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32nd European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 10032
Date Published: 26 October 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 10032
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improving contact layer patterning using SEM contour based etch model
Author(s): François Weisbuch; Andrey Lutich; Jirka Schatz; Tino Hertzsch; Hans-Peter Moll
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A thick photoresist process for high aspect ratio MEMS applications
Author(s): Elias Laforge; Ricky Anthony; Paul McCloskey; Cian O'Mathúna
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Advanced photomask fabrication by e-beam lithography for mask aligner applications
Author(s): T. Weichelt; Y. Bourgin; M. Banasch; U. D. Zeitner
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Mask manufacturing of advanced technology designs using multi-beam lithography (Part 1)
Author(s): Michael Green; Young Ham; Brian Dillon; Bryan Kasprowicz; Ik Boum Hur; Joong Hee Park; Yohan Choi; Jeff McMurran; Henry Kamberian; Daniel Chalom; Jan Klikovits; Michal Jurkovic; Peter Hudek
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A parallel multibeam mask writing method and its impact on data volumes
Author(s): N. Chaudhary; Y. Luo; S. A. Savari
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Towards expanding megasonic cleaning capability
Author(s): Zhenxing Han; Berthold Ferstl; Günter Oetter; Uwe Dietze; Martin Samayoa; Davide Dattilo
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The future of 2D metrology for display manufacturing
Author(s): Tor Sandstrom; Mikael Wahlsten; Youngjin Park
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Control the light where you need it: new development in accurate delivery of visible laser light
Author(s): Douwe Geuzebroek; Joost van Kerkhof; Arne Leinse
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Illumination pupil optimization in 0.33NA EUVL by intensity balancing for semi-iso dark field two-bar M1 building blocks
Author(s): T. Last; L. de Winter; P. van Adrichem; J. Finders
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Anamorphic imaging at high-NA EUV: mask error factor and interaction between demagnification and lithographic metrics
Author(s): Gerardo Bottiglieri; Thorsten Last; Alberto Colina; Eelco van Setten; Gijsbert Rispens; Jan van Schoot; Koen van Ingen Schenau
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High performance gratings for DFB lasers fabricated by direct-write e-beam lithography
Author(s): R. Steingrüber; Z. Zhang
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Photonic integrated circuits: new challenges for lithography
Author(s): Jens Bolten; Thorsten Wahlbrink; Andreas Prinzen; Caroline Porschatis; Holger Lerch; Anna Lena Giesecke
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Nanoimprint system development and status for high volume semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Hiromi Hiura; Yukio Takabayashi; Tsuneo Takashima; Keiji Emoto; Jin Choi; Phil Schumaker
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SCIL nanoimprint solutions: high-volume soft NIL for wafer scale sub-10nm resolution
Author(s): R. Voorkamp; M. A. Verschuuren; R. van Brakel
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Enhancing EUV mask blanks usability through smart shift and blank-design pairing optimization
Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Soni; Sankaranarayanan Paninjath; Mark Pereira; Peter Buck; Peter Thwaite
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Translation of lithography variability into after-etch performance: monitoring of golden hotspot
Author(s): Jo Finders; Ton Kiers; Bertrand Le Gratiet; Amine Lakcher
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Smart mask ship to control for enhanced on wafer CD performance
Author(s): Clemens Utzny; Karl Schumacher; Rolf Seltmann
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CHAM: weak signals detection through a new multivariate algorithm for process control
Author(s): François Bergeret; Carole Soual; B. Le Gratiet
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SRAF insertion for VIA-like layers using laSRAF method
Author(s): Andrey Lutich
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Researching new EUV pellicle films for source powers beyond 250 watts
Author(s): Maxim Nasalevich; Pieter Jan van Zwol; Erik Abegg; Pim Voorthuijzen; David Vles; Mária Péter; Wim van der Zande; Hans Vermeulen
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Critical dimension uniformity characterization of nanoimprinted trenches for high volume manufacturing qualification
Author(s): H. Teyssedre; S. Landis; C. Thanner; V. Schauer; M. Laure; W. Zorbach; L. Pain; S. Bos; M. Eibelhuber; M. Wimplinger
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Bayesian analysis for OPC modeling with film stack properties and posterior predictive checking
Author(s): Andrew Burbine; Germain Fenger; John Sturtevant; David Fryer
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A study of SU-8 photoresist in deep trenches for silicon-embedded microinductors
Author(s): Elias Laforge; Caroline Rabot; Ningning Wang; Zoran Pavlovic; Paul McCloskey; Cian O'Mathúna
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Industrial implementation of spatial variability control by real-time SPC
Author(s): O. Roule; F. Pasqualini; M. Borde
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Combination of direct laser writing and soft lithography molds for combined nano- and microfabrication
Author(s): M. Rumler; M. Kollmuss; L. Baier; F. Michel; M. Förthner; M. Becker; M. Rommel; L. Frey
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CD process control through machine learning
Author(s): Clemens Utzny
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