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Optoelectronic Devices and Integration VI
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Volume Number: 10019
Date Published: 25 January 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10019
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silicon nitride grating waveguide based directional coupler
Author(s): Jijun Feng; Anyuan Li; Ryoichi Akimoto; Heping Zeng
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980 nm tapered lasers with photonic crystal structure for low vertical divergence
Author(s): Xiaolong Ma; Hongwei Qu; Pengchao Zhao; Yun Liu; Wanhua Zheng
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Tunable multi-channel dropping filters based on double-waveguide parallel-coupled microring resonators
Author(s): Chunyu Zhang; Yundong Zhang; Yongfeng Wu; Hui Li; Changqiu Yu; Ping Yuan
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The realization of optical switching generated from the combination of Ag/a-Si/p-Si memristor and silicon waveguide
Author(s): Dongyang Li; Anran Guo; Qinjian Song; Guohui Guo; Yadong Jiang; Wei Li
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High efficiency single transverse mode photonic band crystal lasers with low vertical divergence
Author(s): Shaoyu Zhao; Hongwei Qu; Yun Liu; Lunhua Li; Yang Chen; Xuyan Zhou; Yuzhe Lin; Anjin Liu; Aiyi Qi; Wanhua Zheng
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Preparation and evaluation of perovskite solar cells in the absolute atmospheric environment
Author(s): Xiaohui Wang; Hojjatollah Sarvari; Hongmei Dang; Vijay Singh; Zhi Chen
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Investigation of advanced pre- and post-equalization schemes in high-order CAP modulation based high-speed indoor VLC transmission system
Author(s): Yiguang Wang; Nan Chi
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Optical implementation of neural learning algorithms based on cross-gain modulation in a semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Qiang Li; Zhi Wang; Yansi Le; Chonghui Sun; Xiaojia Song; Chongqing Wu
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Detection of atmospheric boundary layer height in the plum rain season over Hangzhou area with three-dimensional scanning polarized lidar
Author(s): Peijun Tang; Dong Liu; Peituo Xu; Yudi Zhou; Jian Bai; Chong Liu; Kaiwei Wang; Yongying Yang; Yibing Shen; Jing Luo; Zhongtao Cheng; Yupeng Zhang; Yanyang Liu
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Design of real-time and high-precision photoelectric autocollimator
Author(s): Siyu Zhou; Jiayin Hou; Shanshan Wang; Qiudong Zhu
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Development of next-generation nanolithography methods to break the optical diffraction limit
Author(s): Huiwen Luo; Liang Wang; Jin Qin; Li Ding
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Gain-switched thulium-doped fiber laser with ultra-wide tuning range
Author(s): X. Cheng; Z. Li; J. Hou; Z. Liu
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Er-doped fiber based Mach-Zehnder interferometer for simultaneous strain and temperature measurement
Author(s): Na Zhang; Wei Xu; Cheungchuen Yu; Changyuan Yu; Shanhong You
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Mode evolution in polarization maintain few mode fibers and applications in mode-division-multiplexing systems
Author(s): Yan Li; Xinglin Zeng; Qi Mo; Wei Li; Zhijian Liu; Jian Wu
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Experimental measurement of effective refractive index difference for few mode polarization maintaining fibers using S2 method
Author(s): Wenting Guo; Yan Li; Xinglin Zeng; Qi Mo; Wei Li; Zhijian Liu; Jian Wu
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Uniform flat-top interleaver consisting of a two-stage cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Huaiyin Su; Yundong Zhang; Yongfeng Wu; Hui Li; Changqiu Yu; Ping Yuan
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A distributed optical fiber sensing system for dynamic strain measurement based on artificial reflector
Author(s): Zhenhong Sun; Yuanyuan Shan; Yanting Li; Yixin Zhang; Xuping Zhang
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Improved hybrid polymer/PbS quantum dot infrared phototransistors incorporating single-layer graphene
Author(s): Xiaoxian Song; Yating Zhang; Haiting Zhang; Yu Yu; Mingxuan Cao; Yongli Che; Jianlong Wang; Xin Ding; Jianquan Yao
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A calibration method for photon counters using a customized standard light source
Author(s): Shulang Lin; Huarong Gu; Qiaofeng Tan
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Coupling between fiber-optic microring and lithium niobate microwaveguide chip towards photonic interlink devices
Author(s): Suxu Zhou; Xiaojie Zheng; Yuan Wang; Heyuan Guang; Jianhui Yu; Zhe Chen; Huihui Lu
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Investigation on a novel fiber-optic sensor based on up-taper-core-offset-up-taper structure
Author(s): Na Zhang; Wei Xu; Changyuan Yu; Shanhong You
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A simple and low cost method to fabricate well controllable silicon nanowires based on electrostatic adsorption of PS nanospheres
Author(s): Salah E. El-Zohary; Yusuke Iguchi; Toshihiro Okamoto; Masanobu Haraguchi
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Performance optimization of Pnp InGaAs/InP heterojunction phototransistors
Author(s): Min Zhu; Jun Chen
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On-chip integration for in-plane video transmission using visible light
Author(s): Yongchao Yang; Jialei Yuan; Yuanhang Li; Xumin Gao; Yongjin Wang
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Optical characteristic analysis of optical fiber near-field and far-field
Author(s): Zhenlin Zhan; Peihua Lin; Lianhuang Li
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Investigation on optical and acoustic fields of stimulated Brillouin scattering in As2S3 suspended-core optical fibers
Author(s): Qiang Xu; Weiqing Gao; Xue Li; Chenquan Ni; Xiangcai Chen; Li Chen; Wei Zhang; Jigang Hu; Xiangdong Chen; Zijun Yuan
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A short-range optical wireless transmission method based on LED
Author(s): Meiyuan Miao; Ailin Chen; Mingxing Zhu; Ping Li; Yingming Gao; Nianyu Zou
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Directional emission micro-cavity lasers with different device structures
Author(s): Chang-ling Yan; Jian-wei Shi; Yuan Feng; Yong-qin Hao; Hui Li; Jian-jia Zhang; Peng Li; Jia-bin Wang
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The research of multi-alkali vacuum photodiode on heating and illuminating
Author(s): Rongguo Fu; Liu Yang; Guiyuan Wang; Yifang Wei; Kun Wang
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Chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion insensitive optical signal to noise ratio monitoring based on electronic variable optical attenuators and optical bandpass filter
Author(s): Junde Chang; Bo Liu; Lijia Zhang; Xiangjun Xin; Qi Zhang; Qinghua Tian; Feng Tian; Xiaoli Yin; Lan Rao; Yongjun Wang
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All-optical Quantization by Slicing Supercontinuum in a Ge11.5As24Se64.5 rib Waveguide
Author(s): Yanlei Zhang; Chao Mei; Xianting Zhang; Shuai Kang; Jinhui Yuan; Kuiru Wang; Binbin Yan; Zhe Kang; Xinzhu Sang; Chongxiu Yu
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High-performance transparent film heater with an embedded Ni metal-mesh based on selected metal electrodeposition process
Author(s): Yanhua Liu; Su Shen; LinSen Chen; Yun Zhou; Yan Ye; Yanyan Wang; Wen Qiao; Wenbin Huang
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Multimode fiber focusing lens based on plasmonic structures
Author(s): Yihang Xu; Yongjiao Lu; Zheng Zhu; Jinhui Shi; Chunying Guan; Libo Yuan
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High precision long-term stable fiber-based optical synchronization system
Author(s): Yurong Li; Xiaochao Wang; Youen Jiang; Zhi Qiao; Rao Li; Wei Fan
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A four-port vertical-coupling optical interface based on two-dimensional grating coupler
Author(s): Zan Zhang; Zanyun Zhang; Beiju Huang; Chuantong Cheng; Tianxi Gao; Xiaochuan Hu; Lin Zhang; Hongda Chen
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RF spectral analysis for characterisation of mode-locked regimes in fibre lasers
Author(s): Alexey V. Ivanenko; Sergey M. Kobtsev; Alexey Kokhanovskiy; Sergey V. Smirnov
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Solar cells based on InP/GaP/Si structure
Author(s): O. Kvitsiani; D. Laperashvil; T. Laperashvili; V. Mikelashvili
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