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Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing XI
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Volume Number: 10092
Date Published: 21 March 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10092
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Metamaterial absorber for molecular detection and identification (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Takuo Tanaka
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Ultrafast lasers for precise and corrosion free marking on chirurgical steels
Author(s): Christoph Neugebauer; Dennis Aalderink; Erich Maurer; Birgit Faisst; Aleksander Budnicki
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Laser micro-machining strategies for transparent brittle materials using ultrashort pulsed lasers
Author(s): Benjamin Bernard; Victor Matylitsky
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Surface processing of stainless steel with high-energy picosecond laser pulses with an elliptical focus
Author(s): Ehsan Zahedi; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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Micro and nano-biomimetic structures for cell migration study fabricated by hybrid subtractive and additive 3D femtosecond laser processing
Author(s): Felix Sima; Daniela Serien; Dong Wu; Jian Xu; Hiroyuki Kawano; Katsumi Midorikawa; Koji Sugioka
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Influence of the initial surface texture on the resulting surface roughness and waviness for micro-machining with ultra-short laser pulses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stefan M. Remund; Beat Jaeggi; Thorsten Kramer; Beat Neuenschwander
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Femtosecond laser writing of new type of waveguides in silver containing glasses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alain Abou Khalil; Jean-Philippe Bérubé; Sylvain Danto; Jean-Charles Desmoulin; Thierry Cardinal; Yannick G. Petit; Lionel Canioni; Réal Vallée
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Tunable hydrophobicity assisted by light-responsive surface micro-structures
Author(s): F. Pirani; A. Angelini; S. Ricciardi; F. Frascella; R. Rizzo; F. Ferrarese Lupi; N. De Leo; L. Boarino; Emiliano Descrovi
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Femtosecond laser nano/microfabrication via three-dimensional focal field engineering
Author(s): Yan Li; Lipu Liu; Dong Yang; Qian Zhang; Hong Yang; Qihuang Gong
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Structural modification of gallium lanthanum sulfide glass induced by ultrafast laser inscription
Author(s): Romina Diener; Gloria Tabacchi; Stefan Nolte; Stefano Minardi
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Process and parameter optimisation for micro structuring of 3D freeform metallic surfaces: a comparative study of short-pulse (nanosecond) and ultrafast (picosecond, femtosecond) laser ablation
Author(s): Steffen G. Scholz; Daniel J. B. S. Sampaio; Melanie Mangang; Wilhelm Pfleging
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Fabrication and assembling of a microfluidic optical stretcher polymeric chip combining femtosecond laser and micro injection molding technologies
Author(s): Annalisa Volpe; Antonio Ancona; Gianluca Trotta; Rebeca Martínez Vázquez; Irene Fassi; Roberto Osellame
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Patterning of organic photovoltaic on R2R processed thin film barriers using IR laser sources
Author(s): H. Fledderus; H. B. Akkerman; A. Salem; N. Friedrich Schilling; U. Klotzbach
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Roll-to-roll suitable short-pulsed laser scribing of organic photovoltaics and close-to-process characterization
Author(s): Thomas Kuntze; Philipp Wollmann; Udo Klotzbach; Henri Fledderus
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Fabrication and characterization of silicon-based 3D electrodes for high-energy lithium-ion batteries
Author(s): Y. Zheng; P. Smyrek; J.-H. Rakebrandt; Ch. Kübel; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Laser processing of thick Li(NiMnCo)O2 electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Author(s): J.-H. Rakebrandt; P. Smyrek; Y. Zheng; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Applications of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS)
Author(s): Jörn Bonse; Sabrina V. Kirner; Sandra Höhm; Nadja Epperlein; Dirk Spaltmann; Arkadi Rosenfeld; Jörg Krüger
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Laser direct writing of carbon/Au composite electrodes for high-performance micro-supercapacitors
Author(s): Jinguang Cai; Akira Watanabe; Chao Lv
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Photonic nanomanufacturing of high performance energy device on flexible substrate
Author(s): Yongchao Yu; Shutong Wang; Ruozhou Li; Tingxiu Hou; Min Chen; Anming Hu
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Investigation of micro-structured Li(Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3)O2 cathodes by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): P. Smyrek; Y. Zheng; J.-H. Rakebrandt; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Direct laser interference patterning of metallic sleeves for roll-to-roll hot embossing
Author(s): Valentin Lang; Andreas Rank; Andrés F. Lasagni
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Producing nanoscale laser spot for heat assisted magnetic recording
Author(s): Anurup Datta; Xianfan Xu
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Mask-free, vacuum-free fabrication of high-conductivity metallic nanowire by spatially shaped ultrafast laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andong Wang; Xiaowei Li; Lianti Qu; Yongfeng Lu; Lan Jiang
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Formation of porous networks on polymeric surfaces by femtosecond laser micromachining
Author(s): Youssef Assaf; Anne-Marie Kietzig
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Selective metallization based on laser direct writing and additive metallization process
Author(s): Akira Watanabe; Jinguang Cai
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Direct laser interference patterning, 20 years of development: from the basics to industrial applications
Author(s): Andrés F. Lasagni; Carsten Gachot; Kim E. Trinh; Michael Hans; Andreas Rosenkranz; Teja Roch; Sebastian Eckhardt; Tim Kunze; Matthias Bieda; Denise Günther; Valentin Lang; Frank Mücklich
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Line-shaped femtosecond laser pulses for large-area machining
Author(s): Satoshi Hasegawa; Yoshio Hayasaki
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Ultrashort pulse laser-induced texturing of stainless steel at 1 MHz and high average power: impact of process parameters
Author(s): F. Fraggelakis; G. Mincuzzi; J. Lopez; Inka Manek-Hönninger; R. Kling
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Development of a scanner-based direct laser interference patterning optical head: new surface structuring opportunities
Author(s): Tim Kunze; Christoph Zwahr; Benjamin Krupop; Sabri Alamri; Florian Rößler; Andrés Fabián Lasagni
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Power and pulse energy scaling for high-volume UV-laser microprocessing
Author(s): Ralph Delmdahl; Oliver Haupt; Igor Bragin; Hans-Stephan Albrecht
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High-speed micro-scale laser shock peening using a fiber laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chenfei Zhang; Leimin Deng; Shiding Sun; Yongfeng Lu
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Plasmonically enhanced 3D laser lithography for high-throughput nanoprecision fabrication
Author(s): Linas Jonušauskas; Simonas Varapnickas; Gabrielius Rimšelis; Mangirdas Malinauskas
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Direct laser interference patterning of transparent and colored polymer substrates: ablation, swelling, and the development of a simulation model
Author(s): Sabri Alamri; Andrés F. Lasagni
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Pilot-scale synthesis of catalysis-relevant nanoparticles by high-power ultrafast laser ablation in liquids (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bilal Gökce; René Streubel; Stephan Barcikowski
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High-speed ultrafast laser machining with tertiary beam positioning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chuan Yang; Haibin Zhang
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Ultra-short pulse laser micro patterning with highest throughput by utilization of a novel multi-beam processing head
Author(s): Oliver Homburg; Manfred Jarczynski; Thomas Mitra; Stephan Brüning
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Influence of solvent mixture on the ablation rate of iron using femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Alexander Kanitz; Jan S. Hoppius; Andreas Ostendorf; Evgeny L. Gurevich
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High-speed surface functionalization by direct laser interference patterning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tobias Dyck; Andrés-Fabián Lasagni
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Laser surface preparation for adhesive improvement of Ti6Al4V
Author(s): C. Loumena; M. Cherif; M. Taleb Ali; J. Jumel; R. Kling
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High throughput laser texturing of super-hydrophobic surfaces on steel
Author(s): Laura Gemini; Marc Faucon; Luca Romoli; Rainer Kling
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Study of TLIPSS formation on different metals and alloys and their selective etching
Author(s): Alexandr V. Dostovalov; Victor P. Korolkov; Vadim S. Terentiev; Konstantin A. Okotrub; Fedor N. Dultsev; Anton Nemykin; Sergey A. Babin
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Functionalised polyurethane for efficient laser micromachining
Author(s): G. W. J. Brodie; H. Kang; F. J. MacMillan; J. Jin; M. C. Simpson
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Recoverable stress induced two-way shape memory effect on NiTi surface using laser-produced shock wave
Author(s): Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev; Peizhen Li; Khomidkhodza Kholikov; Byron Grant; Zachary Thomas; Orhan Alal; Haluk E. Karaca; Ali O. Er
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High-aspect ratio laser drilling of glass assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide
Author(s): Keisuke Yoshiki
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Laser irradiation of WE54 surface through simulated body fluid layer
Author(s): Indira Khadka; Sylvie Castagne; Zhongke Wang; Hongyu Zheng; Kuddannaya Shreyas
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Nanostructuring of sapphire using time-modulated nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): P. Lorenz; I. Zagoranskiy; M. Ehrhardt; L. Bayer; K. Zimmer
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Extension of incubation models to moving surfaces irradiated by ultra-short pulse lasers
Author(s): Luke Matus; Anne-Marie Kietzig
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Fresnel calculation of holograms for micrometer-scale material structuring on substrates with complex surface topography
Author(s): Alexander Kabardiadi-Virkovski; Tobias Baselt; Andrés Fabián Lasagni; Peter Hartmann
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Evaluation of Bessel beam machining for scalable fabrication of conductive channels through diamond
Author(s): Brian K. Canfield; Lloyd M. Davis
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Laser cutting and drilling with zero conicity
Author(s): Paul-Etienne Martin; Sébastien Estival; Mathieu Dijoux; Pierre Laygue; Axel Kupisiewicz; Robert Braunschweig
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Reducing graphene-metal contact resistance via laser nano-welding
Author(s): K. Keramatnejad; Y. S. Zhou; D. W. Li; H. Rabiee Golgir; X. Huang; J. F. Song ; S. Ducharme; Y. F. Lu
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In situ observation of ultrafast laser induced micro nano structures using structured light illumination
Author(s): Alberto Aguilar; Jean-Philippe Colombier; Razvan Stoian; Cyril Mauclair
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Laser shock wave assisted patterning on NiTi shape memory alloy surfaces
Author(s): Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev; Peizhen Li; Khomidkhodza Kholikov; Byron Grant; Haluk E. Karaca; Ali O. Er
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