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High-Power Laser Materials Processing: Applications, Diagnostics, and Systems VI
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Volume Number: 10097
Date Published: 4 April 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10097
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of 250W EUV light source for HVM lithography
Author(s): Hakaru Mizoguchi; Hiroaki Nakarai; Tamotsu Abe; Krzysztof M. Nowak; Yasufumi Kawasuji,; Hiroshi Tanaka; Yukio Watanabe; Tsukasa Hori; Takeshi Kodama; Yutaka Shiraishi; Tatsuya Yanagida; Tsuyoshi Yamada; Taku Yamazaki; Shinji Okazaki; Takashi Saitou
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Latest results on solarization of optical glasses with pulsed laser radiation
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Uwe Petzold
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Impact of design-parameters on the optical performance of a high-power adaptive mirror
Author(s): Wouter D. Koek; David Nijkerk; Jeroen A. Smeltink; Teun C. van den Dool; Erwin J. van Zwet; Gregor E. van Baars
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Fast adaptive laser shaping based on multiple laser incoherent combining
Author(s): Lionel Garcia; Olivier Pinel; Pu Jian; Nicolas Barré; Lionel Jaffrès; Jean-François Morizur; Guillaume Labroille
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Beam shaping as an enabler for new applications
Author(s): Yvonne Guertler; Max Kahmann; David Havrilla
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Inline measurement for quality control from macro to micro laser applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Markus Kogel-Hollacher; Martin Schoenleber; Jochen Schulze; Thibault Bautze; Matthias Strebel; Rüdiger Moser
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Capillary depth measurement for process control
Author(s): F. Dorsch; W. Dubitzky; L. Effing; P. Haug; J.-P. Hermani; S. Plasswich
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Comprehensive analysis of the capillary depth in deep penetration laser welding
Author(s): Florian Fetzer; Meiko Boley; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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Modelling and control for laser based welding processes: modern methods of process control to improve quality of laser-based joining methods
Author(s): Ralf-Kilian Zäh; Benedikt Mosbach; Jan Hollwich; Benedikt Faupel
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OpenLMD, multimodal monitoring and control of LMD processing
Author(s): Jorge Rodríguez-Araújo; Antón García-Díaz
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Laser beam welding with high power cw-laser at 515 nm and 1070 nm wave length (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jens Standfuss; Dirk Dittrich; Philipp Mohlau; Jens Liebscher
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Investigation of electroless Ni(P)/Pd/Au metallization for solder joining of optical assemblies using laser-based solderjet bumping
Author(s): Thomas Burkhardt; Max Mäusezahl; Marcel Hornaff; Oliver de Vries; Jan Kinast; Christoph Damm; Erik Beckert
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Hot cracking during laser welding of steel: influence of the welding parameters and prevention of cracks
Author(s): Marcel Schaefer; Steffen Kessler; Philipp Scheible; Nicolai Speker; Thomas Harrer
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Vacuum fiber-fiber coupler
Author(s): Axel Heinrici; Goran Bjelajac; Jeroen Jonkers; Stefan Jakobs; Simon Olschok; Uwe Reisgen
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On the possibility of visualization of undersurface submicron-sized inhomogeneities via laser-induced incandescence of surface layers
Author(s): Maksym Kokhan; Ilona Koleshnia; Serge E. Zelensky; Toru Aoki
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Oxidation and sublimation of porous graphite during fiber laser irradiation
Author(s): Grady T. Phillips; William A. Bauer; Ashley E. Gonzales; Nicholas C. Herr; Glen P. Perram
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Real-time monitoring and controlled selective ablation based on optical emission spectroscopy technique (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nazar Farid; Pinaki Das Gupta; Gerard M. O'Connor
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A cutting-edge solution for 1µm laser metal processing
Author(s): N. Baumbach; P. Kühl; J. Karam; J. Jonkers; F. Villarreal-Saucedo; M. Reyes
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Adapting the axial focus in high-power laser processing machines within mm-range
Author(s): Teresa Kopf; Claudia Reinlein; Matthias Goy; Ramona Eberhardt; Jan Langebach; Torsten Scheller
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Ultrafast fiber beam delivery: system technology and industrial application
Author(s): Max C. Funck; Sebastian Eilzer; Björn Wedel
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I-PFO: the new technology for simple and flexible implementation of high productive on-the-fly remote processes
Author(s): Andreas Müllegger; Tracey Ryba
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Diode lasers for direct application by utilizing a trepanning optic for remote oscillation welding of aluminum and copper
Author(s): Haro Fritsche; Norbert Müller; Fabio Ferrario; Sebastian Fetissow; Andreas Grohe; Thomas Hagen; Ronny Steger; Tristan Katzemaikat; David Ashkenasi; Wolfgang Gries
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Concepts for laser beam parameter monitoring during industrial mass production
Author(s): Nicholas J. Harrop; Otto Maerten; Stefan Wolf; Reinhard Kramer
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Enhancement of low pressure cold sprayed copper coating adhesion by laser texturing on aluminum substrates
Author(s): Wolfgang Knapp; Vincent Gillet; Bruno Courant; Emilie Aubignat; Sophie Costil; Cécile Langlade
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Analysis of hazardous substances released during CFRP laser processing
Author(s): Michael Hustedt; Juergen Walter; Sven Bluemel; Peter Jaeschke; Stefan Kaierle
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Laser anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces
Author(s): Alexey Iakovlev; Julia Ruzankina; Sergey Kascheev; Oleg Vasilyev; V. Parfenov; Alexsandr Grishkanich
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193nm high power lasers for the wide bandgap material processing
Author(s): Junichi Fujimoto; Masakazu Kobayashi; Koji Kakizaki; Hiroaki Oizumi; Toshio Mimura; Takashi Matsunaga; Hakaru Mizoguchi
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