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Applications of Digital Image Processing XI
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 0974
Date Published: 16 December 1988

Table of Contents
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Results Concerning Image Restoration Applications Of The Mutual Information Principle
Author(s): Joseph P. Noonan; James R Marcus
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Morphology In A Wraparound Image Algebra
Author(s): C. R. Giardina
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A Linear Programming Approach To Maximum Entropy Signal Restoration
Author(s): Gary A Mastin; Dennis C. Ghiglia; Richard J. Hanson
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Pyramidal Image Processing Using Morphology
Author(s): George Eichniann; Chao Lu; Jianxin Zhu; Yao Li
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Maximum Likelihood Image Registration With Subpixel Accuracy
Author(s): Michael S Mort; M. D. Srinath
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Image Restoration Via Iterative Improvement Of The Wiener Filter
Author(s): Charles V. Jakowatz Jr.; Paul H. Eichel; Dennis C. Ghiglia
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Statistical Models Of A Priori Information For Image Processing; II. Finite Distribution Range Constraints
Author(s): Z. Liang; R. Jaszczak
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Dual-Mode Discrete Cosine Transform
Author(s): H. S. Hou; M. J. Vogel
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New Directions In Video Coding And Transmission
Author(s): T.Russell Hsing
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Feature Extraction Of Retinal Images Interfaced With A Rule-Bas-2D Expert System
Author(s): Na seem Ishag; Kevin Connell; John Bolton
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Lighting And Optics Expert System For Machine Vision
Author(s): Amir Novini
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Extracting Depth By Binocular Stereo In A Robot Vision System
Author(s): Suresh B. Marapane; Mohan M. Trivedi
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New Adjustable Pseudo-Coloring Method For Density Image By Effect Of Dual Gratings
Author(s): Ying Zhou; Zhen-Pei Cheng
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High Resolution Digitization Of Color Images
Author(s): John P. Cookson; Lyndon S. Guy
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Post-Filtering Of Transforms-Coded Irnagest
Author(s): Kou-Hu Tzou
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Adaptive Coding For Image Sequences In Transform Domain Based On A Classification Strategy
Author(s): G. Tu; L. Van Eycken; A. Oosterlinck
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A New Type Of Image Processing Using A Dynamic Graphic Data Structure
Author(s): Masao Sakauchi; Yutaka Ohsawa
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Virtual Image Processing
Author(s): Ranjit Mulgaonkar
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CRT And Flat Panel Inspection Via PC-Based Image Processing
Author(s): John Melson
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PC-Based Image Restoration
Author(s): R A Gonsalves; J. P. Kennealy
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Graphics With Special Interfaces For Disabled People
Author(s): A. Tronconi; M. Billi; A. Boscaleri; P. Graziani; C. Susini
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(HSI) Color Processing On Personal Computers
Author(s): Bernadette M. Morrissey
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Image Data Compression In A Personal Computer Environment
Author(s): Paul M. Farrelle; Daniel G. Harrington; Anil K Jain
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An Error Analysis For Surface Orientation From Vanishing Points
Author(s): Richard S. Weiss; Hiromasa Nakatani; Edward M. Riseman
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Algorithm For The Determination Of Vessel Center And Diameter From X-Ray Shadowgraphs
Author(s): Paul Fenster; Joseph Barba; Richard Wong
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Multiple Directed Graph Large-Class Multi-Spectral Processor
Author(s): David Casasent; Shiaw-Dong Liu; Hideyuki Yoneyama
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Extracting Distance Using Gray Level Gradient On The Defocused Image
Author(s): Moriyuki Matsuo
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"Rule-Based Processing For String Code Identification"
Author(s): David Casasent; Sung-Il Chien
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System Design For A Dental Image Processing System
Author(s): Fredrick M. Cady; John C. Stover; William J. Senecal
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Neural Network Approach To Stereo Matching
Author(s): Y. T. Zhou; R. Chellappa
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Electronic Control And Display System In The Optical Processor Of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)
Author(s): Qian -Yang Yu; Lian-qing Huang; Chao-Yang Li
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Compression Of High Spectral Resolution Imagery'
Author(s): Richard L. Baker; Yi Tong Tse
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Digital Image Velocimetry
Author(s): Y-C Cho
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Digital Image Processing Applied To Problems In Art And Archaeology
Author(s): John F. Asmus; Norman P. Katz
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Preliminary Study Of Triple Photon Coincidence Imaging Technique
Author(s): Z. Liang
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An Optical Flow Field Measurement Algorithm For Flir (Forward-Looking Infrared) Imagery
Author(s): D. N. Kato
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Processing Of IR Images From Ptsi Schmtky Barrier Detector Arrays
Author(s): Jerry Silverman; Johnathan M. Mooney
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Author(s): R A Samy; A. Lucas
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Sub-Band Coding Of Images Using Nonrectangular Filter Banks
Author(s): Rashid Ansari; A.Enis Cetin; Sang H. Lee
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Skeletonizing The Distance Transform Parallelwise
Author(s): Carlo Arcelli; Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
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Recognition Of Hand Written Arabic Characters
Author(s): H. Al -Yousefi; S. S. Udpa
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Aircraft Recognition Using A Parts Analysis Technique
Author(s): G. A. Roberts
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Combining Motion And Segmentation Information For Localization Of Occlusion Boundaries
Author(s): Keith Moler; Alan Scherf
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Object Tracking Using Curvilinear Features
Author(s): J. G. Landowski; R. S. Loe
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Precise Delineation Technique By Quantitative Computed Tomography
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Wilfred Sewchand
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Edge Detection In Cytology Using Local Statistical Properties.
Author(s): Joseph Barba; Paul Fenster; Henrick Jeanty; Joan Gil
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Detection Of Road Boundary
Author(s): James P Sowers; Rajiv Mehrotra
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3D Arterial Trace Reconstruction From Biplane Multi-Valued Projections
Author(s): Joseph Barba; Paul Fenster; Manuel Suardiaz
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Function Minimisation With Partially Correct Data Via Simulated Annealing
Author(s): Jean J. Lorre
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An HVS-Based Image Quality Measure
Author(s): John A Saghri; Patrick S. Cheatham; All Habibi
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