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Fourth Conference on Sensors, MEMS, and Electro-Optic Systems
Editor(s): Monuko du Plessis
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Volume Number: 10036
Date Published: 9 February 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10036
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Prospects of efficient band-to-band emission in silicon LEDs
Author(s): Jurriaan Schmitz
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Stimulation of 450, 650 and 850-nm optical emissions from custom designed silicon LED devices by utilizing carrier energy and carrier momentum engineering
Author(s): L. W. Snyman; J-L. Polleux; K. Xu
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Wavelength dispersion characteristics of integrated silicon avalanche LEDs: potential applications in futuristic on-chip micro- and nano-biosensors
Author(s): Timothy A. Okhai; Lukas W. Snyman; Jean-Luc Polleux
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Silicon nanowire hot electron electroluminescence
Author(s): Monuko du Plessis; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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Quantum device prospects of superconducting nanodiamond films
Author(s): D. Mtsuko; D. Churochkin; S. Bhattacharyya
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Low temperature magneto transport features of rare earth element functionalized carbon nanotube network devices for spintronic applications
Author(s): Siphephile Ncube; Amy Naicker; Christopher Coleman; Alvaro de Souza; Emmanuel Flahaut; Andre Strydom; Somnath Bhattacharyya
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Nanomanipulation device fabrication: multilayerd graphene and OFET devices
Author(s): C. Coleman; S. Khorasani; S. Ncube; D. Mtsuko; C. Botha; C. Sandrock; M. Fernandes; D. Levendis; S. Bhattacharyya
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Development of a multi-sensor CMOS ASIC
Author(s): D. G. van der Merwe
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Integration of ZnO nanoparticle transistors on freestanding flexible substrates
Author(s): Fábio F. Vidor; Thorsten Meyers; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Recent advances in the modelling of the thermal conductance of uncooled microbolometers
Author(s): Johan Schoeman; Monuko du Plessis
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Development of paper-based electrochemical sensors for water quality monitoring
Author(s): Suzanne Smith; Petroné Bezuidenhout; Mesuli Mbanjwa; Haitao Zheng; Mariette Conning; Nithyadharseni Palaniyandy; Kenneth Ozoemena; Kevin Land
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Surface functionalization of glassy carbon electrodes via adsorption, electrografting and click chemistry using quantum dots and alkynyl substituted phthalocyanines: a brief review
Author(s): Siphesihle Robin Nxele; Philani Mashazi; Tebello Nyokong
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Optimization of fibre Bragg refractometer sensor parameters for bio-chemical applications
Author(s): A. Karar; M. F. Grobler; Johan Meyer
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High resolution CMOS capacitance-frequency converter for biosensor applications
Author(s): I. S. Ghoor; K. Land; T-H. Joubert
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Micro-incubator for bacterial biosensing applications
Author(s): Estine Clasen; Kevin Land; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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An air quality sensing system for cool air storage
Author(s): T. J. Ngoy; T-H. Joubert
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Colorimetric detection for paper-based biosensing applications
Author(s): C. Brink; T-H. Joubert
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Development of paper-based wireless communication modules for point-of-care diagnostic applications
Author(s): Suzanne Smith; Petroné H. Bezuidenhout; Kevin Land; Jan G. Korvink; Dario Mager
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Complementary field-effect transistors for flexible electronics
Author(s): Ulrich Hilleringmann; Fábio F. Vidor; Thorsten Meyers
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The characterisation and design improvement of a paper-based E.coli impedimetric sensor
Author(s): P. Bezuidenhout; S. Kumar; M. Wiederoder; J. Schoeman; K. Land; T-H. Joubert
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Managing piezoelectric sensor jitter: kinematic position tracking applications
Author(s): Malome T. Khomo
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Near infrared spectrometric technique for testing fruit quality: optimisation of regression models using genetic algorithms
Author(s): J. Frédéric Isingizwe Nturambirwe; Willem J. Perold; Umezuruike L. Opara
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CMOS in-pixel optical pulse frequency modulator
Author(s): Nicolaas E. Nel; M. du Plessis; T-H. Joubert
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A low-power CMOS operational amplifier IC for a heterogeneous paper-based potentiostat
Author(s): P. Bezuidenhout; K. Land; T-H. Joubert
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Comparison of inkjet-printed silver conductors on different microsystem substrates
Author(s): Jené Kruger; Petroné H Bezuidenhout; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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Handheld chemiresistive gas sensor readout system
Author(s): Trudi-Heleen Joubert; Jurie du Toit; Bonex Mkwakikunga; Peter Bosscha
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Staring array sensor model for simulation implementation
Author(s): Cornelius J. Willers; Maria S. Willers
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Numerical modeling and signal to noise ratio evaluation of correlation pulsing code techniques in a Raman-Rayleigh distributed temperature fiber sensor
Author(s): M. F. Grobler; J. J. M. Kaboko; M. Shimaponda; R. M. Martinez
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Photodarkening effect and optical properties of a nanocomposite material polymer/Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): A. Laikhtman; D. Harea; A. Axelevitch; A. Meshalkin
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Improving the laser brightness of a commercial laser system
Author(s): Darryl Naidoo; Igor Litvin; Andrew Forbes
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Characterising laser beams with liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Angela Dudley; Darryl Naidoo; Andrew Forbes
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A 1550-nm all-optical VCSEL-to-VCSEL wavelength conversion of a 8.5-Gb/s data signal and transmission over a 24.7-km fibre
Author(s): D. Kiboi Boiyo; G. M. Isoe; R. R. G. Gamatham; A. W. R. Leitch; T. B. Gibbon
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Digital implementation of a laser frequency stabilisation technique in the telecommunications band
Author(s): Pritesh Jivan; Adriaan van Brakel; Rodolfo Martínez Manuel; Michael Grobler
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High-frequency pulsed laser response of a PIN InGaAs photodetector
Author(s): J. W. Lambrechts
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Verification measurements of the Karoo Array timing system: a laser radar based time transfer system
Author(s): R. Siebrits; E. Bauermeister; R. Gamatham; G. Adams; J. A. Malan; J. P. Burger; F. Kapp; T. Gibbon; H. Kriel; T. Abbott
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Remote optical observations of actively burning biomass fires using potassium line spectral emission
Author(s): Edwin Magidimisha; Derek J. Griffith
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Effect of the atmosphere on the color coordinates of sunlit surfaces
Author(s): Cornelius J. Willers; Johan W. Viljoen
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Characterisation of diode-connected SiGe BiCMOS HBTs for space applications
Author(s): Johan Venter; Saurabh Sinha; Wynand Lambrechts
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Measuring sub-picosecond optical propagation delay changes on optical fibre using photonics and radio frequency components
Author(s): Roufurd P. M. Julie; Thomas Abbott
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Mid-infrared detection in p-GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures with a current blocking barrier
Author(s): Dilip Chauhan; A. G. Unil Perera; Lianhe Li; Li Chen; Edmund H. Linfield
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MWIR sensor well fill: sources, effects and mitigation
Author(s): Cornelius J. Willers; Tristan M. Goss
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Devices based on InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well for scintillator and detector applications
Author(s): Alice Hospodková; Jiří Pangrác; Karla Kuldová; Martin Nikl; Oliva Pacherová; Jiří Oswald; Tomáš Hubáček; Markéta Zíková; Petr Brůža; Dalibor Pánek; Karel Blažek; Gilles Ledoux; Christophe Dujardin; Michael Heuken; Eduard Hulicius
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Hydrogen donors in ZnO and TiO2
Author(s): Eduard V. Lavrov
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Structured detailed opto-mechanical tolerance modeling
Author(s): P. C. Swart
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MEMS directional acoustic sensor for locating sound sources
Author(s): Gamani Karunasiri; Fabio Alves; William Swan
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TEGs as self-sufficient power supply for sensors and microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): M. Schönhoff; U. Hilleringmann
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