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Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials and Devices XVI
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Volume Number: 10088
Date Published: 17 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10088
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
1.9 W yellow, CW, high-brightness light from a high efficiency semiconductor laser-based system
Author(s): A. K. Hansen; M. Christensen; D. Noordegraaf; P. Heist; E. Papastathopoulos; V. Loyo-Maldonado; O. B. Jensen; M. L. Stock; P. M. W. Skovgaard
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3.5 W of diffraction-limited green light at 515 nm from SHG of a single-frequency tapered diode laser
Author(s): Ole Bjarlin Jensen; Anders Kragh Hansen; André Müller; Bernd Sumpf; Paul Michael Petersen; Peter E. Andersen
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149.8 nm, the shortest wavelength generated by phase matching in nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Tomoharu Nakazato; Isao Ito; Yohei Kobayashi; Xiaoyang Wang; Chuangtian Chen; Shuntaro Watanabe
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Compact, integrable, and long life time Raman multiline UV-Vis source based on hypocycloid core Kagome HC-PCF
Author(s): M. Chafer; Q. Lekiefs; A. Gorse; B. Beaudou; B. Debord; F. Gérôme; F. Benabid
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100µJ-level single frequency linearly-polarized nanosecond pulsed laser at 775 nm (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Wei Shi; Qiang Fang; Jingli Fan; Xuelong Cui; Zhuo Zhang; Jinhui Li; Guoqing Zhou
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Intracavity frequency-doubled degenerate laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hui Cao; Seng Fatt Liew; Sebastian Knitter; Sascha Weiler; Jesus F. Monjardin-Lopez; Mark Ramme; Brandon Redding; Michael A. Choma M.D.
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Picosecond pulsed micro-module emitting near 560 nm using a frequency doubled gain-switched DBR ridge waveguide semiconductor laser
Author(s): André Kaltenbach; Julian Hofmann; Dirk Seidel; Kristian Lauritsen; Frank Bugge; Jörg Fricke; Katrin Paschke; Rainer Erdmann; Günther Tränkle
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Instantaneous spectral span of 2.85 - 8.40 µm achieved in a Cr:ZnS laser pumped subharmonic OPO
Author(s): Qitian Ru; Kai Zhong; Nathaniel P. Lee; Zachary E. Loparo; Peter G. Schunemann; Sergey Vasilyev; Sergey B. Mirov; Konstantin L. Vodopyanov
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Experimental investigation of mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in chalcogenide step-index optical fibers
Author(s): Tonglei Cheng; Dinghuan Deng; Kenshiro Nagasaka; Tong Hoang Tuan; Morio Matsumoto; Hiroshige Tezuka; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Supercontinuum comb sources for broadband communications based on AlGaAs-on-insulator
Author(s): Hao Hu; Minhao Pu; Francesco Da Ros; Michael Galili; Kresten Yvind; Toshio Morioka; Leif K. Oxenløwe
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All-fiber supercontinuum source with flat, high power spectral density in the range between 1.1 µm to 1.4 µm based on an Yb3+ doped nonlinear photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Tobias Baselt; Christopher Taudt; Bryan Nelsen; Andrés Fabián Lasagni; Peter Hartmann
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High-power mid-infrared fiber-based supercontinuum sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stefan Kedenburg; Tobias R. J. Steinle; Andy Steinmann; Harald Giessen
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Exploring nonlinear pulse propagation, Raman frequency conversion and near octave spanning supercontinuum generation in atmospheric air-filled hollow-core Kagomé fiber
Author(s): Seyedmohammad Abokhamis Mousavi; Hans Christian Hansen Mulvad; Natalie Wheeler; Peter Horak; Thomas D. Bradley; Shaif-ul Alam; John Hayes; Seyed Reza Sandoghchi; David Richardson; Francesco Poletti
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High power Raman-converter based on H2-filled inhibited coupling HC-PCF
Author(s): A. Benoit; B. Beaudou; B. Debord; F. Gerome; F. Benabid
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Upconversion based spectral imaging in 6 to 8 µm spectral regime
Author(s): S. Junaid; P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg; C. Pedersen
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Broadband upconversion imaging around 4 µm using an all-fiber supercontinuum source
Author(s): Laurent Huot; Peter M. Moselund; Lasse Leick; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg; Christian Pedersen
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Investigation of mid-IR picosecond image upconversion
Author(s): Morgan Mathez; Christian Pedersen; Peter John Rodrigo; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
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Cross-propagating beam-deflection measurements of third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility
Author(s): Sepehr Benis; David J. Hagan; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Quantum superradiant amplification in rubidium vapors: gain assessment
Author(s): Charles W. Ballmann; Andrew J. Traverso; Luqi Yuan; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Measurement of the second order nonlinear optical coefficient of GaAs, GaP and InGaAs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shekhar Guha; Jean Wei; Joel M. Murray; Jacob O. Barnes; Peter G. Schunemann
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Development of orientation-patterned GaP grown on foreign substrates for QPM frequency conversion devices
Author(s): Shivashankar Vangala; Rita Peterson; Michael Snure; Vladimir Tassev
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Broadband midinfrared from fiber laser difference frequency generation in OP-GaP
Author(s): Kevin F. Lee; Christopher J. Hensley; Peter G. Schunemann; M. E. Fermann
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Continuous-wave difference frequency generation in the mid-infrared with orientation-patterned gallium phosphide (OP-GaP) crystals
Author(s): G. Insero; C. Clivati; D. D'Ambrosio; P. De Natale; G. Santambrogio; P. G. Schunemann; J.-J. Zondy; S. Borri
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Molecular spectroscopy from 5-12 µm using an OP-GaP OPO
Author(s): Luke Maidment; Peter G. Schunemann; Derryck T. Reid
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Single-frequency tunable long-wave infrared OP-GaAs OPO for gas sensing
Author(s): J. Armougom; Q. Clément; J.-M. Melkonian; J.-B. Dherbecourt; M. Raybaut; A. Grisard; E. Lallier; B. Gérard; B. Faure; G. Souhaité; A. Godard
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Frequency down-conversion of 1 µm laser radiation to the mid-IR using non-oxide nonlinear crystals in a cascaded intracavity configuration
Author(s): Valentin Petrov; Andrey A. Boyko; Nadezhda Y. Kostyukova; Georgi M. Marchev; Valdas Pasiskevicius; Dmitry B. Kolker; Valeriy Badikov; Dmitrii Badikov; Galina Shevyrdyaeva; Andrius Zukauskas; Vladimir Panyutin
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Efficient cascaded half-harmonic generation of mid-IR frequency combs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alireza Marandi; Marc Jankowski; Ryan Hamerly; Stephen J. Wolf; Evgeni Sorokin; Irina T. Sorokina; Peter G. Schunemann; Martin M. Fejer; Robert L. Byer
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Large-scale artificial spin network based on time-multiplexed degenerate optical parametric oscillators for coherent Ising machine
Author(s): Hiroki Takesue; Takahiro Inagaki; Kensuke Inaba; Ryan Hamerly; Kyo Inoue; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Nonlinear frequency conversion of structured beams and Airy beam optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): G. K. Samanta; Aadhi A.; N. Apurv Chaitanya; Jabir M. V.
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Dispersion tuning of a narrow-linewidth picosecond OPO based on chirped quasi-phase matching with a volume Bragg grating
Author(s): Delphine Descloux; Guillaume Walter; Jean-Baptiste Dherbecourt; Guillaume Gorju; Jean-Michel Melkonian; Myriam Raybaut; Cyril Drag; Antoine Godard
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Combined visible and near-infrared OPA for wavelength scaling experiments in strong-field physics
Author(s): David T. Lloyd; Kevin O'Keeffe; Adam S. Wyatt; Patrick N. Anderson; Daniel Treacher; Simon M. Hooker
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Nonlinear mode conversion for intermodal four-wave mixing Stokes and anti-Stokes in a multimode fiber
Author(s): Hamed Pourbeyram; Arash Mafi
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Modulation of frequency doubled DFB-tapered diode lasers for medical treatment
Author(s): Mathias Christensen; Anders K. Hansen; Danny Noordegraaf; Ole B. Jensen; Peter M. W. Skovgaard
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