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Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XX
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Volume Number: 10000
Date Published: 17 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 10000
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Overview of Japanese Earth observation programs
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Current status of the dual-frequency precipitation radar on the global precipitation measurement core spacecraft and the new version of GPM standard products
Author(s): K. Furukawa; T. Nio; T. Konishi; T. Masaki; T. Kubota; R. Oki; T. Iguchi
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Current status of the global change observation mission - water SHIZUKU (GCOM-W) and the advanced microwave scanning radiometer 2 (AMSR2) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Takashi Maeda; Misako Kachi; Marehito Kasahara
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The Earthcare Cloud Profiling Radar, its PFM development status (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hirotaka Nakatsuka; Eichi Tomita; Yoshihisa Aida; Yoshihiro Seki; Kazuyuki Okada; Kenta Maruyama; Yasuyuki Ishii; Nobuhiro Tomiyama; Yuichi Ohno; Hiroaki Horie; Kenji Sato
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Validation of burst overlapping for ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR-ScanSAR interferometry
Author(s): Ryo Natsuaki; Takeshi Motohka; Masato Ohki; Manabu Watanabe; Shinichi Suzuki
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Radiometric performance of Second-generation Global Imager (SGLI) using integrating spheres
Author(s): Taichiro Hashiguchi; Yoshihiko Okamura; Kazuhiro Tanaka; Yukinori Nakajima; Koichi Suzuki; Takashi Sakashita; Takahiro Amano
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Design and qualification of the interferometer for the GOSAT-2 spectrometer
Author(s): Yan Montembault; Louis Moreau; Michel Roux; Henry Buijs; Marc-André Soucy
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Flight model performances of HISUI hyperspectral sensor onboard ISS (International Space Station)
Author(s): Jun Tanii; Osamu Kashimura; Yoshiyuki Ito; Akira Iwasaki
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Case studies for observation planning algorithm of a Japanese spaceborne sensor: Hyperspectral Imager Suite (HISUI)
Author(s): Kenta Ogawa; Yukiko Konno; Satoru Yamamoto; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Tetsushi Tachikawa; Mako Komoda; Osamu Kashimura; Shuichi Rokugawa
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Japanese vegetation lidar (MOLI) on ISS (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Toshiyoshi Kimura; Tadashi Imai; Daisuke Sakaizawa; Junpei Murooka
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Sentinel-3A: first commissioning results of its optical payload
Author(s): J. Nieke; C. Mavrocordatos; B. Berruti
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Sentinel-2A image quality commissioning phase final results: geometric calibration and performances
Author(s): F. Languille; A. Gaudel; C. Dechoz; D. Greslou; F. de Lussy; T. Trémas; V. Poulain; S. Massera
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Mistic winds, a microsatellite constellation approach to high-resolution observations of the atmosphere using infrared sounding and 3d winds measurements
Author(s): K. R. Maschhoff; J. J. Polizotti; H. H. Aumann; J. Susskind
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TIRCIS: thermal infrared compact imaging spectrometer for small satellite applications
Author(s): Robert Wright; Paul Lucey; Sarah Crites; Harold Garbeil; Mark Wood; Eric Pilger; Andrea Gabrieli; Casey Honniball
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Space activity and programs at Sofradir
Author(s): A. Bouakka-Manesse; N. Jamin; A. Delannoy; B. Fièque; C. Leroy; P. Pidancier; L. Vial; P. Chorier; N. Péré Laperne
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Dark current measurements at low focal plane temperature
Author(s): L. Martineau; J. Berthoz; L. Rubaldo
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Low dark current LWIR and VLWIR HgCdTe focal plane arrays at AIM
Author(s): S. Hanna; D. Eich; W. Fick; H. Figgemeier; M. Mahlein; W. Schirmacher; R. Thöt
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A novel 120dB hyperspectral platform for Earth observation
Author(s): B. Dupont; J. Caranana; P. A. Pinoncely; J. Michelot; C. Bouvier; S. Cohet; P. Jourdain; P. Monsinjon; E. Le-Coarer
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Overview of calibration and validation activities for the EUMETSAT polar system: second generation (EPS-SG) visible/infrared imager (METimage)
Author(s): P. Phillips; R. Bonsignori; P. Schlüssel; F. Schmülling; L. Spezzi; P. Watts; I. Zerfowski
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Calibration/validation strategy for GOES-R L1b data products
Author(s): Jon P. Fulbright; Elizabeth Kline; David Pogorzala; Wayne MacKenzie; Ryan Williams; Kathryn Mozer; Dawn Carter; Randall Race; Jamese Sims; Matthew Seybold
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Application of new techniques in the calibration of the TROPOMI-SWIR instrument (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Paul Tol; Richard van Hees; Tim van Kempen; Matthijs Krijger; Sidney Cadot; Ilse Aben; Antje Ludewig; Jos Dingjan; Stefan Persijn; Ruud Hoogeveen
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Sixteen years of Terra MODIS on-orbit operation, calibration, and performance
Author(s): X. Xiong; A. Angal; A. Wu; D. Link; X. Geng; W. Barnes; V. Salomonson
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MODIS solar diffuser on-orbit degradation characterization using improved SDSM screen modeling
Author(s): H. Chen; X. Xiong; A. Angal; Z. Wang; A. Wu
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Simulating the directional, spectral and textural properties of a large-scale scene at high resolution using a MODIS BRDF product
Author(s): Rajagopalan Rengarajan; Adam A. Goodenough; John R. Schott
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BRDF characterization and calibration inter-comparison between Terra MODIS, Aqua MODIS, and S-NPP VIIRS
Author(s): Tiejun Chang; Xiaoxiong (Jack) Xiong; Amit Angal; Aisheng Wu
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Calibration procedures for imaging spectrometers: improving data quality from satellite missions to UAV campaigns
Author(s): Johannes F. S. Brachmann; Andreas Baumgartner; Karim Lenhard
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Scheduling observations of celestial objects for Earth observing sensor calibration
Author(s): Truman Wilson; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Suomi-NPP VIIRS unscheduled lunar observations
Author(s): Zhipeng Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Jon P. Fulbright
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Update of S-NPP VIIRS thermal emissive bands radiometric calibration stability monitoring using the moon
Author(s): Zhipeng Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Yonghong Li
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JPSS-1 VIIRS reflective solar band on-orbit calibration performance impacts due to SWIR nonlinearity artifacts
Author(s): D. Moyer; F. De Luccia; E. Haas
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Reprocessing VIIRS sensor data records from the early SNPP mission
Author(s): Slawomir Blonski; Changyong Cao
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Vicarious calibration of the multiviewing channel polarisation imager (3MI) of the EUMETSAT Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG)
Author(s): T. Marbach; B. Fougnie; A. Lacan; P. Schlüssel
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Vicarious absolute radiometric calibration of GF-2 PMS2 sensor using permanent artificial targets in China
Author(s): Yaokai Liu; Chuanrong Li; Lingling Ma; Ning Wang; Yonggang Qian; Lingli Tang
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SeaHawk: an advanced CubeSat mission for sustained ocean colour monitoring
Author(s): John M. Morrison; Hazel Jeffrey; Hessel Gorter; Pamela Anderson; Craig Clark; Alan Holmes; Gene C. Feldman; Frederick S. Patt
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HATS (High Altitude Thermal Sounder): a passive sensor solution to 3D high-resolution mapping of upper atmosphere dynamics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Larry Gordley; Benjamin T. Marshall; Richard L. Lachance
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Low-loss interference filter arrays made by plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering (PARMS) for high-performance multispectral imaging
Author(s): Jan Broßmann; Thorsten Best; Thomas Bauer; Stefan Jakobs; Thomas Eisenhammer
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A comparison between data processing techniques for FTS based on high frequency interferogram sampling
Author(s): R. Panzeri; S. Saggin; D. Scaccabarozzi; M. Tarabini
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Compact polarimetric SAR product and calibration considerations for target analysis
Author(s): Ramin Sabry
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Novel techniques for the analysis of the TOA radiometric uncertainty
Author(s): Javier Gorroño; Andrew Banks; Ferran Gascon; Nigel P. Fox; Craig I. Underwood
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A fast RCS accuracy assessment method for passive radar calibrators
Author(s): Yongsheng Zhou; Chuanrong Li; Lingli Tang; Lingling Ma; QI Liu
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Analysis of smear in high-resolution remote sensing satellites
Author(s): Walid A. Wahballah; Taher M. Bazan; Fawzy El-Tohamy; Mahmoud Fathy
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Monolithic sensors for low frequency motion measurement and control of spacecrafts and satellites
Author(s): F. Barone; G. Giordano; F. Acernese; R. Romano
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Optimal link budget to maximize data receiving from remote sensing satellite at different ground stations
Author(s): Vinay V. Godse; Rukmini B.
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A design of miniature imaging spectrometer with Fery prism
Author(s): Lei Feng; Jinsong Zhou; Juanjuan Jing; Lidong Wei
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Model development for MODIS thermal band electronic cross-talk
Author(s): Tiejun Chang; Aisheng Wu; Xu Geng; Yonghong Li; Jake Brinkmann; Graziela Keller; Xiaoxiong (Jack) Xiong
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Software and mathematical support of Kazakhstani star tracker
Author(s): D. Akhmedov; S. Yelubayev; V. Ten; T. Bopeyev; K. Alipbayev; A. Sukhenko
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A spaceborne visible-NIR hyperspectral imager for coastal phenology
Author(s): Steven N. Osterman; Frank E. Muller-Karger; David C. Humm; Matthew W. Noble; Shawn M. Begley; Christopher B. Hersman; Erin L. Hestir; Noam Izenberg; Mary R. Keller; Jeff Lees; Adam S. Magruder; Frank Morgan; Helmut Seifert; Kim Strohbehn
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The multisensor payload 'Structura' for the observation of atmospheric night glows from the ISS board
Author(s): Yury Krot; Boris Beliaev; Leonid Katkovsky
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A line rate calculation method for arbitrary directional imaging of an Earth observing satellite
Author(s): Moon-Jin Jeon; Eunghyun Kim; Seong-Bin Lim; Seok-Weon Choi
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High definition 3D imaging lidar system using CCD
Author(s): Sungeun Jo; Hong Jin Kong; Hyochoong Bang
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