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Ultraviolet Technology II
Editor(s): Robert E. Huffman

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Volume Number: 0932
Date Published: 16 August 1988

Table of Contents
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The Chemical Physics Of Ultraviolet Rocket Plume Signatures
Author(s): C. E. Kolb; S. B. Ryali; J. C. Wormhoudt
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Determination Of Daytime Midlatitude Electron Density Profiles From Satellite UV And In-Situ Data
Author(s): D. T. Decker; J. M. Retterer; J. R. Jasperse; D. N. Anderson; R. W. Eastes; F. P. DelGreco; R. E. Huffman; J. C. Foster
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Organizing And Utilizing The Imaging And Spectral Data From Polar BEAR
Author(s): F. P. Del Greco; R. E. Huffman; J. C. Larrabee; R. W. Eastes; F. J. LeBlanc; C. I. Meng
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The Earth From Space At 2500-3000A; Brightness And Camera Design
Author(s): G. M. Lawrence; G. E. Thomas
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The Application Of CCD Detectors To UV Imaging From A Spinning Satellite
Author(s): J. S. Murphree; L. L. Cogger
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Middle Atmosphere High Resolution Spectrograph
Author(s): R. R. Conway; D. K. Prinz; G. H. Mount
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Far Ultraviolet Wide Field Imaging And Photometry: Spartan-202 Mark II Far Ultraviolet Camera
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Harry M. Heckathorn; Chet B. Opal; Adolf N. Witt; Karl G. Henize
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The Spartan-281 Far Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Harry M. Heckathorn; Reginald J. Dufour; Chet B. Opal; John C. Raymond; Adolf N. Witt
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Very-Large-Format Pulse-Counting UV Detectors
Author(s): J.Gethyn Timothy
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Development Of The RAIDS Extreme Ultraviolet Wedge And Strip Detector
Author(s): D. C. Kayser; W. T. Chater; A. B. Christensen; C. K. Howey; J. B. Pranke; S. Chakrabarti; O.H. W. Siegmund
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Performance Characteristics Of A New Helical-Channel Microchannel Plate
Author(s): David C. Slater; J.Gethyn Timothy; Peter W. Graves; Thomas J. Loretz; Raymond L. Roy
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Spatial Frequency Response Of Proximity Focused Image Tubes In The Near Ultraviolet
Author(s): J. L. Lowrance; A. D. Cope; C. R. Stergis
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Fabrication Of MgF[sub]2[/sub] and LiF Windows For The Hubble Space Telescope Imaging Sprectrograph
Author(s): Daphne Gormley; Murk Bottema; Barbara Darnell; Walter Fowler; Walter Medenica
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Optical Filters For High Resolution Ultraviolet Imaging Systems
Author(s): John C. Simons; David H. Cushing
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Stable, High Quantum Efficiency Silicon Photodiodes For Vacuum-UV Applications
Author(s): Raj Korde; L.Randall Canfield; Brad Wallis
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EUV Properties Of Two Diffraction Gratings
Author(s): D. Cotton; S. Chakrabarti; J. Edelstein; J. Pranke; A. B. Christensen
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Synthetic Dayglow Spectra And The Rayleigh Scattering Background From The Far UV To The Visible
Author(s): D. E. Anderson Jr.; D. J. Strickland
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Ultraviolet Spectra In The Diffuse Auroral Region
Author(s): M. Ishimoto; G. J. Romick; R. E. Huffman; C.-I. Meng
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EUV Imaging Of The Ionosphere From Space
Author(s): Larry J. Paxton; Douglas J. Strickland
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Quantitative Image Analysis Of UV Rocket Plumes And Laboratory Images
Author(s): Donald F. Collins
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IMAPS: A High-Resolution, Echelle Spectrograph To Record Far-Ultraviolet Spectra Of Stars From Sounding Rockets
Author(s): E. B. Jenkins; C. L. Joseph; D. Long; P. M. Zucchino; G. R. Carruthers; M. Bottema; W. A. Delamere
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Intensified UV Imager For Space Applications
Author(s): D. E. Fort; R. F. Cohn; K. R. Fowler; T. J. Harris; E. C. King; W. Schneider
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Position Sensitivity Of MAMA Detectors
Author(s): J. S. Morgan; D. S. Slater; J. G. Timothy; E. B. Jenkins
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Image Motion Compensation Using a Photon-Counting UV/Visible Detector
Author(s): Rainer M. E. Illing; Neal H. Zaun; Richard L. Bybee
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Interpretation Of UV Radiometric Measurements Of Spectrally Non-Uniform Sources
Author(s): P. J. Murphy; D. G. Gardner
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Spatial Dependence Of Transmission Of Ultraviolet Radiation Through The Atmosphere
Author(s): A. V. Dentamaro; C. G. Stergis; V. C. Baisley
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UV/Ozone Removal Of Contaminants In Spacecraft Environments
Author(s): C. B. Kalem; J. R. Blanco; R. J. Champetier
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Ultraviolet Imaging Of Hydrogen Flames
Author(s): George J. Yates; Mark Wilke; Nick King; Alex Lumpkin
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Decoding Techniques For Fine-Fine Geometry Multi-Anode Microchannel Arrays
Author(s): David B. Kasle
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Some Ultraviolet Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics of Broadband Multialkali Photocathodes
Author(s): C. B. Johnson; L. Bonney; R. F. Floryan
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Absolute UV Irradiance Calibration Of The Solar UV Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SUSIM) Instruments
Author(s): Michael E. VanHoosier
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Spartan-282: The High Resolution Airglow/Aurora Spectrograph (HIRAAS)
Author(s): Robert P. McCoy; George R. Carruthers
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Thinned Backside Illuminated CCDs For Ultraviolet Imaging
Author(s): C. Tassin; Y. Thenoz; J. Chabbal
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