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Optical, Infrared, Millimeter Wave Propagation Engineering
Editor(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Walter B. Miller

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Volume Number: 0926
Date Published: 10 August 1988

Table of Contents
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The Significance Of The Class Of K-Distributions
Author(s): Ronald L Phillips; Larry C Andrews
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Phase Models For Weak Fluctuations
Author(s): L C Andrews; R. L. Phillips
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Statistical Properties Of Light Scattered By A Turbulent Layer
Author(s): D L Jordan; E Jakeman; P R Tapster
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Is It Possible To Measure The Scintillation Probability Density Function ?
Author(s): N Ben-Yosef
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Probability Density Function For Estimates Of The Moments Of Laser Scintillation
Author(s): R G. Frehlich; James H Churnside
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Atmospheric Scintillation Measurements With A Transmissometer
Author(s): Vernon Turner; George G Koenig
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Comparison Of Horizontal Scintillation Measurements And Models
Author(s): Robert R Beland; Edmund A Murphy; George G Koenig; Peter J Thomas
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Experimental Validation Of Atmospheric Transmittance Codes
Author(s): A D Devir; A Ben-Shalom; E Trakhovsky; E Raz; M Engel; S G Lipson; U P Oppenheim
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Low-Resolution Molecular Transmission Model For Atmospheric Water Vapor In LOWTRAN
Author(s): Joseph H Pierluissi; Christos E Maragoudakis; Leopoldo A Gemoets
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Characterization Of Atmospheric Effects On Target Contrast
Author(s): Wendell R Watkins; Frank T Kantrowitz; Samuel B Crow
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Infrared- And Millimeter-Wavelength Absorption In The Atmospheric Windows By Water Vapor And Nitrogen: Measurements And Models
Author(s): Michael E Thomas
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Model For Estimating Vertical Extinction Profiles In Low Stratus Subclouds
Author(s): Henry Rachele; Neal Kilmer
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Method For Estimating Potential Temperature Gradient Profiles In Damp Haze
Author(s): Neal Kilmer; Henry Rachele
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Derivation Of Transmittance In A Dust Environment Using Imaging Technology
Author(s): Carlos McDonald; John W Stahoviak; Harold N Ballard; Robert Olsen; Jagir S Randhawa
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The Effect Of Coating Properties On Contrast Radiance Of Camouflaged And Uncamouflaged Tactical Equipment In The 8-12 Micron Waveband
Author(s): Robin-Lynn McClean; Nancy Fontana
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Correlation Between Material Characteristics And Field Effectiveness Of Radar Scattering Camouflage Screens
Author(s): Thomas G Conway; James C Carroll; Grayson W Walker
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Propagation And Scattering Of Narrow Light Beams In Aerosol Media
Author(s): Luc R Bissonnette
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Space-Time Distortion Of Laser Pulses Due To Multiple Scattering In Particulate Media
Author(s): Konrad Altmann
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Pulse Propagation In Discrete Random Media
Author(s): Vasundara V Varadan; Yushieli Ma; Vijay K Varadan
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High-Energy Laser-Assisted Imaging Through Vaporizing Aerosols
Author(s): A Zardecki; S A.W Gerstl
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Probability Density Function Measurements Of Optical Scintillations In The Atmosphere
Author(s): James H Churnside; R G Frehlich
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Prediction Of Effects Of Weather On Image Quality Propagated Through The Atmosphere
Author(s): N S Kopeika; I Kogan; R Yisraeli; I Dinstein
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Modeling Path Radiance Effects From Aerosol Clouds
Author(s): Donald W Hoock
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An Evaluation Of Transmissometer Systems Used To Measure Smoke Screen Performance
Author(s): W.Michael Farmer; Roger E Davis; Michael DeAntonio; Laura Rust
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Determination Of Atmospheric Effects Through Eosael
Author(s): Richard C Shirkey
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Infrared Sea Radiance Modeling Using LOWTRAN 6
Author(s): Fritz G Wollenweber
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A Sky Radiation Model For The Ocean Environment
Author(s): Robert E Turner
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IR Sky Radiance Distributions In The Marine Boundary Layer
Author(s): William J Schade; David B. Law
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On-Board Correction Of Systematic Errors Of Ir Horizon Sensors Due To Seasonal Changes Of Radiance In 15 Microns Band
Author(s): T K Alex; S K Srivastava
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New Method For Image Propagation Through A Turbid Atmosphere: Radiative Image Transfer Theory
Author(s): Robert M Manning
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Estimating Cn2 Over Snow And Sea Ice From Meteorological Quantities
Author(s): Edgar L Andreas
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Description Of Optical Turbulence Effects On Propagation In The Atmospheric Surface Boundary Layer
Author(s): Walter B Miller; Jennifer C Ricklin
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Short Term Prediction Of Optical Turbulence Parameters
Author(s): James H Brown; Neil J Grossbard
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Method To Compute Space-Variant Image Degradation By Atmospheric Turbulence
Author(s): Donald L Durack; Michael K Giles
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A Convolution Model Of Long-Exposure Image Blur Due To Atmospheric Turbulence
Author(s): Michael K Giles; Donald L Durack
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Non-Isoplanatic Effects In Imaging Through Turbulent Media
Author(s): Mark J Beran; Alan M Whitman
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Turbulent Wavefront Sensing And Image Processing
Author(s): G Rousset; J Primot; J C Fontanella
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Comparison Of Two Techniques For Determining Atmospheric Seeing
Author(s): Frank D Eaton; William A Peterson; John R Hines; James J Drexler; Arthur H Waldie; David B Soules
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Anew High Speed Two-Dimensional Ccd Atmospheric Turbulence Monitor
Author(s): A Howard Waldie; David B Soules; James J Drexler; Frank D Eaton; William A Peterson; John R Hines
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An Extended Emissive Source Simulation Model
Author(s): Dorothy Bruce
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Scintillation And Turbulence Measurements; Comparisons Over A Horizontal Path
Author(s): Edmund A Murphy; Robert R Beland; James H Brown; Peter J Thomas
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Characteristics Of Turbulence Measured On A Large Aperture
Author(s): D M Winker; G A Ameer; S L Brown; G C Cochran; R Dueck; D L Fried; D M Lussier; W Moretti; P H Roberts; K E Steinhoff
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Random Apodization Effects On Angle-Of-Arrival Fluctuation Measurements And R0 Computations
Author(s): W R Price
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