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Quantum Dots and Nanostructures: Growth, Characterization, and Modeling XIV
Editor(s): Diana L. Huffaker; Holger Eisele
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Volume Number: 10114
Date Published: 17 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10114
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lasing in a single nanowire with quantum dots
Author(s): Jun Tatebayashi; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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Optical spectroscopy of p-GaAs nanopillars on Si for monolithic integrated light sources
Author(s): J. S. D. Morales; S. Gandan; D. Ren; Tomasz J. Ochalski; Diana L. Huffaker
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Shape and confinement control in mid and far infrared nanocrystals
Author(s): Clement Livache; Bertille Martinez; Eva Izquierdo; Marion Dufour; Herve Cruguel; Sebastien Royer; Xian Zhen Xu; Sandrine Ithurria; Emmanuel Lhuillier
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Polarized and asymmetric emission of single colloidal nanoplatelets (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Fu Feng; Thu Loan N'Guyen; Michel Nasilowski; Clotilde M. Lethiec; Benoit Dubertret; Laurent Coolen; Agnès Maître
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Metal-oxide-semiconductor plasmonic nanorod lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shangjr Gwo
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MBE growth of ordered III-nitride nano/microrods: from classical/quantum light sources to nanotransistors and pseudosubstrates (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Enrique Calleja
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Quantum optics with nanowires (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Val Zwiller
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Influence of droplet size on the growth of high-quality self-catalyzed GaAsP nanowires
Author(s): Yunyan Zhang; Ana M. Sanchez; Martin Aagesen; Yue Sun; Jiang Wu; Dongyoung Kim; Pamela Jurczak; Suguo Huo; Xiulai Xu; Huiyun Liu
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Optical characteristics of InAlAs/GaAlAs/GaAs quantum dots (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Baolai Liang; Diana L. Huffaker; Yuriy I. Mazur; Morgan Ware; Gregory J. Salamo; Linlin Su; Ying Wang; Qinglin Guo
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Growth scheme for quantum dots with low fine structure splitting at telecom wavelengths (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tina Muller; Joanna Skiba-Szymanska; R. Mark Stevenson; Christiana Varnava; Martin Felle; Jan Huwer; Ian Farrer; Andrey B. Krysa; Peter Spencer; David A. Ritchie; Jon Heffernan; Andrew J. Shields
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Highly ordered Ga(As)Sb quantum dots grown on pre-structured GaAs
Author(s): Thomas Henning Loeber; Johannes Strassner; Sandra Wolff; Bert Laegel; Henning Foukhardt
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Low-temperature photoluminescence studies in epitaxially-grown GaAsN/InAs/GaAsN quantum-dot-in-well structures emitting at 1.31 um
Author(s): A. Balgarkashi; M. Biswas; S. Singh; D. Das; N. Shinde; R. L. Makkar; A. Bhatnagar; S. Chakrabarti
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Time resolved photoluminescence study of magnetic CdSe/CdMnS/CdS core/multi-shell nanoplatelets
Author(s): Joseph R. Murphy; Savas Delikanli; Tianmu Zhang; Thomas A. Scrace; Peiyao Zhang; Tenzin Norden; Tim Thomay; Alexander N. Cartwright; Hilmi Volkan Demir; Athos Petrou
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Local characterization of light trapping effects of metallic and dielectric nanoparticles in ultra-thin Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells via scanning near-field optical microscopy
Author(s): Min Song; Guanchao Yin; Paul Fumagalli; Martina Schmid
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Investigating the influence of ligands on the surface-state emission of colloidal CdSe quantum dots
Author(s): Timothy G. Mack; Lakshay Jethi; Michael M. Krause; Patanjali Kambhampati
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Study of the nonlinear optical properties of CdS quantum dots in phosphate glass
Author(s): J. M. De Souza; V. Pilla; D. N. Messias; A. C. A. Silva; N. O. Dantas; A. A. Andrade
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Fabrication of diffraction gratings with electrically variable pitch and their effect on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Lucas Karperien; Ribal Georges Sabat
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Light-emitting and photovoltaic devices based on quantum well-dots hybrid nanostructures
Author(s): Alexey M. Nadtochiy; Mikhail V. Maximov; Sergey A. Mintairov; Nikolay A. Kalyuzhnyy; Yuri M. Shernyakov; Alexey S. Payusov; Alexey E. Zhukov; Sergei Rouvimov; Artem V. Savelyev
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Delay characteristics comparison of coherently coupled high-Q multi-cavity array and single embedded quantum dot cavity systems
Author(s): Serdar Kocaman; Gönül Turhan Sayan
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Impact of varying barrier thickness on the optical characteristics of multilayer InAs/GaAs QDIPs
Author(s): Debiprasad Panda; Dinesh Pal; Harshal Rawool; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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A low temperature investigation of the optical properties of coupled InAs quantum dots with GaAsN/GaAs spacers
Author(s): Akshay Balgarkashi; Mahitosh Biswas; Sandeep Singh; Debabrata Das; Anuj Bhatnagar; Roshan Makkar; Nilesh Shinde; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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Biosensing characteristics of InAs nanowire transistors grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Doo Gun Kim; Jeongwoo Hwang; Seon Hoon Kim; Hyun Chul Ki; Tae Un Kim; Jae Cheol Shin; Young Wan Choi
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Analytical study of optical activity of chiral-shape nanocrystals
Author(s): Nikita V. Tepliakov; Anvar S. Baimuratov; Alexander V. Baranov; Anatoly V. Fedorov; Ivan D. Rukhlenko
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Selective-area growth of InAs nanowire arrays on Si3N4/Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): K. Zhang; V. Ray; P. Herrera-Fierro; J. R. Sink; F. Toor; J. P. Prineas
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