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Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices VI
Editor(s): Alexandre Freundlich; Laurent Lombez; Masakazu Sugiyama
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Volume Number: 10099
Date Published: 10 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10099
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
GaSb on GaAs solar cells Grown using interfacial misfit arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): George T. Nelson; Bor-Chau Juang; Michael A. Slocum; Zachary S. Bittner; Ramesh Babu B. Laghumavarapu; Diana L. Huffaker; Seth M. Hubbard
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Symmetric and asymmetric (Ga,In)(P,As,N) quantum well and superlattice solar cells for lattice matched III-V/Si tandems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alexandre Freundlich; Khim Kharel
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20-junction photonic power converter performance under non-uniform illumination calculated by 3D distributed circuit model (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sanmeet Chahal; Mathew M. Wilkins; Denis P. Masson; Simon Fafard; Christopher E. Valdivia; Karin Hinzer
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Practical considerations for solar energy thermally enhanced photo-luminescence (TEPL) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nimrod Kruger; Assaf Manor; Matej Kurtulik; Tamilarasan Sabapathy; Carmel Rotschild
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Spectral and angular-selective thermal emission from gallium-doped zinc oxide thin film structures
Author(s): Enas Sakr; Peter Bermel
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Device physics of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells for long-term operation
Author(s): J. Nishinaga; H. Shibata
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(110) cubic and (100) rhombohedral Ge crystal formation on glass using Al-induced crystallization
Author(s): Kaveh Shervin; Khim Kharel; Alexandre Freundlich
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The role of N-H complexes in the control of localized center recombination in hydrogenated GaInNAs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vincent R. Whiteside; Miwa Fukuda; Nicholas J. Estes; Bin Wang; Collin R. Brown; Khalid Hossain; Terry D. Golding; Mathieu Leroux; Mohamed Al Khalfioui; Joseph G. Tischler; Chase T. Ellis; Evan R. Glaser; Ian R. Sellers
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Photon upconversion using InAs-based quantum structures and the control of intermediate states (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Itaru Kamiya; David M. Tex; Yuwei Zhang; Yoshihiko Kanemitsu
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Influence of Si doping on InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells with AlAs cap layers
Author(s): Dongyoung Kim; Mingchu Tang; Jiang Wu; Sabina Hatch; Yurii Maidaniuk; Vitaliy Dorogan; Yuriy I. Mazur; Gregory J. Salamo; Huiyun Liu
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Multiband modification of III-V dilute nitrides for IBSC application
Author(s): Nazmul Ahsan; Naoya Miyashita; Kin Man Yu; Wladek Walukiewicz; Yoshitaka Okada
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Hot carrier cooling mechanisms in multiple quantum wells
Author(s): Gavin Conibeer; Yi Zhang; Stephen Bremner; Santosh Shrestha
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Electrical characteristics and hot carrier effects in quantum well solar cells
Author(s): Dac-Trung Nguyen; Laurent Lombez; Francois Gibelli; Myriam Paire; Soline Boyer-Richard; Olivier Durand; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Modeling and characterization of double resonant tunneling diodes for application as energy selective contacts in hot carrier solar cells
Author(s): Zacharie Jehl; Daniel Suchet; Anatole Julian; Cyril Bernard; Naoya Miyashita; Francois Gibelli; Yoshitaka Okada; Jean-Francois Guillemolles
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Surface analysis of chalcogenide semiconductors used in photovoltaics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Angus A. Rockett
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Exploiting absorption-induced self-heating in solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sascha Ullbrich; Axel Fischer; Enkhtur Erdenebileg; Christian Koerner; Sebastian Reineke; Karl Leo; Koen Vandewal
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Comparative study of absorption efficiency of inclined and vertical InP nanowires
Author(s): Mahtab Aghaeipour ; Mats-Erik Pistol; Håkan Pettersson
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Microlens-based light-trapping enhancement in perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Akshit Peer; Rana Biswas
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Plasmonic quantum dot solar concentrator
Author(s): S. Chandra; H. Ahmed; J. Doran; S. J. McCormack
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Photovoltaic reciprocity and quasi-Fermi level splitting in nanostructure-based solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Urs Aeberhard
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Minibands modeling in strain-balanced InGaAs/GaAs/GaAsP cells
Author(s): Benoit Galvani; Fabienne Michelini; Marc Bescond; Masakazu Sugiyama; Jean-François Guillemoles; Nicolas Cavassilas
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Optical contactless measurement of semiconductor thermoelectric transport properties (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Francois Gibelli; Laurent Lombez; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Characterisation of multi-junction solar cells by mapping of the carrier transport efficiency using luminescence emission
Author(s): Amaury Delamarre; Jieyang Jia; Paul Verdier; Kentaroh Watanabe; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Nakano; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Optoelectronic engineering of colloidal quantum-dot solar cells beyond the efficiency black hole: a modeling approach
Author(s): Seyed Milad Mahpeykar; Xihua Wang
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Full 3D opto-electronic simulation tool for nanotextured solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jérôme Michallon; Stéphane Collin
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Broadband absorption enhancement in amorphous Si solar cells using metal gratings and surface texturing
Author(s): Sara Magdi; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Effects of intermediate plasmonic structures on the performance of ultra-thin-film tandem solar cells
Author(s): Kishwar Mashooq; Muhammad Anisuzzaman Talukder
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Selective optical contacting for solar spectrum management
Author(s): Jianfeng Yang; Weijian Chen; Bo Wang; Zhilong Zhang; Shujuan Huang; Santosh Shrestha; Xiaoming Wen; Robert Patterson; Gavin Conibeer
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Multifunctional TiN nanowires for wide band absorption in organic solar cells
Author(s): Sara Magdi; Qiaoqiang Gan; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Application of concentrating plasmonic luminescent down-shifting layers for photovoltaic devices
Author(s): H. Ahmed; M. Rafiee; S. Chandra; A. Sethi; S. J. McCormack
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MIMIM photodetectors using plasmonically enhanced MIM absorbers
Author(s): S. Abedini Dereshgi; A. K. Okyay
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Optical analysis of Si-tapered nanowires/low band gap polymer hybrid solar cells
Author(s): Sara Magdi; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Temperature dependence of quantum-wire intermediate-band solar cells
Author(s): Mirsaeid Sarollahi; Vasyl P. Kunets; Yuriy I. Mazur; Mansour Mortazavi; Gregory J. Salamo; Morgan Ware
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Impact of natural photosensitizer extraction solvent upon light absorbance in dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Suriati Suhaimi; Siti Zubaidah Mohamed Siddick; Nor Azura Malini Ahmad Hambali; Vithyacharan Retnasamy; Mohamad Halim Abdul Wahid; Mukhzeer Mohamad Shahimin
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Temperature effect of natural organic extraction upon light absorbance in dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Suriati Suhaimi; Siti Zubaidah Mohamed Siddick; Vithyacharan Retnasamy; Mohamad Halim Abdul Wahid; Nor Azura Malini Ahmad Hambali; Mukhzeer Mohamad Shahimin
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