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Real-time Photonic Measurements, Data Management, and Processing II
Editor(s): Ming Li; Bahram Jalali; Keisuke Goda; Kevin K. Tsia
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Volume Number: 10026
Date Published: 18 January 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10026
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Honeycomb lattice meshes for reconfigurable universal microwave photonics processors
Author(s): D. Pérez; I. Gasulla; J. Capmany; Richard A. Soref
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Distributed radiofrequency signal processing using multicore fibers
Author(s): S. Garcia; I. Gasulla
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High-accurate optical vector analysis based on optical single-sideband modulation
Author(s): Min Xue; Shilong Pan
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On-chip pulse shaper for optical and microwave arbitrary waveform generation
Author(s): Shasha Liao; Xu Wang; Jianji Dong
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Optical true time delay based on contradirectional couplers with single sidewall-modulated Bragg gratings
Author(s): Xu Wang; Shasha Liao; Jianji Dong
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Photonics-assisted compressive sampling systems
Author(s): Qiang Guo; Hongwei Chen; Minghua Chen; Sigang Yang; Shizhong Xie
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Microwave frequency measurement based on photonic sampling analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): Yangxue Ma; Zhiyao Zhang; Di Peng; Jinfang Zou; Yong Liu
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Dual frequency comb metrology with one fiber laser
Author(s): Xin Zhao; Yasui Takeshi; Zheng Zheng
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Secure key distribution applications of chaotic lasers
Author(s): Ning Jiang; Chenpeng Xue; Yunxin Lv; Kun Qiu
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High-throughput optofluidic profiling of Euglena gracilis with morphological and chemical specificity
Author(s): Baoshan Guo; Cheng Lei; Takuro Ito; Yiyue Jiang; Yasuyuki Ozeki; Keisuke Goda
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Four-dimensional visualization of a small-scale flame based on deflection tomography
Author(s): Bin Zhang; Zhigang Liu; Minmin Zhao
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A survey of the baseline correction algorithms for real-time spectroscopy processing
Author(s): Yuanjie Liu; Yude Yu
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Research of aerial imaging spectrometer data acquisition technology based on USB 3.0
Author(s): Junze Huang; Yueming Wang; Daogang He; Yanan Yu
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GeSn/SiGeSn photonic devices for mid-infrared applications: experiments and calculations
Author(s): Genquan Han; Qingfang Zhang; Yan Liu; Chunfu Zhang; Yue Hao
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New Method of Writing Long Period Fiber Gratings Using High-Frequency CO2 Laser
Author(s): Gao-Ran Guo; Ying Song; Wen-Tao Zhang; Yue Jiang; Fang Li
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The study of in-line DFB tunable laser based on REC technique
Author(s): Renjia Guo; Hao Wang; Jun Lu; Yuechun Shi; Yating Zhou; Xiangfei Chen
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Characterization of phase-shifted Brillouin dynamic gratings in a polarization maintaining fiber
Author(s): Dengwang Zhou; Yongkang Dong; Pengbai Xu; Lei Teng; Hongying Zhang; Zhiwei Lu
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Detection of low-power RF signals using a tunable optoelectronic oscillator
Author(s): Yuchen Shao; Ming Li; Xiuyou Han; Mingshan Zhao
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An instrument for on-line chemical oxygen demand and nitrate in water monitoring
Author(s): Wei-Wei Feng; Dan Li; Zong-Qi Cai; Yong-Chun Zhang; Xiao Xu
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An improved calculation model of weight coefficient for three-dimensional flame chemiluminescence tomography based on lens imaging theory
Author(s): Ying Jin; Yang Song; Wenchao Wang; Yunjing Ji; Zhenhua Li; Anzhi He
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Study on glucose photoacoustic signals denoising based on a modified wavelet shift-invariance thresholding method
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu
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Spatial sparse scanned imaging based on compressed sensing
Author(s): Qiao-Yue Zhang; Yun-Tao He; Yue-Dong Zhang
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Design of non-contact measuring equipment for lunar sample sealing device
Author(s): Chunyong Wang; Haoling Li; Cong Ma; Ming Ji
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Short pulse acquisition by low sampling rate with phase-coded sequence in lidar system
Author(s): Long Wu; Jiajia Xu; Wentao Lv; Xiaocheng Yang
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Measuring the relaxation time of the xenon atoms and the rubidium atoms
Author(s): Peng Jiang; Zhi-Guo Wang; Ying-Ying Li; Qi-Yuan Jiang; Hui Luo
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Data acquisition and processing platform in the real-time distance measurement system with dual-comb lasers
Author(s): Kai Ni; Lanlan Wang; Qian Zhou; Xinghui Li; Hao Dong; Xiaohao Wang
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Comparison of correlation algorithms with correlating Shack-Hartmann wave-front images
Author(s): Hangcheng Zhou; Lanqiang Zhang; Lei Zhu; Hua Bao; Youming Guo; Xuejun Rao; Libo Zhong; Changhui Rao
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Impacts of PM concentrations on visibility impairment
Author(s): Guo Jie; Mei-mei Wang; Ye-Xing Han; Zhi-Wei Yu; Huai-Wu Tang
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Video coding for 3D-HEVC based on saliency information
Author(s): Fang Yu; Ping An; Chao Yang; Zhixiang You; Liquan Shen
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Research on the laser tracking system for measuring moving target based on APD
Author(s): Hua Liu; Yinxiao Miao; Yue Gao
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