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Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs) VII
Editor(s): Michael Jetter
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Volume Number: 10087
Date Published: 17 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10087
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Schemes for efficient QW pumping of AlGaInP disk lasers
Author(s): Uwe Brauch; Cherry May N. Mateo; Hermann Kahle; Roman Bek; Michael Jetter; Marwan Abdou Ahmed; Peter Michler; Thomas Graf
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Industrial integration of high coherence tunable single frequency semiconductor lasers based on VECSEL technology for scientific instrumentation in NIR and MIR
Author(s): Vincent Lecocq; Baptiste Chomet; Laurence Ferrières; Mikhaël Myara; Grégoire Beaudoin; Isabelle Sagnes; Laurent Cerutti; Stéphane Denet; Arnaud Garnache
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GaSb-based VECSEL for high-power applications and Ho-pumping
Author(s): P. Holl; M. Rattunde; S. Adler; K. Scholle; S. Lamrini; P. Fuhrberg; E. Diwo-Emmer; R. Aidam; W. Bronner; J. Wagner
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Non-equilibrium effects in VECSELs
Author(s): J. Hader; I. Kilen; S. W. Koch; J. V. Moloney
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Optically pumped semiconductor lasers: from nonlinear lensing to solar lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Keith G. Wilcox; Adrian H. Quarterman; Conor J. C. P. Smyth; Shamil Mirkhanov
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Optical efficiency and gain dynamics of ultrafast semiconductor disk lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Cesare G. E. Alfieri; Dominik Waldburger; Sandro M. Link; Matthias Golling; Ursula Keller
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Characterization of optically pumped semiconductor lasers in pulsed mode as a function of temperature
Author(s): Yanbo Bai; Jeffrey Wisdom; Patrick Hyland; Christian Scholz; Juan Chilla
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Highly coherent modeless broadband VECSEL
Author(s): Mikhael Myara; Mohamed Sellahi; Grégoire Beaudoin; Isabelle Sagnes; Arnaud Garnache
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Multi-angle VECSEL cavities for dispersion control and multi-color operation
Author(s): Caleb Baker; Maik Scheller; Alexandre Laurain; Hwang-Jye Yang; Antje Ruiz Perez; Wolfgang Stolz; Sadhvikas J. Addamane; Ganesh Balakrishnan; R. Jason Jones; Jerome V. Moloney
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Low-noise III-V metasurface based semiconductor vortex laser and rotational Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Mohamed Seghilani; Baptiste Chomet; Mikhael Myara; Mohamed Sellahi; Luc Legratiet; Gregoire Beaudoin; Isabelle Sagnes; Philippe Lalanne; Arnaud Garnache
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Commercial mode-locked vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): Walter Lubeigt; Bartlomiej Bialkowski; Jipeng Lin; C. Robin Head; Nils Hempler; Gareth T. Maker; Graeme P. A. Malcolm
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High power sub-200fs pulse generation from a colliding pulse modelocked VECSEL
Author(s): Alexandre Laurain; Declan Marah; Robert Rockmore; John G. McInerney; Jorg Hader; Antje Ruiz Perez; Stephan W. Koch; Wolfgang Stolz; Jerome V. Moloney
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High-power 100-fs SESAM-modelocked VESCEL (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dominik Waldburger; Sandro M. Link; Cesare G. E. Alfieri; Matthias Golling; Ursula Keller
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Advances in 750 nm VECSELs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Esa J. Saarinen; Sanna Ranta; Jari Lyytikäinen; Antti Saarela; Alexei Sirbu; Vladimir Iakovlev; Eli Kapon; Mircea Guina
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The optically pumped semiconductor membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL): a concept based on a diamond-sandwiched active region
Author(s): Hermann Kahle; Cherry May N. Mateo; Uwe Brauch; Roman Bek; Michael Jetter; Thomas Graf; Peter Michler
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Development of optically pumped DBR-free semiconductor disk lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zhou Yang; Alexander R. Albrecht; Jeffrey G. Cederberg; Mansoor Sheik-Bahae
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The development and fundamental analysis of type-II VECSELs at 1.2 µm (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Christoph Möller; Christian Fuchs; Christian Berger; Fan Zhang; Arash Rahimi-Iman; Martin Koch; Antje Ruiz Perez; Stephan W. Koch; Jörg Hader; Jerome V. Moloney; Wolfgang Stolz
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Various phenomena of self-mode-locked operation in optically pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): C. H. Tsou; H. C. Liang; K. F. Huang; Y. F. Chen
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Towards self-mode locking of AlGaInP-VECSELs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Roman Bek; Quynh Duong-Ederer; Max Vaupel; Hermann Kahle; Thomas Schwarzbäck; Arash Rahimi-Iman; Michael Jetter; Martin Koch; Peter Michler
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Mode-locked VECSEL SESAM with intracavity antenna for terahertz emission
Author(s): T. Chen Sverre; A. P. Turnbull; P. C. Gow; E. Mavrona; J. R. C. Woods; C. R. Head; V. Apostolopoulos; A. C. Tropper
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Stabilized dual-comb MIXSEL (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sandro M. Link; Dominik Waldburger; Cesare G. E. Alfieri; Matthias Golling; Ursula Keller
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Numerical study of VECSELs for generation of mid-infrared radiation
Author(s): Adam K. Sokół; Łukasz Piskorski; Patrycja Śpiewak; Robert P. Sarzała
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Improved gain chip holder design for high efficient, high power AlGaInP-VECSEL
Author(s): Philipp Tatar-Mathes; Hermann Kahle; Cherry M. N. Mateo; Uwe Brauch; Roman Bek; Michael Jetter; Thomas Graf; Peter Michler
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