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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XV
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Volume Number: 10061
Date Published: 24 April 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10061
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hybrid carbon nanotube-polymer scaffolds for cardiac tissue regeneration
Author(s): Samad Ahadian; Locke Davenport-Huyer; Nathaniel Smith; Milica Radisic
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Rapid structuring of proteins on filter paper using lithography
Author(s): Tobias M. Nargang; Frederik Kotz; Nico Keller; Dorothea Helmer; Bastian E. Rapp
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Graphene doped ZnO films for photoelectrowetting on microchannels
Author(s): Khaled Al-Aribe; George K. Knopf
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Laser induced forward transfer technique for the immobilization of biomaterials in biosensors applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Symeon Papazoglou; Marianeza Chatzipetrou; Maria Massaouti; Ioanna Zergioti
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Investigation of the capillary flow through open surface microfluidic structures
Author(s): Ahmed Taher; Benjamin Jones; Paolo Fiorini; Liesbet Lagae
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A 3D particle focusing device based on tightly curving 3D microchannels
Author(s): Petra Paié; Francesca Bragheri; Dino Di Carlo; Roberto Osellame
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AC electrothermal technique in microchannels
Author(s): Alinaghi Salari; Maryam Navi; Colin Dalton
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Nanoscale patterning of biopolymers for controlled microfluidic behavior and drug release (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Akshit Peer; Rabin Dhakal; Rana Biswas; Jaeyoun Kim
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Fast and cheap fabrication of molding tools for polymer replication
Author(s): Christiane Richter; Nadine Kirschner; Matthias Worgull; Bastian E. Rapp
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3D printed disposable optics and lab-on-a-chip devices for chemical sensing with cell phones
Author(s): G. Comina; A. Suska; D. Filippini
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Implementation of a protocol for assembling DNA in a Teflon tube
Author(s): Edmond J. Walsh; Alexander Feuerborn; Peter R. Cook
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Microfluidic particle manipulation using high frequency surface acoustic waves (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ye Ai
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Towards rapid prototyped convective microfluidic DNA amplification platform
Author(s): Smrithi Ajit; Hemanth Mithun Praveen; Puneeth S. B.; Abhishek Dave; Bharat Sesham; K. N. Mohan; Sanket Goel
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System-level integration of active silicon photonic biosensors
Author(s): L. Laplatine; O. Al'Mrayat; E. Luan; C. Fang; S. Rezaiezadeh; D. M. Ratner; K. Cheung; Y. Dattner; L. Chrostowski
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Light field 3D endoscope based on electro-wetting lens array
Author(s): Jin Su Lee; Gyu Suk Jung; Yong Hyub Won
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An optofluidic approach for gold nanoprobes based-cancer theranostics
Author(s): Nishtha Panwar; Peiyi Song; Chengbin Yang; Ken-Tye Yong; Swee Chuan Tjin
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A portable fluorescent sensing system using multiple LEDs
Author(s): Young-Ho Shin; Jonathan Z. Barnett; M. Teresa Gutierrez-Wing; Kelly A. Rusch; Jin-Woo Choi
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Chemiluminescence generation and detection in a capillary-driven microfluidic chip
Author(s): Charlotte Ramon; Yuksel Temiz; Emmanuel Delamarche
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Multipath trapping dynamics of nanoparticles towards an integrated waveguide with a high index contrast
Author(s): Hao Tian; Lionel C. Kimerling; Jurgen Michel; Guifang Li; Lin Zhang
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Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers and micropumps: from design to optomicrofluidic applications
Author(s): Shadi Khazaaleh; Numan Saeed; Inas Taha; Mateusz T. Madzik; Jaime Viegas
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Optimized AC electrothermal micromixing design for biofluid systems
Author(s): Alinaghi Salari; Maryam Navi; Colin Dalton
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Microfluidic separation of particles from whole blood using shear induced diffusion
Author(s): Jian Zhou; Chunglong Tu; Yitao Liang; Bobo Huang; Yifeng Fang; Xiao Liang; Ian Papautsky; Xuesong Ye
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Controllable gas in oil in water double emulsion formation in a non-planar microfluidic device
Author(s): Cong Huang; Hong-Bo Zhang; Katharina K. C. Koch; Rui-Xue Yin; Wen-Jun Zhang
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Peptide library synthesis on spectrally encoded beads for multiplexed protein/peptide bioassays
Author(s): Huy Q. Nguyen; Kara Brower; Björn Harink; Brian Baxter; Kurt S. Thorn; Polly M. Fordyce
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Microfluidic system for in-vitro hypoxia assays
Author(s): M. Busek; S. Grünzner; T. Steege; C. Steinfelder; F. Schmieder; U. Klotzbach; F. Sonntag
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Lab-on-a-chip platform for high throughput drug discovery with DNA-encoded chemical libraries
Author(s): S. Grünzner; F. V. Reddavide; C. Steinfelder; M. Cui; M. Busek; U. Klotzbach; Y. Zhang; F. Sonntag
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Thermally assisted acoustophoresis as a new stiffness-based separation method
Author(s): Ata Dolatmoradi; Bilal El-Zahab
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Integration of systems biology with organs-on-chips to humanize therapeutic development
Author(s): Collin D. Edington; Murat Cirit; Wen Li Kelly Chen; Amanda M. Clark; Alan Wells; David L. Trumper; Linda G. Griffith
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Microfluidic devices for stem-cell cultivation, differentiation and toxicity testing
Author(s): Holger Becker; Thomas Hansen-Hagge; Andreas Kurtz; Ralf Mrowka; Stefan Wölfl; Claudia Gärtner
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Liquid-phase reduction synthesis of mono-dispersed gold nanoparticles on glass microfluidic device with flow rate control
Author(s): Yu Tanabe; Hiromasa Yagyu
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Numerical study of insulator-based dielectrophoresis method for circulating tumor cell separation
Author(s): Mohammad Aghaamoo; Arian Aghilinejad; Xiaolin Chen
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