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Stray Light and Contamination in Optical Systems
Editor(s): Robert P. Breault

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Volume Number: 0967
Date Published: 5 April 1989

Table of Contents
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Stray Light Technology Overview In 1988
Author(s): Robert P Breault
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A Consistent Theory Of Scatter From Optical Surfaces
Author(s): Alan W Greynolds
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Dust Removal From Mirrors: Experiments And Analysis Of Adhesion Forces
Author(s): J. R. Feicht; J. R. Blanco; R. J. Champetier
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Evidence For Off-Axis Leakage Radiance In High-Altitude Ir Rocketborne Measurements
Author(s): Donald R. Smith
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Comparison Of An Iterative Series Solution With Other Approaches Of Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves By Grating
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Greffet
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Comparison Of Wavelength Scaling Data To Experiment
Author(s): John C. Stover; Jeff Rifkin; Daniel R. Cheever; Kelly H. Kirchner; Tod F. Schiff
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Maximum And Minimum Limitations Imposed On Bsdf Measurements
Author(s): Tod F. Schiff; John C. Stover; Daniel R. Cheever; Donald R. Bjork
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Predicting Laser Port Scatter
Author(s): Donald R. Bjork; Kyle A Klicker; Fredrick M. Cady
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Straylight Analysis Of An Aperture Shade Off-Set From The SIRTF Optical Axis
Author(s): Ann St.Clair Dinger
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Calculation Of Solar Attenuation Coefficient Using Accos V Along A Critical Scattering Path
Author(s): Alan J. Ames
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Stray Radiation Measurement On The Infrared Background Signature Survey (IBSS) Telescope
Author(s): R Birki; G. Lange; S Manhart; R. Maurer
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Vane Structure Design Trade-Off And Performance Analysis
Author(s): Robert P. Breault
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Limitations In A CODE-V To Apart Translator
Author(s): Timothy D. Wise; Russell D. Granneman
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Transfer Of Baffle Data Between Macintosh PC And APART
Author(s): Timothy D. Wise; Philip A Ely
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A BRDF Measurement Apparatus For Cryogenically Cooled Samples
Author(s): R C Sullivan; B W Murray; S R Henion; G T Stribley
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Cryogenic Scattering Measurements
Author(s): Paul R Spyak; William L. Wolfe
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Performance Of A Fully Automated Scatterometer For BRDF And BTDF Measurements At Visible And Infrared Wavelengths
Author(s): Scot Anderson; Stephen M. Pompea; Donald F. Shepard; Raymond Castonauay
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Raster Area Scatter Measurements And Sample Uniformity
Author(s): J. Rifkin; J C Stover; D E. McGary; K. H. Kirchner; D J. Wilson
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Coherent Heterodyne Scatterometer
Author(s): L. Z. Gacusan; S L. Kwiatkowski; B J. Sullivan; J J Snyder
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Design Of A Fully Automated Bidirectional Laser Reflectometer; Application To Emissivity Measurement
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Greffet
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Laser Scatterometer
Author(s): Yi-Sheng Chen; Wen-Gui Wang
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Separation And Measurement Of Surface Scatter And Volume Scatter From Transparent Optics
Author(s): Douglas E. McGary; John C. Stover; Jeff Rifkin; Fredrick M. Cady; Dan R. Cheever
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Panel Discussion: Stray Light And Contamination In Optical Systems
Author(s): Bob Breault
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BRDF Round Robin
Author(s): Thomas A Leonard; Michael Pantoliano
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BRDF Measurements At 6328 Angstroms And 10.6 Micrometers Of Optical Black Surfaces For Space Telescopes
Author(s): Stephen M. Pompea; Donald F Shepard; Scot Anderson
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The Reflectance Of Ames 24E, Infrablack, And Martin Black
Author(s): Sheldon M. Smith
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Near Specular Scatter Measurement Techniques For Curved Samples
Author(s): Kyle A. Klicker; John C. Stover; Dan J. Wilson
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Measurement Of Very Near Specular Scatter
Author(s): Fredrick M. Cady; John C. Stover; Tod F. Schiff; Kyle A Klicker; Donald R Bjork
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A Small-Angle Scatterometer
Author(s): Steven J Wein; William L. Wolfe
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The Effect Of Elevated Temperatures On The Scattering Properties Of An Optical Black Surface At 0.6328 And 10.6 Micrometers
Author(s): Donald F Shepard; Stephen M. Pompea; Scot Anderson
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Comparison Of The Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Of Various Surfaces
Author(s): Rene Fernandez; Richard G. Seasholtz; Lawrence G. Oberle; Jaikrishnan R. Kadambi
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Measurement Of Total Hemispherical Emissivity Of Contaminated Mirror Surfaces
Author(s): T. A Facey; A L Nonnenmacher
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Particulate Debris From Pulsed Electron Bombardment Of Optical Baffle Materials.
Author(s): S R Henion; E A Johnson; J A Johnson; P F Meroth; G T Stribley
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Front Surface Optic Contamination From Small Rocket Plumes
Author(s): John Lester Miller; Gerard Steiner; Eugene Dryden
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