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Automated Inspection and High-Speed Vision Architectures II
Editor(s): Michael J. W. Chen

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Volume Number: 1004
Date Published: 21 March 1989

Table of Contents
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Rapid Local Area Correlator For Contoured Images
Author(s): Michael Flaherty; Jodean Wendt
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In Process Optical Measurement Of Micro Profile On Cold Rolled Steel Plates
Author(s): H. Schmalfub; K. Weber; W. Leyer
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A Retinal Image Processing System
Author(s): Nader Riahi; Peter D. Lawrence
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Fast Implementation Of Ranked Filters On General-Purpose Image Processing Hardware
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz
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Coordinate Mapping For Pointing And Tracking
Author(s): Kevin R. Wheeler; Richard A. Messner
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Phase-Locked Image Acquisition In Thermography
Author(s): P. K. Kuo; T. Ahmed; Huijia Jin; R. L. Thomas
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Flaw Detection Of Modeled Surfaces
Author(s): Joseph H. Nurre
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Concentricity Using Sub-Pixel Dimensional Measurement
Author(s): John C. Schultz; Frederick M. Waltz
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Three-Dimensional Image Analysis For Quality Inspection
Author(s): R. J. Ahlers; E. J. Schmidberger
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Unrolled Problem Of Rotary Objects And Automatic Visual Inspection Of Appearance Defects Of Bearing Rollers
Author(s): W. Xian; Y. Zhang; Z. Tu; E. L. Hall
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Quality Assurance By Laser Scanning And Imaging Techniques
Author(s): Harald J. SchmalfuB; Karl Ludwig Schinner
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Pattern Recognition Using A CMAC Based Learning System
Author(s): David J. Herold; W.Thomas Miller; L.Gordon Kraft; Filson H. Glanz
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Kiwivision II - A Hybrid Pipelined/Multitransputer Architecture For Machine Vision
Author(s): Robert J. Valkenburg; Chris C. Bowman
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Performance Evaluation Of A Low Cost Vision-Based Inspection System
Author(s): Khoi Hoang; Peter R. Gibson; Grier C. I. Lin; Johanes Tanoto
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Review On Applications Of Neural Network To Computer Vision
Author(s): Wei Li; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Automated Computer Vision Inspection System For Quick Turnaround Manufacturing
Author(s): H. D. Park; O.Robert Mitchell
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Printed Circuit Board Inspection System PI/1
Author(s): Shiaw-Shian Yu; Wen-Chin Cheng; Chris S. C. Chiang
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Automated Optical Pattern Inspection For High-Density Printed Wiring Boards
Author(s): Moritoshi Ando; Hiroshi Oka; Satoshi Iwata; Takefumi Inagaki
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Characterizing Birefringent Crystal Wafers With A Scanning Laser Microscope
Author(s): W. E. Wolf
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Automated Fabric Inspection System Using Image Processing Technique
Author(s): Masao Takatoo; Yoichi Takagi; Tadao Mori
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Automatic Dissection Of Plantlets
Author(s): B. G. Batchelor; I. P. Harris; J. A. Marchant; R. D. Tillett
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System Architecture For High Speed Sorting Of Potatoes
Author(s): J. A. Marchant; C. M. Onyango; M. J. Street
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A Real-Time Inspection Algorithm Development Station For Use In A Symbolic Manipulation Environment
Author(s): Michael A. Snyder; Frederick M. Waltz; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Command Language For Developing Real-Time Signal And Image Processing Applications
Author(s): Scott E. Johnston; Robert C. Fitch
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A Pipeline Architecture For Real-Time Connected Components Labeling
Author(s): James S. J. Lee; C. Lin
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Getting The Most From Your Pipelined Processor
Author(s): Chris C. Bowman
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Parallel Algorithms For Image Processing: Their Implementation On A Transputer Network
Author(s): G. R. Wilson; P.Y. L. Wong; B. G. Batchelor
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An Investigation Into Intermediate-Level Image Processing Using A Tree-Connected Transputer Network
Author(s): K. W. Chow; A. J. McCollum; B. G. Batchelor
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TAGIPS, An Adaptable Parallel Processor For Imaging Applications
Author(s): Pekka Hanninen; Jouko Viitanen; Juha Salo; Jarmo Takala
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ISA - A New Parallel Architecture For Real-Time Robot Control And High-Speed Vision Systems
Author(s): Olivier Y. de Vel; Venu K. Murthy
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