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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials
Editor(s): Garo Khanarian

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Volume Number: 0971
Date Published: 21 December 1988

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Recent Studies On The Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Conjugated Linear Chains And Rigid Rod Polymers
Author(s): A. F. Garito; J. R. Heflin; K. Y. Wong; O. Zamani-Khamiri
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The Missing States Analysis: A Method To Determine The Origin Of Nonlinear Optical Susceptibilities
Author(s): C. W. Dirk; M. G. Kuzyk
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Second And Third Order Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Conjugated Molecules And Polymers
Author(s): Joseph W. Perry; Albert E. Stiegman; Seth R. Marder; Daniel R. Coulter; David N. Beratan; David E. Brinza; Floyd L. Klavetter; Robert H. Grubbs
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A Theoretical Analysis Of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties Of -Electron Conjugated Molecules
Author(s): Brian M. Pierce
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Electronic And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Polyarylene Vinylenes And Related Conjugated Systems
Author(s): J. L. Bredas; M. Dory; B. Themans; J. Delhalle; J. M. Andre
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Femtosecond Dynamics Of Fluoro-Aluminum Phthalocyanine And Linear Alkane Molecules
Author(s): Z. Z. Ho; V. Williams; N. Peyghambarian; W. M. Hetherington
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Novel Method Of Electro-Optic Constant Measurement
Author(s): T. Kobayashi; H. Uchiki; K. Minoshima
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New Materials For Second Harmonic Generation: Tentative Control Of Non-Centrosymmetry In Organic Crystals
Author(s): J. F. Nicoud
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A Full Optical Characterisation Of The Organic Non-Linear Optical Material (-) 2-(-Methylbenzylamino)-5-Nitropyridine (MBA-NP)
Author(s): R. T. Bailey; F. R. Cruickshank; S. M. G. Guthrie; B. J. McArdle; G. W. McGillivray; H. Morrison; D. Pugh; E. A. Shepherd; J. N. Sherwood; C. S. Yoon
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Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of 2-(-Methylbenz3Rlamino)-5-Nitropyridine
Author(s): T. Kondo; N. Ogasawara; S. Umegaki; R. Ito
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Phase-Matched Second Harmonic Generation In 4-Aminobenzophenone Crystal
Author(s): Shekhar Guha; Claude C. Frazier; Wenpeng Chen
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Photophysical And Structural Study On Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Benzoxadiazole Derivatives
Author(s): Hiroyuki Suzuki; Hiroaki Hiratsuka
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Organometallics And Organics For Nonlinear Optics: New Material For Second Harmonic Generation.
Author(s): Wilson Tam; Ying Wang; Joseph C. Calabrese; R. A. Clement
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New Organic Materials For Efficient Harmonic Generation Of Near Ultraviolet Light
Author(s): Stephan P. Velsko; Laura E. Davis; Francis Wang; David Eimerl
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Second Harmonic Generation In Amorphous Polymers
Author(s): S. Esselin; P. Le Barny; P. Robin; D. Broussoux; J. C. Dubois; J. Raffy; J. P. Pocholle
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In Situ Measurements Of Corona Poling Induced SHG In Amorphous Polymers
Author(s): Manfred Eich; Ayusman Sen; Herbert Looser; Do Y. Yoon; Gary C. Bjorklund; Robert Twieg; Jerome D. Swalen
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Poled Polymeric Second Harmonic Generation Materials. Chemical Manipulation Of The Temporal Characteristics Of Electric Field-Induced Noncentrosymmetry
Author(s): M. A. Hubbard; N. Minami; C. Ye; T. J. Marks; J. Yang; G. K. Wong
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Polymeric And Organic Crystalline Films For Electro-Optic Applications
Author(s): D. A. Ender; R. S. Moshrefzadeh; G. T. Boyd; L. M. Leichter; J. C. Liu; R. M. Henry; R. C. Williams
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Electro-Optic Effect In Polyvinylidene Fluoride-Trifluoroethylene
Author(s): M. H. Berry; D. M. Gookin
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Infrared Nonlinear Optical Power Limiting With A Nematic Liquid Crystal Film
Author(s): R. R. Michael; G. M. Finn; R. G. Lindquist; I. C. Khoo
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Electronic Properties Of Oligodiacetylenes
Author(s): H. Sixl; C. Kollmar; R. Warta
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Thin Film Epitaxy Of Diacetylenes On Inorganic Or Organic Substrates: Structure And Non-Linear Properties Of Polymerized Films.
Author(s): J. Le Moigne; A. Thierry; P. A. Chollet; F. Kajzar; J. Messier
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Polymerization Of A Novel Liquid Crystalline Diacetylene Monomer
Author(s): Michael A. Schen
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Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Transition Metal Poly-Ynes
Author(s): Claude C. Frazier; Shekhar Guha; Pamela L. Porter; Paula M. Cockerham; Eve A. Chauchard
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SHG In Langmuir/Blodgett Nonlinear Film Coated Fibers
Author(s): R. H. Selfridge; T. K. Moon; P. Stroeve; J. Y. S. Lam; S. T. Kowel; A. Knoesen
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Properties Of Polyenic Langmuir Blodgett Films
Author(s): S. Allen; T. D. McLean; P. F. Gordon; B. D. Bothwell; P. Robin; I. Ledoux
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Organic Electro-Optic Waveguide Modulators And Switches
Author(s): R. Lytel; G. F. Lipscomb; M. Stiller; J. I. Thackara; A. J. Ticknor
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Organic Materials Requirements And Design Criteria For An Electro-Optic Phase Shifter
Author(s): G. T. Boyd; R. S. Moshrefzadeh; D. A. Ender
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Composite Channel Waveguides Using Ion-Exchanged Glass And Optically Nonlinear Polymers
Author(s): J. L. Jackel; N. E. Schlotter; P. D. Townsend; G. L. Baker; S. Etemad
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Fabrication And Characterisation Of Processable Polydiacetylene Waveguides
Author(s): S. Mann; A. R. Oldroyd; D. Bloor; D. J. Ando; P. J. Wells
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Organic Polymers As Optically Nonlinear Media
Author(s): G. R. Mohlmann; C. P. J. M. van der Vorst; R. A. Huijts; C. T. J. Wreesmann
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Measurement Of Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Coefficient Of Organic Crystal With Laser Diodes As Light Sources
Author(s): Ryuji Morita; Nagaatsu Ogasawara; Shinsuke Umegaki; Ryoichi Ito
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