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Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications IV
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Volume Number: 10023
Date Published: 19 January 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10023
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Software system design for the non-null digital Moiré interferometer
Author(s): Meng Chen; Qun Hao; Yao Hu; Shaopu Wang; Tengfei Li; Lin Li
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FPGA-based real-time phase measuring profilometry algorithm design and implementation
Author(s): Guomin Zhan; Hongwei Tang; Kai Zhong; Zhongwei Li; Yusheng Shi
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Elongation measurement using 1-dimensional image correlation method
Author(s): Phachara Phongwisit; Surachart Kamoldilok; Prathan Buranasiri
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Spindle error motion measurement using concentric circle grating and sinusoidal frequency-modulated semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Masato Higuchi; Thanh-Tung Vu; Masato Aketagawa
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Concentricity calibration of photogrammetry retro-reflector target
Author(s): Hengzheng Wei; Weinong Wang; Limei Pei; Guoying Ren
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A field calibration method to eliminate the error caused by relative tilt on roll angle measurement
Author(s): Jingya Qi; Zhao Wang; Junhui Huang; Bao Yu; Jianmin Gao
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The study of fast measurement hexahedron verticality error by wavefront interferometer
Author(s): Shijun Peng; Songtao Gao; Dongcheng Wu; Erlong Miao
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Performance analysis of three-dimensional surface profilometry using a MEMS mirror
Author(s): Yuxin Cheng; Sining Li; Guohang Shan
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Quadrant-division technique for differential sensitivity optical beam measurement
Author(s): K. U. Hii
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Precision requirements and innovative manufacturing for ultrahigh precision laser interferometry of gravitational-wave astronomy
Author(s): Wei-Tou Ni; Sen Han; Tao Jin
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An automatic large-scale 3D coordinate measurement system based on vision guidance
Author(s): Zili Zhang; Guanghua Wu; Qiyue Wang; Yan Zhang; Weihu Zhou
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Fast in-situ tool inspection based on inverse fringe projection and compact sensor heads
Author(s): Steffen Matthias; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Numerical simulation research and applications on scattering imaging of surface defects on optical components
Author(s): Huiting Chai; Pin Cao; Yongying Yang; Chen Li; Fan Wu; Yihui Zhang; Haoliang Xiong; Lin Zhou; Kai Yan; Wenlin Xu; Dong Liu; Jian Bai; Yibing Shen
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Spin Hall effect of light applied in optical linear scale
Author(s): Yasuhiro Mizutani; Kazunori Ueda; Yasuhiro Takaya
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Accurate reconstruction in measurement of microstructures using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang; Xiangchao Zhang; Hong Xiao; Min Xu
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Tip/tilt-compensated through-focus scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Jun Ho Lee; Jun Hyung Park; Dohwan Jeong; Eun Ji Shin; Chris Park
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The total spectral radiant flux calibration using a spherical spectrometer at National Institute of Metrology China
Author(s): Weiqiang Zhao; Hui Liu; Jian Liu
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Binocular stereo vision system based on phase matching
Author(s): Huixian Liu; Shujun Huang; Nan Gao; Zonghua Zhang
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Algorithms and applications of aberration correction and American standard-based digital evaluation in surface defects evaluating system
Author(s): Fan Wu; Pin Cao; Yongying Yang; Chen Li; Huiting Chai; Yihui Zhang; Haoliang Xiong; Wenlin Xu; Kai Yan; Lin Zhou; Dong Liu; Jian Bai; Yibing Shen
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Signal processing in white-light scanning interferometry by Fourier transform and its application to surface profile measurements
Author(s): Songjie Luo; Yongxin Liu; Osami Sasaki; Jixiong Pu
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Calibration of angle-measurement system for direction measurements
Author(s): Yu. V. Filatov; E. D. Bohkman; P. A. Ivanov; R. A. Larichev; P. A. Pavlov
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Full-field 3D shape measurement of specular surfaces by direct phase to depth relationship
Author(s): Zonghua Zhang; Yue Liu; Shujun Huang; Zhenqi Niu; Jiao Guo; Nan Gao; Feng Gao; Xiangqian Jiang
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Three-dimensional surface inspection for semiconductor components with fringe projection profilometry
Author(s): Fuqin Deng; Yi Ding; Kai Peng; Jiangtao Xi; Yongkai Yin; Ziqi Zhu
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Measurement uncertainty evaluation of the three degree of freedom surface encoder
Author(s): Kai Ni; Huanhuan Wang; Xinghui Li; Xiaohao Wang; Xiang Xiao; Qian Zhou
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An accurate approach for calibrating rotational angle of camera
Author(s): Zhenqi Niu; Kuo Liu; Zonghua Zhang
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Embedded 3D shape measurement system based on a novel spatio-temporal coding method
Author(s): Bin Xu; Jindong Tian; Yong Tian; Dong Li
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Imaging ellipsometer with large field-of-view
Author(s): Liyuan Gu; Aijun Zeng; Shiyu Hu; Qiao Yuan; Weilin Cheng; Shanhua Zhang; Guohang Hu; Hongbo He; Huijie Huang
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Hybrid probing technique for coordinate measurement with optically trapped micro sphere
Author(s): Yuki Yamaguchi; Masaki Michihata; Yasuhiro Mizutani; Yasuhiro Takaya
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Research on application of photoelectric rotary encoder in space optical remote sensor
Author(s): Jun Zheng; Shao-fan Qi; Yuan-yuan Wang; Zhan-dong Zhang
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An accurate and reliable circular coded target detection algorithm for vision measurement
Author(s): Ran Chen; Kai Zhong; Zhongwei Li; Meng Liu; Guomin Zhan
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An underwater ranging system based on photoacoustic effect occurring on target surface
Author(s): Kai Ni; Kai Hu; Xinghui Li; Lidai Wang; Qian Zhou; Xiaohao Wang
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Rail profile control using laser triangulation scanners
Author(s): Аlexandr M. Boronahin; Daniil Yu. Larionov; Liudmila N. Podgornaya; Roman V. Shalymov; Yuri V. Filatov; Evgueny D. Bokhman
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Non-uniform sampling knife-edge method for camera modulation transfer function measurement
Author(s): Yaxuan Duan; Xun Xue; Yongquan Chen; Liude Tian; Jianke Zhao; Limin Gao
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A precise reference position detection method for linear encoders by using a coherence function algorithm
Author(s): Xinghui Li; Xiang Xiao; Kai Ni; Qian Zhou; Huanhuan Wang; Xiaohao Wang
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Development of an edge sensor based on polyview optics and laser triangulation principle
Author(s): Yinan Li; Hagen Bossmeyer; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Arbitrary optical frequency synthesis traced to an optical frequency comb
Author(s): Zihang Cai; Weipeng Zhang; Honglei Yang; Yan Li; Haoyun Wei
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Dimensional measurement of micro parts with high aspect ratio in HIT-UOI
Author(s): Hong Dang; Jiwen Cui; Kunpeng Feng; Junying Li; Shiyuan Zhao; Haoran Zhang; Jiubin Tan
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Simulation of out-of-plane displacement measurement using vortex beam: on the base of liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Haibin Sun; Ping Sun
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Experimental investigation of correlation between surface amplitude parameters of frosted glass diffuser and size of polishing grit
Author(s): Dong Wei; Tomoya Katagiri; Masato Aketagawa
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A colorful codification method for structured light measurement based on the hue of single image
Author(s): Wei Yin; Haihua Cui; Chenbo Zhang; Xiaosheng Cheng; Dawei Li
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Corner detection and sorting method based on improved Harris algorithm in camera calibration
Author(s): Ying Xiao; Yonghong Wang; Xizuo Dan; Anqi Huang; Yue Hu; Lianxiang Yang
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3D measurement and camera attitude estimation method based on trifocal tensor
Author(s): Shengyi Chen; Haibo Liu; Linshen Yao; Qifeng Yu
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Virtual-stereo fringe reflection technique for specular free-form surface testing
Author(s): Suodong Ma; Bo Li
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A simple phase-shift ESPI for 3D deformation measurement
Author(s): Ping Sun; Xinghai Wang; Haibin Sun
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Evaluation of 3D displacement components by combining DSCM with ESPI
Author(s): Ping Sun; Kai Shi; Mingyong Sun; Haibin Sun
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Numerical calibration of laser line scanning system with multiple sensors for inspecting cross-section profiles
Author(s): Jingbo Zhou; Yuehua Li; Fengshan Huang; Lijian Liu
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Uncertainty evaluation of ellipsometer: from instrumentation to material and application in Avogadro's project
Author(s): Wende Liu; Chi Chen; Qiming Fan; Chu Chu
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Dynamic 3D shape measurement based on digital speckle projection and temporal sequence correlation
Author(s): Renchao Xu; Fangyan Zhou; Qican Zhang
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A flexible new method for 3D measurement based on multi-view image sequences
Author(s): Haihua Cui; Zhimin Zhao; Xiaosheng Cheng; Changye Guo; Huayu Jia
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A robust real-time laser measurement method based on noncoding parallel multi-line
Author(s): Chenbo Zhang; Haihua Cui; Wei Yin; Liu Yang
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Experiments and error analysis of laser ranging based on frequency-sweep polarization modulation
Author(s): Shuyuan Gao; Rongyi Ji; Yao Li; Zhi Cheng; Weihu Zhou
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High-speed image acquisition technology in quality detection of workpiece surface
Author(s): Kaihua Wu; Zexuan Jin; Wenjie Wang; Nian Chen
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The research of weld defect detection based on high precision displacement sensor
Author(s): Kelin Hu; Chao Gao
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Research of non-contact measurement method for outline dimensions of some special workpiece
Author(s): Qiaoling Feng; Yongcai Guo
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GPU-accelerated phase extraction algorithm for interferograms: a real-time application
Author(s): Xiaoqiang Zhu; Yongqian Wu; Fengwei Liu
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Study of angle measuring error mechanism caused by rotor run-outs
Author(s): Dabao Lao; Wenying Zhang; Weihu Zhou
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Truncated pyramid artifact for performance evaluation experiments on laser line scanner
Author(s): Sen Zhou; Jian Xu; Tao Lei; Chen Long; Tang Jing
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