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Optoelectronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology IV
Editor(s): Qionghai Dai; Tsutomu Shimura
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Volume Number: 10020
Date Published: 3 January 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10020
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Compressive full-waveform LIDAR with low-cost sensor
Author(s): Weiyi Yang; Jun Ke
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Iterative deconvolution methods for ghost imaging
Author(s): Wei Wang; Guohai Situ
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Development of 36M-pixel x-ray detector for large field of view and high-resolution micro-CT
Author(s): Keiji Umetani; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki
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Underwater three-dimensional range-gated laser imaging based on triangular-range-intensity profile spatial-correlation method
Author(s): Xinwei Wang; Xiaoquan Liu; Pengdao Ren; Liang Sun; Songtao Fan; Pingshun Lei; Yan Zhou
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An efficient anti-occlusion depth estimation using generalized EPI representation in light field
Author(s): Hao Zhu; Qing Wang
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Single-pixel hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Jinli Suo; Yuwang Wang; Liheng Bian; Qionghai Dai
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Spatial-spectral data redundancy requirement for Fourier ptychographic microscopy
Author(s): Jiasong Sun; Yuzhen Zhang; Qian Chen; Chao Zuo
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Reconstructing spectral reflectance from digital camera through samples selection
Author(s): Bin Cao; Ningfang Liao; Wenming Yang; Haobo Chen
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Light field camera self-calibration and registration
Author(s): Zhe Ji; Chunping Zhang; Qing Wang
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An effective rectification method for lenselet-based plenoptic cameras
Author(s): Jing Jin; Yiwei Cao; Weijia Cai; Wanlu Zheng; Ping Zhou
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Design of optoelectronic imaging system with high resolution and large field-of-view based on dual CMOS
Author(s): Hanglin Cheng; Qun Hao; Yao Hu; Jie Cao; Shaopu Wang; Lin Li
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Behavior analysis of video object in complicated background
Author(s): Wenting Zhao; Shigang Wang; Chao Liang; Wei Wu; Yang Lu
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The efficient model to define a single light source position by use of high dynamic range image of 3D scene
Author(s): Xu-yang Wang; Dmitry D. Zhdanov; Igor S. Potemin; Ying Wang; Han Cheng
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Research on tomato seed vigor based on X-ray digital image
Author(s): Xueguan Zhao; Yuanyuan Gao; Xiu Wang; Cuiling Li; Songlin Wang; Qinghun Feng
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Development of an atmospheric turbulence simulator for deformable mirror evaluation
Author(s): Jun Ho Lee; Sunmi Shin; Hyug-Gyo Rhee; Ho-Soon Yang; Ho-Jae Lee
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Calculation of overlapping pixels for optical-butting focal plane
Author(s): Fuqiang Li; Junlei Chang; Bei Chu; Na Li
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Experimental research on showing automatic disappearance pen handwriting based on spectral imaging technology
Author(s): Yi Su; Lei Xu; Ningning Liu; Wei Huang; Xiaojing Xu
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Research on key technology of yacht positioning based on binocular parallax
Author(s): Wei Wang; Ping Wei; Zengzhi Liu
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Propagation characteristics of orbital angular momentum for remote imaging
Author(s): Li Lu; Wen Sheng; Feng Jiang; Zengjun Bi
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Image preprocessing for vehicle panoramic system
Author(s): Ting Wang; Liguo Chen
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Simultaneous localization and mapping of mobile robot using a RGB-D camera
Author(s): Junqin Lin; Baoling Han; Zhuo Ge; Guanhao Liang; Jiahang Zhao
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Studies on filtered back-projection imaging reconstruction based on a modified wavelet threshold function
Author(s): Zhengzi Wang; Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu
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Generation of high-dynamic range image from digital photo
Author(s): Ying Wang; Igor S. Potemin; Dmitry D. Zhdanov; Xu-yang Wang; Han Cheng
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A chest-shape target automatic detection method based on Deformable Part Models
Author(s): Mo Zhang; Weiqi Jin; Li Li
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A cartoon-texture decomposition-based image deburring model by using framelet-based sparse representation
Author(s): Huasong Chen; Xiangju Qu; Ying Jin; Zhenhua Li; Anzhi He
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The design of red-blue 3D video fusion system based on DM642
Author(s): Rongguo Fu; Hao Luo; Jin Lv; Shu Feng; Yifang Wei; Hao Zhang
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High-resolution three-dimensional imaging with compress sensing
Author(s): Jingyi Wang; Jun Ke
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Underwater range-gated laser imaging enhancement based on contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization
Author(s): Liang Sun; Xinwei Wang; Xiaoquan Liu; Pengdao Ren; Pingshun Lei; Ruirong You; Jun He; Yan Zhou; Yuliang Liu
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A novel representation and compression method in layered depth video
Author(s): Zefu Li; Ran Ma; Mengmeng Kang; Xiangyu Hu; Ping An
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Pedestrian detection based on redundant wavelet transform
Author(s): Lin Huang; Liping Ji; Ping Hu; Tiejun Yang
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High resolution image restoration algorithm of wavefront coding system based on wiener filter and wavelet de-noising
Author(s): Qiang Li; Feng Xu; Xiaonan Zhao; Yujia Yao; Yunxiang Li
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Cross-center extraction with sub-pixel accuracy
Author(s): Guanghua Wu; Zili Zhang; Weihu Zhou
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Human body region enhancement method based on Kinect infrared imaging
Author(s): Lei Yang; Yubo Fan; Xiaowei Song; Wenjing Cai
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Binocular stereo matching method based on structure tensor
Author(s): Xiaowei Song; Manyi Yang; Yubo Fan; Lei Yang
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A vertical parallax reduction method for stereoscopic video based on adaptive interpolation
Author(s): Qingyu Li; Yan Zhao
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Single face image reconstruction for super resolution using support vector regression
Author(s): Haijie Lin; Qiping Yuan; Zhihong Chen; Xiaoping Yang
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Research on free-space optical communication based on time-division multiplexing
Author(s): Dan Wang; Wenchao Zhou; Zhen Li; Zhenqiang Chen; Hao Yin; Siqi Zhu; Anming Li
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Sinogram-based adaptive iterative reconstruction for sparse view x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): D. Trinca; Y. Zhong; Y.-Z. Wang; T. Mamyrbayev; E. Libin
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Research of nonlinear simulation on sweep voltage of streak tube imaging lidar
Author(s): Qian Zhai; Shao-kun Han; Yu Zhai; Jie-yu Lei; Jian-feng Yao
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Automatic identification of various spectral features at the time-resolved excitation emission matrix of dissolved organic matters and phytoplankton cells in seawater
Author(s): Vladimir A. Krikun; Pavel A. Salyuk
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The equipment for time-resolved measurements of excitation-emission matrix of seawater fluorescence in natural conditions
Author(s): Pavel A. Salyuk; Ivan G. Nagorny; Alexander A. Mayor; Vladimir A. Krikun; Konstantin A. Shmirko
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Large field-of-view range-gated laser imaging based on image fusion
Author(s): Pengdao Ren; Xinwei Wang; Liang Sun; Ruirong You; Pingshun Lei; Yan Zhou
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