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Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications VII
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Volume Number: 10005
Date Published: 10 January 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10005
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Synthetic aperture ladar based on a MOPAW laser
Author(s): Simon Turbide; Linda Marchese; Alain Bergeron; Louis Desbiens; Patrick Paradis
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Close-range environmental remote sensing with 3D hyperspectral technologies
Author(s): O. Nevalainen; E. Honkavaara; T. Hakala; Sanna Kaasalainen; N. Viljanen; T. Rosnell; E. Khoramshahi; R. Näsi
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Waveform fitting and geometry analysis for full-waveform lidar feature extraction
Author(s): Fuan Tsai; Jhe-Syuan Lai; Yi-Hsiu Cheng
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Modelling and studies of the spectral response of some optoelectronic components
Author(s): André Albino; Daniele Bortoli; Mouhaydine Tlemçani; António Joyce
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Remote sensing and GIS analysis for demarcation of coastal hazard line along the highly eroding Krishna-Godavari delta front
Author(s): Akhil Kallepalli; Nageswara Rao Kakani; David B. James
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Analyzing land surface temperature variations during Fogo Island (Cape Verde) 2014-2015 eruption with Landsat 8 images
Author(s): D. Vieira; A. Teodoro; A. Gomes
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Flood mapping using VHR satellite imagery: a comparison between different classification approaches
Author(s): Francesca Franci; Piero Boccardo; Emanuele Mandanici; Elena Roveri; Gabriele Bitelli
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Earthquake signature revealed by time series satellite and ground-based data
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru
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The magnitude and direction movement in Thailand based on Global Positioning System (GPS)
Author(s): Uthen Jamrus; Hui Deng
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MicMac GIS application: free open source
Author(s): L. Duarte; O. Moutinho; A. Teodoro
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Integrating satellite imagery-derived data and GIS-based solar radiation algorithms to map solar radiation in high temporal and spatial resolutions for the province of Salta, Argentina
Author(s): Luis Ramirez Camargo; Wolfgang Dorner
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Knowledge-based modelling of historical surfaces using lidar data
Author(s): Veit Höfler; Christine Wessollek; Pierre Karrasch
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Estimation of forest surface fuel load using airborne lidar data
Author(s): Yang Chen; Xuan Zhu; Marta Yebra; Sarah Harris; Nigel Tapper
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Spectral identification and quantification of salts in the Atacama Desert
Author(s): J. K. Harris; C. R. Cousins; M. W. Claire
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Research on remote sensing identification of rural abandoned homesteads using multiparameter characteristics method
Author(s): Saiping Xu; Qianjun Zhao; Kai Yin; Bei Cui; Xiupeng Zhang
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Educational activities of remote sensing archaeology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Athos Agapiou; Vasilki Lysandrou; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Branka Cuca; Argyro Nisantzi; Rosa Lasaponara; Nicola Masini; Thomas Krauss; Daniele Cerra; Ursula Gessner; Gunter Schreier
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Methodology for locale-scale monitoring for the PROTHEGO project: the Choirokoitia case study
Author(s): Kyriacos Themistocleous; Athos Agapiou; Branka Cuca; Chris Danezis; Francesca Cigna; Claudio Margottini; Daniele Spizzichino
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The past beneath the present: GPR as a remote sensor in archaeology and cultural heritage management (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pier Matteo Barone; Carlotta Ferrara
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Research on the evaluation method of rural hollowing based on RS and GIS technology: a case study of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region in China
Author(s): Kai Yin; MeiPing Wen; FeiFei Zhang; Chao Yuan; Qiang Chen; Xiupeng Zhang
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Monitoring of vegetation dynamics on the former military training area Königsbrücker Heide using remote sensing time series
Author(s): Christine Wessollek; Pierre Karrasch
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Environmental resilience of rangeland ecosystems: assessment drought indices and vegetation trends on arid and semi-arid zones of Central Asia
Author(s): Dildora Aralova; Kristina Toderich; Ben Jarihani; Dilshod Gafurov; Liliya Gismatulina; Babatunde A. Osunmadewa; Majdaldin Rahamtallah Abualgasim
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Monitoring soil aggregates dynamics at a plot scale using multitemporal image texture and colour analysis
Author(s): Irena Ymeti; Harald van der Werff; Freek van der Meer; Victor Jetten
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Investigating the capabilities of new microwave ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 data for biomass estimation
Author(s): L. V. Anh; D. J. Paull; A. L. Griffin
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Natural and environmental vulnerability analysis through remote sensing and GIS techniques: a case study of Indigirka River basin, Eastern Siberia, Russia
Author(s): Mukesh S. Boori; Komal Choudhary; Alexander Kupriyanov; Atsuko Sugimoto; Mariele Evers
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Automation of lidar-based hydrologic feature extraction workflows using GIS
Author(s): Noel Jerome B. Borlongan; Roel M. de la Cruz; Nestor T. Olfindo Jr.; Anjillyn Mae C. Perez
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An iterative approach to optimize change classification in SAR time series data
Author(s): Markus Boldt; Antje Thiele; Karsten Schulz; Stefan Hinz
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Comparison of multiple methods for detecting changes in urban areas in TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Horst Hammer; Clémence Dubois; Markus Boldt; Silvia Kuny; Erich Cadario; Antje Thiele
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Application of spectral and spatial indices for specific class identification in Airborne Prism EXperiment (APEX) imaging spectrometer data for improved land cover classification
Author(s): Akhil Kallepalli; Anil Kumar; Kourosh Khoshelham; David B. James
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Accounting for ecosystem assets using remote sensing in the Colombian Orinoco River basin lowlands
Author(s): Leonardo Vargas; Lars Hein; Roy P. Remme
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A webmapping platform for publishing, sharing, and managing EO-derived data for forest protection
Author(s): Karin Viergever; Pedro R. Andrade; Manoel Cardoso; Miguel Castillo; Jean-François Exbrayat; Sarah Middlemiss; David Milodowski; Edward T. A. Mitchard; Jean Ometto; Veronique Morel; Richard Tipper; Mathew Williams
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Monitoring of vegetation condition using the NDVI/ENSO anomalies in Central Asia and their relationships with ONI (very strong) phases
Author(s): Dildora Aralova; Kristina Toderich; Ben Jarihani; Dilshod Gafurov; Liliya Gismatulina
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Estimated post-flood effects through Sentinel and Landsat data to support civil protection
Author(s): Luca Cicala; Cesario Vincenzo Angelino; Nicomino Fiscante; Mariano Focareta
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Using TanDEM data for forest height estimation and change detection
Author(s): Antje Thiele; Clémence Dubois; Markus Boldt; Stefan Hinz
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Influence of pansharpening techniques in obtaining accurate vegetation thematic maps
Author(s): Edurne Ibarrola-Ulzurrun; Consuelo Gonzalo-Martin; Javier Marcello-Ruiz
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Monitoring of land degradation from overgrazing using space-borne radar and optical imagery: a case study in Randi Forest, Cyprus
Author(s): C. Papoutsa; D. Kouhartsiouk; K. Themistocleous; M. Christoforou; D. G. Hadjimitsis
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A new approach to calculate Plant Area Density (PAD) using 3D ground-based lidar
Author(s): Leila Taheriazad; Hamid Moghadas; Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa
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Effect of horizontal and vertical resolution for wind resource assessment in Metro Manila, Philippines using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Author(s): Jerome T. Tolentino; Ma. Victoria Rejuso; Loureal Camille Inocencio; Ma. Rosario Concepcion Ang; Gerry Bagtasa
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Mangrove classification through the use of object oriented classification and support vector machine of lidar datasets: a case study in Naawan and Manticao, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Author(s): Rey L. Jalbuena; Rudolph V. Peralta; Ayin M. Tamondong
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Experimental study of hyperspectral responses of plants grown on mud pit soil
Author(s): Anthony Credoz; Rémy Hédacq; Christophe Barreau; Dominique Dubucq
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Flash flood area mapping utilising SENTINEL-1 radar data
Author(s): Emmanouil Psomiadis
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Multitemporal analysis of Landsat images to detect land use land cover changes for monitoring soil sealing in the Nola area (Naples, Italy)
Author(s): Michaela De Giglio; Maria Allocca; Francesca Franci
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Mapping growing stock at 1-km spatial resolution for Spanish forest areas from ground forest inventory data and GLAS canopy height
Author(s): S. Sánchez-Ruiz; M. Chiesi; F. Maselli; M. A. Gilabert
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Land cover change detection in Chinese Zhejiang Province based on object-oriented approach
Author(s): Dong Liu; Qiankun Zhua; Yan Li
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Remote sensing of climate changes effects on urban green biophysical variables
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Adrian I. Dida
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Development of habitat mapping technology using spatial information
Author(s): M.-J. Lee; C.-W. Lee; K.-Y. Oh
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Environmental monitoring in peat bog areas by change detection methods
Author(s): Ulrich Michel; Wiebke Mildes
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