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Quantum Well and Superlattice Physics II

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Volume Number: 0943
Date Published: 18 August 1988

Table of Contents
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High-Speed Resonant-Tunneling Diodes
Author(s): E. R. Brown; T. C. L. G. Sollner; W. D. Goodhue; C. L. Chen
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Resonant-Tunneling Transistors Using InGaAs-Based Materials
Author(s): Naoki Yokoyama; Hiroaki Ohnishi; Toshiroh Futatsugi; Shunichi Muto; Toshihiko Mori; Kenichi Imamura; Akihiro Shibatomi
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Propagation Of A Spherical Gaussian Wave Packet Through A Double-Barrier Resonant Tunneling Structure
Author(s): Ralph G. Hay; Thomas B. Bahder; John D. Bruno
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Hole Tunneling in GaAs/Al[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]As Barriers and Wells
Author(s): Kenneth V. Rousseau; Joel N. Schulman; Kang L. Wang
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The Effect Of Elastic Scattering Centers On The Current Voltage Characteristics Of Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling Diodes
Author(s): E. Wolak; K. L. Lear; P. M. Pitner; B. G. Park; E. S. Hellman; T. Weil; J. S. Harris Jr.; D. Thomas
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Deep Level Induced Formation Of Wide Minibands In A Tight-Binding Superlattice: Transition From Localized To Extended States
Author(s): Fabio Beltram; Federico Capasso
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Semiclassical Transport Theory For Quantum Barrier-Conductor Chains
Author(s): Juha A. T. Sinkkonen
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Long Wavelength Infrared Detectors Based On Intersubband Absorption And Tunneling In Doped Multiquantum Well Superlattices
Author(s): B. F. Levine
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Hole Tunneling in Si[sub]1-x[/sub]Ge[sub]x[/sub]/Si Heterostructures Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): D. C. Houghton; H. C. Liu; D. Landheer; M. Buchanan; M. D'Iorio
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The Physics Of Low-Dimensional Effects In Quantum Well Lasers
Author(s): Julien Nagle; Claude Weisbuch
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Electron Capture Into Quantum Wells
Author(s): B. K. Ridley
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Monte Carlo Simulation Of Sub-Picosecond Phenomena In Semiconductor Quantum Wells And Superlattices
Author(s): Stephen M. Goodnick; Paolo Lugli
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Analysis Of Doping Superlattices Grown By Si MBE
Author(s): D. Landheer; M. W. Denhoff; M. Buchanan; D. C. Houghton; N. Rowell; K. H. Teo; G. H. McKinnon; J. N. McMullin
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PbTe-Doping Superlattices - Physics And Applications
Author(s): G. Bauer; W. Jantsch
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Carrier Lifetimes In A Hetero N-I-P-I Structure.
Author(s): A. Kost; E. Garmire; A. Danner; H. C. Lee; P. D. Dapkus
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AlGaAs Doping Superlattices Grown By MBE
Author(s): D. E. Ackley; H. Lee; N. Nouri; C. Colvard
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Properties And Band Structure Of Short-Period Compensated N-I-P-I Doping Superlattices
Author(s): H. X. Jiang; H. Yan
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Responsivity, Detectivity, And High-Frequency Performance Of Reverse Biased Photoconductive N-I-P-I Detectors
Author(s): G. H. Dohler; P. Kiesel; M. Heibmeier; G. Pototzky; P. Riel; J. Fouquet; J. N. Miller; G. Trott; J. Williamson
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Effects Of Electronic Coupling On The Band Alignment Of GaAs-AlAs Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): K. J. Moore; P. Dawson; C. T. Foxon
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Photoluminescence Decay Time Studies of Type II GaAs/AlAs Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): P. Dawson; K. J. Moore; C. T. Foxon; G. W.'t Hooft; B. A. Wilson; C. E. Bonner
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Photoreflectance and Phototransmittance of Narrow Well Strained Layer In[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]As/GaAs Coupled Multiple Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): S. H. Pan; H. Shen; Z. Hang; F. H. Pollak; Weihua Zhuang; Qian Xu; A. P. Roth; R. A. Masut; C. Lacelle; D. Morris
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(InGa)As/GaAs Quantum Wells And Band Offset
Author(s): T. G. Andersson
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Optical Investigation Of Resonant Mixing Between Electronic And Optical Vibrational Levels In GaAs/AlGa[sub]1-x[/sub]As Single Quantum Wells
Author(s): W. C. Tang; Pudong Lao; A. Madhukar
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Subband Spectroscopy Of III-V Semiconductor Microstructures
Author(s): Ulrich Merkt
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Ordering-Induced Optical Transitions And Hole-Reversal In Si/Ge Short-Period (001) Superlattices
Author(s): M. A. Gell
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Light Scattering By Superlattice Acoustic Modes At Critical Points Of The Brillouin Zone
Author(s): J. He; J. Sapriel; R. Azoulay; G. Le Roux; H. Brugger
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Band Structure Of ZnSe-ZnTe Superlattices Calculated By K . P Theory
Author(s): Y. Rajakarunanayake; R. H. Miles; G. Y. Wu; T. C. McGill
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Nonlinear Optical And Electro-Optical Properties Of Strained-Layer Superlattices Grown Along The [111] Orientation
Author(s): C. Mailhiot; D. L. Smith
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Second Order Susceptibility Of Asymmetric Quantum Well Structures.
Author(s): J. Khurgin
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Theory Of Enhanced Optical Nonlinearities In Quantum Dots
Author(s): Juan F. Lam
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Numerical And Analytical Theory Of The Time Response Of A Simple Multiquantum Well Avalanche Photodiode
Author(s): K. F. Brennan; Y. Wang; M. C. Teich; B. E. A. Saleh; T. Khoorsandi
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Measurement Of Refractive Indices By Grating Coupling
Author(s): R. G. Kaufman; A. L. Moretti; D. J. Vezzetti; F. A. Chambers; R. Wickman
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