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In-Process Optical Measurements
Editor(s): Kenneth H. Spring

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Volume Number: 1012
Date Published: 10 March 1989

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Automatic Inspection In Industry Today
Author(s): Richard A. Brook
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In-Situ Optical Monitoring Of Thin Film Deposition
Author(s): R. P. Netterfield; P. J. Martin; K. H. Muller
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Control Of Reactive Deposition Processes By In-Situ Ellipsometry
Author(s): H. Schwiecker; K. H. Hammann; U. Schneider
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In-Situ Study Of Silicon Vapour Phase Epitaxy Using Laser Light Scattering
Author(s): D. J. Robbins; A. J. Pidduck; C. Pickering; I. M. Young; J. L. Glasper
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Fast Scan Spectrometer For Monitoring Of Thin Film Optical Properties
Author(s): G. Emiliani; A. Piegari; E. Masetti
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In-Process Control Of Specific Thin Film Properties In Large Scale Dc-Reactive Sputtering Machines
Author(s): Sabine Muller; Gunter Brauer; Wilfried Dicken; Eberhard SchultheiB; Peter Wirz
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Investigation Of Optical Surfaces With A New, Automated Ellipsometer Arrangement
Author(s): Michael Linder
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Current Status And Prospects For In-Process Optical Sensors
Author(s): Peter McGeehin
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Aspects Of Optical Fibers And Spectrometric Sensors In Chemical Process And Industrial Environments
Author(s): Gilbert Boisde; Jean-Jacques Perez
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Potential Application Of Monomode Fibre Optic Interferometric Systems For In Process Measurements
Author(s): David A. Jackson
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Electro-Optic Techniques For The Control Of Actuators
Author(s): K. F. Hale; B. E. Jones
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Optical Chemical Sensing Using The Surface Plasmon Absorption Line
Author(s): Li-Ming Zhang; D. Uttamchandani
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Multiple Optical Fiber Proximity Sensing System For Control Of Operation Of Industrial Robot Gripper In Assembly Process
Author(s): Janusz Marszalec
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Characteristics Of Color Sensing Device With Integrated-Photodiode Sensor
Author(s): Mikio Matsumoto; Tokuo Inoue; Kensuke Funabiki; Kazuhiko Mori; Mikihiko Shimura
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Effect Of Grating Positional Error On Moire Signal Contrast
Author(s): Chang-ming Ma; Xing-qing Dai
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A New Interferometer For Measuring Ultra-Small Thickness And Spacing
Author(s): Dong-sheng Wang; Jin-wen Liang
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Accelerometer Design Based On Attenuated Total Reflection
Author(s): M. Owner-Petersen; Bo-Shen Zhu; Torben Licht
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Real Time Estimation Of Object Spectrocolorimettic Features
Author(s): Peter V. Petrov; Christo D. Lukarsky; Victor V. Christov; Parashkev A. Grancharov; Iren I. Arshinkova
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In-Situ Measurement Of Lime Kiln Burden Temperature By Laser Induced Fluorescence
Author(s): Peter C. Ariessohn; Kelle R. Ryan
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Use Of Fibre Optics In Automation And Industrial Applications
Author(s): Klaus Fiebelkorn
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Miniature Light Scattering Systems For On-Line Process Particle Size And Velocity Measurement
Author(s): R. G. W. Brown; J. G. Burnett; K. Chow; J. G. Rarity
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Novel Sensors For Measuring Fuel Flow And Level
Author(s): E. N. Goodyer
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On-Line Multi-Component Analysis Of Solid Materials Using Nir Instruments
Author(s): R. F. Edgar; I. B. Benson; H. Federle
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Laser Scanning In Inspection
Author(s): R. N. West; L. R. Baker
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In Process Optical Measurement Of Micro Profile On Cold Rolled Steel Plates
Author(s): Klaus Weber
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An Optical System For Surveillance Of Cutting Tools
Author(s): Giampaolo D'Errico; Giuseppe Rutelli; Dario Cuppini
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An Optical Method For In-Line Glass Flow Control
Author(s): A. Tissier; A. Poncet; G. Giroult; D. Maystre; P. Vincent
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Liquid Steel Analysis By Laser-Induced Emission Spectroscopy
Author(s): Christoph Carlhoff; Claus J. Lorenzen; Klaus P. Nick; Heinrich J. Siebeneck
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Reflectance Spectrum Analysis Method And Based On This Method Optical Fiber Colour Sensor For In-Process Colour Recognition
Author(s): Elzbieta Marszalec
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An Instrument To Measure The Color-Determining Properties Of Bulk Translucent Materials
Author(s): Peter C.F. Borsboom; Jaap J. ten Bosch; Reinoud P.T. Koeman
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All-Fiber Reference-Beam LDV-Probe For In-Field Shafts Torsional Monitoring
Author(s): Massimo Cairoli; Mario Martinelli
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Optical Methods For Automatic Rating Of Engine Test Components
Author(s): James R. Pritchard; Brian C. Moss
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Non-Contact Measurement Using A Laser Scanning Probe
Author(s): Amir Modjarrad
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