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Optical/Laser Microlithography
Editor(s): Burn Jeng Lin

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Volume Number: 0922
Date Published: 1 January 1988

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Masks For Sub - 0.5µm Optical Lithography
Author(s): Steve K Dunbrack
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Submicrometer Pattern Correction For Optical Lithography
Author(s): Tetsuo Ito; Kazuya Kadota; Hiroshi Fukui; Masaki Nagao; Aritoshi Sugimoto; Masahiro Nozaki; Takeshi Kato
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High-Resolution Imaging Using Focused-Image Holography With Wave-Front Conjugation
Author(s): Ginetto Addiego; William G Oldham
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Use Of Carbonized Photoresist For Optical Mask Repair
Author(s): Michael S. Hibbs; Burn J. Lin; Yuli Vladimirsky
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New Advances In Reticle Qualification Techniques
Author(s): James A. Reynolds; Magnus O.W. Ryde; Henry H. Kim
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Through-The-Lens Automatic Focusing And Leveling In An Advanced Mask Stepper
Author(s): J. H. Burbo
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Image Quality Enhancements For Raster Scan Lithography
Author(s): Michael L. Rieger; James A. Schoeffel; Paul A. Warkentin
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High Precision Alignment Stage For Micro Lithography
Author(s): Takehiko Nomura; Tomoaki Kubo; Ryouichi Suzuki; Satoshi Sekiya; Masashi Kamiya
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Enhanced Global Alignment For Production Optical Lithography
Author(s): Steve Slonaker; Sean McNamara; Kunio Konno; Ron Miller; Nobutaka Magome; Toshikazu Umatate; Hiroki Tateno
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Overlay Tolerances For Vlsi Using Wafer Steppers
Author(s): Harry J. Levinson; Rory Rice
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Overlay Simulator For Wafer Steppers
Author(s): William H. Arnold
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Condenser Aberrations In Kohler Illumination
Author(s): Douglas S. Goodman; Alan E. Rosenbluth
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Understanding Focus Effects In Submicron Optical Lithography
Author(s): Chris A Mack
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Modeling High Numerical Aperture Optical Lithography
Author(s): Michael S Yeung
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Polarization Dependence Of Diffraction By High Resolution Masks
Author(s): William E. Haller; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Resolution And Proximity Effect In Optical Lithography
Author(s): Dietrich Meyerhofer
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Seamless Stitching For Large Area Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Author(s): James P. Rominger
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Characterization Of Voting Suppression Of Optical Defects Through Simulation
Author(s): Kenny K.H. Toh; Chong-Cheng Fu; Kevin L. Zollinger; Andrew R. Neureuther; R. Fabian W. Pease
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The Use Of DRM Method(s) To Establish Wafer Fab Procedures Requiring Dyed Positive Photoresists
Author(s): William F. Cordes III; Theodore A. Martin; Elaine C. Jacovich
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Measuring Photoresist Spectral Response With A Spectrosensitometer
Author(s): Robert M Cogley; Steven E Knight; Thomas J Toomey
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The Use Of A Non-Actinic Dye In A Conventional Positive Photoresist For Improved Target Alignment In The Dark Field Mode
Author(s): David A. Sawoska; Keith D. SanGiacomo; Elaine C. Jacov ich; William F. Cordes III
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New Portable Conformable Mask Method For Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): Minoru Takeda; Toshiro Tsumori
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Optical-Diffraction-Based Modulation Of Photoresist Profile For Microlithography Applications. The "Optical" Tapering Of Contacts And Vias.
Author(s): Marco I. Buraschi; Laura Bacci; Giorgio De Santi
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Subhalfmicronic Contact Printing Lithography Using A Microwave Powered Deep UV Source
Author(s): Andre P. Weill; Jean-Marc Francou; Jean-Pierre Panabiere
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Simulation Of Proximity Printing
Author(s): K. I. Arshak; N. N. Kundu; S. N. Gupta
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Single-Step, Positive-Tone, Lift-Off Process Using AZ 5214-E Resist
Author(s): D. R. Dunbobbin; J. Faguet
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The Paths To Subhalf-Micrometer Optical Lithography
Author(s): Burn J. Lin
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The Optical Stepper With A High Numerical Aperture I-Line Lens And A Field-By-Field Leveling System
Author(s): Kyoichi Suwa; Kazuo Ushida
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Resolution And Overlay Of Submicron I-Line Wafer Steppers
Author(s): James Greeneich; Steve Wittekoek; Martin van den Brink; Barton Katz; Jos Coolsen
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The Future Of Projection Lenses And The New G-Line Lens For 0.7 µm Lithography
Author(s): Masakatsu Ohta; Toshiyuki Kojima; Chiaki Sato; Tohru Ogawa; Miyoko Noguchi
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Routes To Half-Micron Lithography
Author(s): Setha G. Olson; John H. Bruning; Michael C. King
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Submicron Imaging Capabilities Of A 0.40 na Broadband Optical System
Author(s): H. M. Nishimoto; E. Tai; R. J. Naber; J. F. Chen; A. Nalamwar
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New 5X i-Line Projection Aligner For VLSI Fabrication
Author(s): Shuji Sugiyama; Tsutomu Tawa; Yoshitada Oshida; Toshiei Kurosaki; Fumio Mizuno
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High-Resolution Imagery: The Matching Of Optical And Resist Systems In The Mid-UV
Author(s): H. Sewell; I. Friedman
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0.5µm Lithography Using A G-Line Stepper With A 0.6 Numerical Aperture Lens.
Author(s): Kouhei Eguchi; Shin-ichi Miyazaki; Chizuko Takai; Toru Suganuma
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A Submicron Lithography Process Using Philips I-Line Stepper
Author(s): Guido van der Looij; Venkat Nagaswami; Peter Baltussen; Peter Hartog; Rene Vervoordeldonk; Joost Moonen
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Analysis Of A Submicron I-Line Pilot Process
Author(s): Atul Goel
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A Stepper Image Monitor For Precise Setup And Characterization
Author(s): T. A. Brunner; S. Cheng; A. E. Norton
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Bench Evaluation Of Lithographic Lenses From Measurements Of The Point Spread Function
Author(s): Norman Bobroff; Petra Fadi; Alan E. Rosenbluth; Douglas S. Goodman
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Characterization Of A Submicron Image Reversal Process
Author(s): E. W. Balch; S. E. Weaver; R. J. Saia
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Performance Of A KrF Excimer Laser Stepper
Author(s): Roger W. McCleary; Paul J. Tompkins; Michael D. Dunn; Kenneth F. Walsh; John F. Conway; Ronald P. Mueller
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An Advanced KrF Excimer Laser Stepper For Production Of 16MDRAMs
Author(s): Hideo Nakagawa; Masaru Sasago; Masayuki Endo; Yushihiko Hirai; Kazufumi Ogawa
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Excimer Laser Photolithography With 1:1 Wynne-Dyson Optics
Author(s): F. N. Goodall; R. A. Lawes
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Optical Pattern Generator Using Excimer Laser
Author(s): Bernhard F. Hafner
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Combination Of Narrow Bandwidth Excimer Laser And Monochromatic Reduction Projection Lens
Author(s): K. Kajiyama; K. Saito; N. Moro; Y. Maeda; H. Natsuaki
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Exposure Dose Control Techniques For Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): David H. Tracy; Fred Y. Wu
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Effect Of Temporal And Spatial Coherence Of Light Source On Patterning Characteristics In KrF Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): Yoshiharu Ozaki; Kiichi Takamoto; Akira Yoshikawa
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Computerized Wavelength Stabilized 248.4 Nm Excimer Laser For Stepper
Author(s): B. Ruckle; P. Lokai; H. Rosenkranz; B. Nikolaus; H. J. Kahlert; B. Burghardt; D. Basting; W. Muckenheim
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The Design Of Excimer Lasers For Use In Microlithography
Author(s): T. A. Znotins; T. J. McKee; S. J. Gutz; K. O. Tan; W. B. Norris
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Chromium Mask Damage In Excimer Laser Projection Processing
Author(s): J. T.C. Yeh
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Excimer Projection Lithography At 193-nm Wavelength
Author(s): M. Rothschild; D. J. Ehrlich
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A Compact Optical Imaging System For Resist Process And Lithography Research
Author(s): John H. Bruning; William Oldham
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Sub-Micron Lithography At 248nm And 193nm Excimer Laser Wavelengths
Author(s): David J. Elliott; David C. Ferranti
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