Metaloptics Caused By Vibrations In The Microturning Respectively Fly-Cutting Process
Author(s): M. Weck; K. Modemann
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Finish Improvement Of Micro-Machined Surfaces
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Interferometric Monitoring Of Spindle And Workpiece On An Ultra-Precision Single-Point Diamond Facing Machine
Author(s): A. E. Gee; S. G. McCandlish; K. E. Puttick
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Lattice Strain Measurements In Silicon Micropositioning Elements By X-Ray Topography
Author(s): D. Windisch; P. Becker
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Moire Deflectometry - A Ray Tracing Alternative To Interferometry
Author(s): Eliezer Keren; Kathi Kreske; Oded Kafri
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Design And Realisation Of An Optimized Coupler For Gaslasers And Polarisation Preserving Fibers
Author(s): R. Kruger; G. Wilkening
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Modification Of The Statistical Microroughness Of Surfaces By Thin Film Deposition: A Model
Author(s): Heinz-Gunter Walther; Angela Duparre
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Application Of Magnetic Bearing Spindle To Very High Precision Machining
Author(s): C. Fouche; J. P. Marioge; M. Mullot
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Precision Measurements Of Material-Removal Rates In Superpolishing Sapphire
Author(s): B. Hader; O. Weis
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Calibration Of Optical And Mechanical Sensors By X-Ray Interferometry
Author(s): Peter Becker; Peter Seyfried
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Characterization Of Multi-Layered AlGaAs Structures Using X-Ray Diffraction And Optical Reflectometry
Author(s): Marten Walther; Karl J. Ebeling; Peter Becker; Jurgen Stumpel
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Objectives And Structures Of The International Organization For Standardization (ISO)
Author(s): Helmut Reihlen
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ISO/TC 172 'Optics And Optical Instruments'
Author(s): Hans F. Kittel
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ISO Standards For Optical Drawings
Author(s): Klaus W. Hildebrand
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CAD/CAM-Interface For Optical Systems And Optical Drawings
Author(s): Eckart Wieder
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Standardization Of Environmental Test Conditions
Author(s): Masaki Isshiki
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Objective Standards For Surface Flaws
Author(s): Lionel R. Baker
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Standards On Microscopes And Accessories (ISO TC 172/SC 5)
Author(s): Peter Puxkandl
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Standards On Optical Materials And Coatings
Author(s): Hans F. Morian
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Standards On Ophthalmic Lenses
Author(s): Jean Pierre Galceran
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