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Therapeutics and Diagnostics in Urology: Lasers, Robotics, Minimally Invasive, and Advanced Biomedical Devices
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Volume Number: 10038
Date Published: 1 March 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10038
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
In vivo fluorescence imaging of an orthotopic rat bladder tumor model indicates differential uptake of intravesically instilled near-infrared labeled 2-deoxyglucose analog by neoplastic urinary bladder tissues
Author(s): Daqing Piao; Carole A. Davis; Robert E. Hurst; Joel W. Slaton
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Prostate cancer diagnosis with fluorescence lifetime imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shamira Sridharan; Regina F. Gandour-Edwards; Marc Dall'Era; Laura Marcu
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Investigations on the fluorescence of urinary stones: how to assist the MD (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Max Eisel; Thomas Pongratz; Keerthanan Ulaganathan; Frank Strittmatter
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Quality control and primo-diagnosis of transurethral bladder resections with full-field OCT
Author(s): P. Montagne; I. Ducesne; J. Anract; C. Yang; M. Sibony; F. Beuvon; N. Barry Delongchamps; E. Dalimier
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Using optical coherence tomography to detect bacterial biofilms on foley catheters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrew E. Heidari; Kyungjin Oh; Zhongping Chen
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One to one correlation of needle based optical coherence tomography with histopathology: a qualitative and quantitative analysis in 20 prostatectomy specimens (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Abel Swaan; Berrend B. G. Muller M.D.; Rob A. A. van Kollenburg; Daniel M. de Bruin; Dick H.J.C. M. Sterenborg; Jean J.M.C. H. de la Rosette M.D.; Ton G. van Leeuwen; Dirk J. Faber
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Optical clearing of vaginal tissues
Author(s): Chun-Hung Chang; Erinn M. Myers M.D.; Michael J. Kennelly M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Temperature monitoring with FBG sensor during diffuser-assisted laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ngot T. Pham; Seul Lee Lee; Yong Wook Lee; Hyun Wook Kang
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Anti-reflection coated optical fibers for use in thulium fiber laser lithotripsy
Author(s): Christopher R. Wilson; Joshua D. Kennedy; Pierce B. Irby M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Investigations to improve laser induced lithrotripsy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Max Eisel; Keerthanan Ulaganathan; Frank Strittmatter; Thomas Pongratz; Ronald Sroka
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Thulium fiber laser lithotripsy using a muzzle brake fiber tip
Author(s): Thomas C. Hutchens; David A. Gonzalez; Pierce B. Irby M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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The study of laser pulse width on efficiency of Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy
Author(s): Jian J. Zhang; Jonathan Rutherford; Metasebya Solomon; Brian Cheng; Jason R. Xuan; Jason Gong; Honggang Yu; Michael Xia; Xirong Yang; Thomas Hasenberg; Sean Curran
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Optical monitoring of kidney oxygenation and hemodynamics using a miniaturized near-infrared sensor
Author(s): Babak Shadgan; Andrew Macnab; Mark Nigro; Christopher Nguan
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Multimodal fiber-probe spectroscopy for the diagnostics and classification of bladder tumors
Author(s): Suresh Anand; Riccardo Cicchi; Riccardo Fantechi; Mauro Gacci; Gabriella Nesi; Marco Carini; Francesco S. Pavone
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Raman spectroscopy for prostate cancer detection and characterization (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kelly Aubertin; Quoc-Huy Trinh; Michael Jermyn; Catherine St-Pierre; Maria-Claudia Vladoiu; Andrée-Anne Grosset; Fred Saad; Dominique Trudel; Frédéric Leblond
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Orthotopic AY-27 rat bladder urothelial cell carcinoma model presented an elevated methemoglobin proportion in the increased total hemoglobin content when evaluated in vivo by single-fiber reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Tengfei Sun; Carole A. Davis; Robert E. Hurst; Joel W. Slaton; Daqing Piao
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Vaginal hemodynamic changes during sexual arousal in a rat model by diffuse optical spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hyeryun Jeong; Myeongsu Seong; Hyun-Suk Lee; Kwangsung Park; Jae Gwan Kim
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Optical monitoring of testicular torsion using a miniaturized near infrared spectroscopy sensor
Author(s): Babak Shadgan M.D.; Majid Kajbafzadeh; Mark Nigro; A.M. Kajbafzadeh; Andrew Macnab M.D.
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SWIR dispersive Raman spectroscopy for discrimination of normal and malignant kidney tissue (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Miki Haifler; Isaac J. Pence; Amnon Zisman; Robert G. Uzzo; Richard Greenberg; Alexander Kutikov; Marc Smaldone; David Chen; Rosalia Viterbo; Benjamin Ristau; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; Alexander Dumont; Chetan A. Patil
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Novel ureteroscope illumination designs
Author(s): Christopher R. Wilson; Joseph A. Peller; Susan R. Trammell; Pierce B. Irby M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Miniature ureteroscope tip designs for use in thulium fiber laser lithotripsy
Author(s): Joshua D. Kennedy; Christopher R. Wilson; Pierce B. Irby M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Optical biopsy using fluorescence spectroscopy for prostate cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Binlin Wu; Xin Gao; Jason Smith; Jacob Bailin
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Laparoscopic prototype for optical sealing of renal blood vessels
Author(s): Luke A. Hardy; Thomas C. Hutchens; Eric R. Larson; David A. Gonzalez; Chun-Hung Chang; William H. Nau Jr.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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