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Next-Generation Optical Communication: Components, Sub-Systems, and Systems VI
Editor(s): Guifang Li; Xiang Zhou
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Volume Number: 10130
Date Published: 28 February 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10130
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Classical key distribution in optical communication (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Guifang Li; Yaron Bromberg; Brandon Redding; Sébastien Popoff; Ningbo Zhao; Hui Cao
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Coupled multicore fiber for space-division multiplexed transmission
Author(s): Tetsuya Hayashi
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Recent progress in SDM amplifiers
Author(s): Yongmin Jung; Qiongyue Kang; Saurabh Jain; Shaif-ul Alam; David J. Richardson
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Integrated optical fiber amplifiers for space-division multiplexed systems
Author(s): Haoshuo Chen; Cang Jin; Bin Huang; Nicolas K. Fontaine; Roland Ryf; Ren-Jean Essiambre; Youns Messaddeq; Sophie LaRochelle
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Novel paradigm for integrated photonics circuits: transient interconnection network
Author(s): Eugenio Fazio; Alessandro Belardini; Lorenzo Bastiani; Massimo Alonzo; Mathieu Chauvet; Nikolay I. Zheludev; Cesare Soci
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Multicore fiber transmission over transoceanic distances
Author(s): Alexey Turukhin
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Mode-converter and multiplexer based on SOI technology for few-mode fiber at 1550 nm
Author(s): David Garcia-Rodriguez; Juan L. Corral; Amadeu Griol; Roberto Llorente
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All-fiber mode selective couplers for mode-division-multiplexed optical transmission
Author(s): Sun Hyok Chang; Kwangjoon Kim; Joon Ki Lee
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Mode-division-multiplexing passive optical network with low-modal crosstalk
Author(s): Juhao Li
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Strategies and resources of space or mode-division-multiplexed optical fibre transmission based on LP and orbital angular momentum modes
Author(s): Ziyang Hu; Jie Liu; Xuyang Wang; Jiangbo Zhu; Siyuan Yu
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Overcoming the capacity crunch: ITU-T G.657.B3 compatible 7-core and 19-core hole-assisted fibers
Author(s): A. Ziolowicz; L. Szostkiewicz; L. Ostrowski; T. Tenderenda; M. Napierala; M. Szymanski; M. Murawski; M. Filipowicz; B. Bienkowska; A. Kolakowska; A. Pytel; Z. Holdynski; D. Kunicki; D. Budnicki; K. Poturaj; G. Wojcik; M. Makara; P. Mergo; T. Nasilowski
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Scalable modulation technology and the tradeoff of reach, spectral efficiency, and complexity
Author(s): Gabriella Bosco; Dario Pilori; Pierluigi Poggiolini; Andrea Carena; Fernando Guiomar
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Multidimensional modulation for next-generation transmission systems
Author(s): David S. Millar; Toshiaki Koike-Akino; Keisuke Kojima; Kieran Parsons
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Characterization of coherent receiver using polarization-multiplexed source generated from coherent transmitter
Author(s): Qiang Wang; Yang Yue; Massimiliano Salsi; Bo Zhang; Andre Vovan; Jon Anderson
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Stokes-vector direct detection for optical communications
Author(s): William Shieh; An Li; Di Che; Feng Yuan; Hamid Khodakarami
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Rigorous study of low-complexity adaptive space-time block-coded MIMO receivers in high-speed mode multiplexed fiber-optic transmission links using few-mode fibers
Author(s): Yi Weng; Xuan He; Junyi Wang; Zhongqi Pan
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Recent advances in low-power CMOS-coherent digital-signal-processing (DSP) technologies (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Osamu Ishida; Atul K. Srivastava
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Evaluation of correlated digital back propagation and extended Kalman filtering for non-linear mitigation in PM-16-QAM WDM systems
Author(s): Lalitha Pakala; Bernhard Schmauss
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Capacity-approaching transmission based on GMI-optimized modulation formats
Author(s): Shaoliang Zhang
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Detection and compensation of power imbalances for DP-QAM transmitter using reconfigurable interference
Author(s): Yang Yue; Qiang Wang; Bo Zhang; Andre Vovan; Jon Anderson
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High-speed digital-to-analog converter concepts
Author(s): Christian Schmidt; Christoph Kottke; Volker Jungnickel; Ronald Freund
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Toward a low-cost, low-power, low-complexity DAC-based multilevel (M-ary QAM) coherent transmitter using compact linear optical field modulator
Author(s): Benjamin Dingel
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A spectrally efficient linear polarization coding scheme for fiber nonlinearity compensation in CO-OFDM systems
Author(s): O. S. Sunish Kumar; O. A. Dobre; R. Venkatesan; S. K. Wilson; O. Omomukuyo; A. Amari; D. Chang
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Design of XOR/AND gate using 2D photonic crystal principle
Author(s): Sandip Swarnakar; Santosh Kumar; Sandeep Sharma; Lokendra Singh
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High precision cross-correlated imaging in few-mode fibers
Author(s): Olena Muliar; Mario A. Usuga Castaneda; Torben Kristensen; Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold; Karsten Rottwitt; Jesper Lægsgaard
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