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Ocean Optics IX
Editor(s): Marvin A. Blizard

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Volume Number: 0925
Date Published: 12 August 1988

Table of Contents
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Ocean Optics: Introduction And Overview - 1988
Author(s): Marvin A Blizard
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Obtaining Inherent Water Optical Properties From Apparent Water Optical Properties
Author(s): W S Helliwell; S D Gasster
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Finite-Difference Evolution Of A Scattered Laser Pulse In Ocean Water
Author(s): J Tessendorf; C Piotrowski; R L Kelly
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Simulation Of Radiometric Ocean Images Recorded From High-Altitude Platforms
Author(s): J C Erdmann; J M. Saint Clair
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Photothermal Determination Of The Optical Absorption Coefficient Of Pure Water
Author(s): Frank M Sogandares; Edward S Fry
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Radiance Distribution Measurements In Coastal Water
Author(s): Kenneth J Voss
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Characterization Of Downwelling Spectral Irradiance Fluctuations
Author(s): David A Slegel; T D Dickey
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A Moored Instrument To Measure Stimulated And Natural Oceanic Bioluminescence
Author(s): Elijah Swift; Jeffrey Van Keuren; Harold P Batchelder; Charles R Booth; C P Li
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A Model Of The Photosynthetically Available And Usable Irradiance In The Sea
Author(s): Donald J Collins; C.Rockwell Booth; Curtiss O Davis; Dale A Kiefer; Casson Stallings
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Derivative Analysis Of Spectral Absorption By Phytoplankton Pigments
Author(s): Robert R Bidigare; John H Morrow; Dale A Kiefer
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Relationship Between Cross-Sectional Absorption And Chlorophyll Content In Natural Populations Of Marine Phytoplankton
Author(s): Charles S Yentsch; David A Phinney
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Concurrent Particle And Optical Measurements In Western Sargasso Sea
Author(s): Alan D. Weidemann; Dennis M Lavoie; Rudolph Hollman; Michael R Wilcox
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Upwelling Irradiance Distribution Across Frontal Zones And Implications To Ocean Processes
Author(s): Robert A Arnone; Denis A Wiesenburg
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Raman Scattering Effects In Ocean Optics
Author(s): Robert Hans Stavn; Alan Dean Weidemann
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Measurement Of The Absorption Coefficient Of Ocean Water Using Isotropic Illumination
Author(s): Edward S Fry; George W Kattawar
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Autofluorescence And Other Optical Properties As Tools In Biological Oceanography
Author(s): John J Cullen; Clarice M Yentsch; Terry L Cucci; Hugh L MacIntyre
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A Low Power, High Resolution, In Situ Fluorometer For Profiling And Moored Applications In Water
Author(s): Robert Bartz; Richard W Spinrad; James C Kitchen
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Three Color Laser Fluorometer For Studies Of Phytoplankton Fluorescence
Author(s): David A Phinney; C S Yentsch; J Rohrer
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Moorable Spectroradiometers In The BIOWATT Experiment
Author(s): C R Booth; R C Smith
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Spectral Transmissometer And Radiometer: Design And Initial Results
Author(s): Kendall L Carder; Robert G Steward; Thomas G Peacock; Paul R Payne; Wayne Peck
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Measurements Of In Situ Seston Concentrations In Relation To Optical Properties
Author(s): K F Zabloudil; J S Reitzel
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Attenuation And Scattering Meters Designed For Estimating Laser System Performance
Author(s): S Svensson; C Ekstrom; B Ericson; J Lexander
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Optical Bathymetry For The U. S. Navy: A Field Measurement Program
Author(s): Stephen P Haimbach; Hillary C Mesick; H.Jerry Byrnes; G.Daniel Hickman
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Adaptive Estimation Of Water Depth Using Multispectral Remote Sensing
Author(s): Andrew B Martinez; Richard T Joy; Maria K Kalcic; Greg Terrie; Stephen P Haimbach
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Bathymetry Using Thematic Mapper Imagery
Author(s): R.Kent Clark; Temple H Fay; Charles L Walker
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Analysis Of Airborne Laser Hydrography Waveforms
Author(s): Gary C Guenther; Hillary C Mesick
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Digital ABS Laser Sounder Bathymetry
Author(s): T Curran; T Keck; V M Contarino; M M Harris; S P Haimbach
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Fiber Optic Doppler Systems For Remote Sensing Of Fluid Flow.
Author(s): Jacek Jarzynski; Dowon Lee; Joseph Vignola; Yves H Berthelot; Allan D Pierce
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Nonlinear Optoacoustic Underwater Sound Source
Author(s): Nicholas P Chotiros
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Measurement Of Liquid Surface Acoustic Wave Amplitudes Using Hene Laser Homodyne Techniques
Author(s): G D Hickman; Y L Hsu; M S Lee; B S Bourgeois; S T Hsieh; S P Haimbach
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Laser Trolling For The In Situ Characterization Of Marine Hydrosols
Author(s): Christian Jackson; Philip J Wyatt
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Discrimination Of The Absorption Properties Of Marine Particulates Using A Microphotometric Technique
Author(s): R Iturriaga; D A Siegel
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Effects Of Structure On Scattering From Marine Organisms: Rayleigh-Debye And Mie Predictions
Author(s): M S Quinby-Hunt; A J Hunt
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Backscattering Of Laser Light From Freely Rising Spherical And Spheroidal Air Bubbles In Water
Author(s): W.Patrick Arnott; Philip L Marston
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Scattering Of Light By A Coated Bubble In Water Near The Critical And Brewster Scattering Angles
Author(s): Philip L Marston; Stuart C Billette; Cleon E Dean
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Distributions In Phytoplankton Refractive Index And Size Within The North Sea
Author(s): Steven G Ackleson; David B Robins; John A Stephens
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Optically Stimulated Sound From Oil Drops And Gas Bubbles In Water: Thermal And Radiation Pressure Optoacoustic Mechanisms
Author(s): Bruce T Unger; Philip L Marston
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Immobilization Of Unicellular Marine Organisms For Optical Characterization: A New Method
Author(s): K Lofftus; A J Hunt; M S Quinby-Hunt; F Livolant; M F Maestre
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A Model-Based Comparison Of Underwater Imaging Systems
Author(s): Jules S Jaffe; Chris Dunn
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Desian And Preliminary Evaluation Of An Underwater Laser-Based Imaging System
Author(s): Thomas McRae; Thomas Kulp; Darrel Garvis; Randall Kennedy; Tom Salmon
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Experimentally Measured MTF's Associated With Imaging Through Turbid Water
Author(s): N Witherspoon; M Strand; J Holloway Jr.; B Price; D Brown; R Miller; L Estep
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Imaging Of A Bottom Object Through A Wavy Air-Water Interface
Author(s): Paul F Schippnick
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Measured Degradation In Image Quality When Imaging Through A Wavy Air-Water Interface
Author(s): N Witherspoon; J Holloway; D Brown; M Strand; B Price; R Miller; L Estep
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Spatial And Temporal Infrared Radiance Distributions Of Solar Sea Glint
Author(s): D S Fraedrich
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Monte Carlo Calculations Of The Complete Stokes Vector For An Inhomogeneous Atmosphere-Ocean System With A Wind Ruffled Sea
Author(s): George W Kattawar; Charles N Adams; Fred J Tanis
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Remote Sensing Of Ocean Physical Properties: A Comparison Of Raman And Brillouin Techniques
Author(s): Donald A Leonard; Harold E Sweeney
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The Physical Simulation Of Marine Light Fields For Underwater Vision Research
Author(s): William J Stachnik
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Computer Simulation Of Dolphin Vision
Author(s): Andre Rivamonte; A D.G Dral
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Polarization Of Marine Light Fields And Animal Orientation
Author(s): Talbot H Waterman
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