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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning VI
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Volume Number: 10149
Date Published: 4 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10149
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Impact of materials engineering on edge placement error (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Regina Freed; Uday Mitra; Ying Zhang
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Overcoming etch challenges related to EUV based patterning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrew W. Metz; Hongyun Cottle; Masanobu Honda; Shinya Morikita; Kaushik A. Kumar; Peter Biolsi
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Self-aligned block technology: a step toward further scaling
Author(s): Frédéric Lazzarino; Nihar Mohanty; Yannick Feurprier; Lior Huli; Vinh Luong; Marc Demand; Stefan Decoster; Victor Vega Gonzalez; Julien Ryckaert; Ryan Ryoung Han Kim; Arindam Mallik; Philippe Leray; Chris Wilson; Jürgen Boemmels; Kaushik Kumar; Kathleen Nafus; Anton deVilliers; Jeffrey Smith; Carlos Fonseca; Julie Bannister; Steven Scheer; Zsolt Tokei; Daniele Piumi; Kathy Barla
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3D CDSEM characterization of feature profiles at spacer on spacer SAQP process (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shimon Levi; Ying Zhang
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Silicon photonics and challenges for fabrication
Author(s): N. B. Feilchenfeld; K. Nummy; T. Barwicz; D. Gill; E. Kiewra; R. Leidy; J. S. Orcutt; J. Rosenberg; A. D. Stricker; C. Whiting; J. Ayala; B. Cucci; D. Dang; T. Doan; M. Ghosal; M. Khater; K. McLean; B. Porth; Z. Sowinski; C. Willets; C. Xiong; C. Yu; S. Yum; K. Giewont; W. M. J. Green
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Reducing Line Edge Roughness in Si and SiN through plasma etch chemistry optimization for photonic waveguide applications
Author(s): Nathan Marchack; Marwan Khater; Jason Orcutt; Josephine Chang; Steven Holmes; Tymon Barwicz; Swetha Kamlapurkar; William Green; Sebastian Engelmann
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Plasma-assisted thermal atomic layer etching of Al2O3
Author(s): Andreas Fischer; Richard Janek; John Boniface; Thorsten Lill; K. J. Kanarik; Yang Pan; Vahid Vahedi; Richard A. Gottscho
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Self-aligned quadruple patterning using spacer on spacer integration optimization for N5
Author(s): Sophie Thibaut; Angélique Raley; Nihar Mohanty; Subhadeep Kal; Eric Liu; Akiteru Ko; David O'Meara; Kandabara Tapily; Peter Biolsi
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Directed self-assembly patterning strategies for phase change memory applications
Author(s): Robert L. Bruce; Gloria Fraczak; John M. Papalia; HsinYu Tsai; Matt BrightSky; Hiroyuki Miyazoe; Yu Zhu; Sebastian U. Engelmann; Hsiang-Lan Lung; Takeshi Masuda; Koukou Suu; Chi-Chun Liu; Hao Tang; John C. Arnold; Nelson Felix; Chung H. Lam
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Nanoimprint, DSA, and multi-beam lithography: patterning technologies with new integration challenges
Author(s): S. Landis; H. Teyssedre; G. Claveau; I. Servin; F. Delachat; M. L. Pourteau; A. Gharbi; P. Pimenta Barros; R. Tiron; L. Nouri; N. Possemé; M. May; P. Brianceau; S. Barnola; Y. Blancquaert; J. Pradelles; P. Essomba; A. Bernadac; B. Dal'zotto; S. Bos; M. Argoud; G. Chamiot-Maitral; A. Sarrazin; C. Tallaron; C. Lapeyre; L. Pain
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Overview of several applications of chemical downstream etching (CDE) for IC manufacturing: advantages and drawbacks versus WET processes
Author(s): Côme de Buttet; Emilie Prevost; Alain Campo; Philippe Garnier; Stephane Zoll; Laurent Vallier; Gilles Cunge; Patrick Maury; Thomas Massin; Sonarith Chhun
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Study of selective chemical downstream plasma etching of silicon nitride and silicon oxide for advanced patterning applications
Author(s): Emilie Prévost; Gilles Cunge; Côme De-Buttet; Sebastien Lagrasta; Laurent Vallier; Camille Petit-Etienne
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Co-optimization of lithographic and patterning processes for improved EPE performance
Author(s): Mark J. Maslow; Vadim Timoshkov; Ton Kiers; Tae Kwon Jee; Peter de Loijer; Shinya Morikita; Marc Demand; Andrew W. Metz; Soichiro Okada; Kaushik A. Kumar; Serge Biesemans; Hidetami Yaegashi; Paolo Di Lorenzo; Joost P. Bekaert; Ming Mao; Christophe Beral; Stephane Larivière
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Self-aligned blocking integration demonstration for critical sub-40nm pitch Mx level patterning
Author(s): Angélique Raley; Nihar Mohanty; Xinghua Sun; Richard A. Farrell; Jeffrey T. Smith; Akiteru Ko; Andrew W. Metz; Peter Biolsi; Anton Devilliers
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Dry-plasma-free chemical etch technique for variability reduction in multi-patterning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Subhadeep Kal; Nihar Mohanty; Richard A. Farrell; Elliott Franke; Angelique Raley; Sophie Thibaut; Cheryl Pereira; Karthik Pillai; Akiteru Ko; Aelan Mosden; Peter Biolsi
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Guiding gate-etch process development using 3D surface reaction modeling for 7nm and beyond
Author(s): Derren Dunn; John R. Sporre; Vaibhav Deshpande; Mohamed Oulmane; Ronald Gull; Peter Ventzek; Alok Ranjan
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Plasma processing of III-V materials for energy efficient electronics applications
Author(s): Iain Thayne; Xu Li; David Millar; Yen-Chun Fu; Uthayasankararan Peralagu
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Design and fabrication of resonator-QWIP for SF6 gas sensor application
Author(s): J. Sun; K. K. Choi; E. A. DeCuir; K. A. Olver; R. X. Fu
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Spin-on metal oxide materials for N7 and beyond patterning applications
Author(s): G. Mannaert; E. Altamirano-Sanchez; T. Hopf; F. Sebaai; C. Lorant; C. Petermann; S.-E. Hong; S. Mullen; E. Wolfer; D. Mckenzie; H. Yao; D. Rahman; J.-Y. Cho; M. Padmanaban; D. Piumi
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Improvement of a block co-polymer (PS-b-PDMS) template etch profile using amorphous carbon layer
Author(s): JiSoo Oh; Jong Sik Oh; DaIn Sung; SoonMin Yim; SeungWon Song; GeunYoung Yeom
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Roughness and uniformity improvements on self-aligned quadruple patterning technique for 10nm node and beyond by wafer stress engineering
Author(s): Eric Liu; Akiteru Ko; David O'Meara; Nihar Mohanty; Elliott Franke; Karthik Pillai; Peter Biolsi
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A method to accelerate creation of plasma etch recipes using physics and Bayesian statistics
Author(s): Meghali J. Chopra; Rahul Verma; Austin Lane; C. G. Willson; Roger T. Bonnecaze
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The line roughness improvement with plasma coating and cure treatment for 193nm lithography and beyond
Author(s): Erhu Zheng; Yi Huang; Haiyang Zhang
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The application of advanced pulsed plasma in Fin etch loading improvement
Author(s): Fang-Yuan Xiao; Qiu-Hua Han; Hai-Yang Zhang
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Facile fabrication of Si-based nanostructures
Author(s): Lingkuan Meng; Jiang Yan
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