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Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control II
Editor(s): Kevin M. Monahan

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Volume Number: 0921
Date Published: 1 January 1988

Table of Contents
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Technologies For Automated In-Process E-Beam Metrology
Author(s): Israel Nadler-Niv; Uriel Halavee
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Linewidth Measurement By Low Voltage SEM
Author(s): Bhanwar Singh; William H Arnold
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Recent Results From A High Thruput, In-Line Metrology SEM
Author(s): Karl L Harris; Sakae Miyauchi; Takao Namae
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A New Approach To Image Modeling And Edge Detection In The SEM
Author(s): D. Nyyssonen
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SCM Simulation Of Secondary Electron Signals Detected By MCP
Author(s): Ryoh Mimura; Atsushi Yamada; Ryuso Aihara; Mike Hassel Shearer; William Thompson
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Stepper Lens Characterization Using A Field Emission SEM
Author(s): Mike Tipton; Marylyn Hoy Bennett; Jim Pollard; Jack Smith; Ricky Jackson
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Particle Detection By Low Voltage SEM
Author(s): Paul Buysse; Fedor Coopmans
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Laser Scanning Optical Inspection And Metrology
Author(s): R. W. Wijnaendts-van-Resandt; Th. Zapf; M. Fangerau; R. Piepenstock
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Confocal Optical Metrology At 325nm
Author(s): Simon D. Bennett; Eric A. Peltzer; Joan McCall; Richard DeRosa; Ian R. Smith
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Optical Measurement Of Half Micron Critical Dimensions
Author(s): M. Hamashima; K. Kato; T. Ishizeki
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First Results Of A Product Utilizing Coherence Probe Imaging For Wafer Inspection
Author(s): Mark Davidson; Kalman Kaufman; Isaac Mazor
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New Types Of Scanning Optical Microscopes
Author(s): G. S. Kino; T. R. Corle; G. Q. Xiao
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Phase Detection Using Scanning Optical Microscopy
Author(s): Jozef P.H Benschop
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An Improved Fluorescence Technique For Optical Measurements Below One Micron
Author(s): Stephen Williams; Vincent Coates; Roger Ingalls
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Scan Speed Effects In Optical Beam Induced Current Imaging
Author(s): P. D. Pester; T. Wilson
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Metrology With An Atomic Force Microscope
Author(s): P. C.D. Hobbs; H. K. Wickramasinghe
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A New Reticle Set For Electrical Measurement Of Resolution, Proximity, Topography, Sidewall Spacer, And Stacked-Gate Structures
Author(s): W. L. Stevenson
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Electrical Measurement Of Submicrometer Contact Holes
Author(s): B. J. Lin; J. A. Underhill; D. Sundling; B. Peck
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Nanometrology And Super-Resolution Imaging Of Oxide Isolation Structures Using A Confocal Scanning Laser Microscope
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; James Chen
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Matching Performance For Multiple Wafer Steppers Using An Advanced Metrology Procedure
Author(s): M. A. van den Brink; C. G.M. de Mol; R. A. George
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Enhancement Of Optical Registration Signals Through Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Author(s): Daniel R. Cote; Jeanne Lazo-Wasem
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Analysis Of Overlay Distortion Patterns
Author(s): John D. Armitage Jr.; Joseph P. Kirk
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A Defect Reduction Methodology For Increased Sort Yield Using Automated Defect Inspection
Author(s): Christopher Radin
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Automated Defect Inspection: A Valuable Tool For Proactive Defect Control
Author(s): Michael Cherniawski; Kam-shui Chan
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Background Defect Density Reduction Using Automated Defect Inspection And Analysis
Author(s): Steven C. Weirauch
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Various Applications Of An Automated Wafer Inspection System In VLSI Manufacturing
Author(s): Kimihiro Matsuda; Isamu Takashima; Yasuo Aoki; Junichi Araki
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Dynamic Statistical Process Control
Author(s): Rahman Azari; Fred Khorasani; Cynthia Bickerstaff
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Reduction Of Critical Dimension Variability In A High Mix Environment
Author(s): James L. McNamara
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Characterization Of Process Variability Using Robust Data Summaries
Author(s): Michael S. Mahaney; G. Rex Bryce
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Statistical Design Approach To Optimized Submicron Lithography
Author(s): R. M. Lazarus; K. C. Peterson; K. A. Fischbach; L. D.H. Christensen
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Photolithography Expert Systems At National Semiconductor
Author(s): Pilla A. Leitner; Robert L. Brown
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A Precise Metrology Tool For Stepper Characterization And Monitor In The One Micron Or Sub-Micron Lithographic Environments
Author(s): Shaunee Cheng; Michael A Lutz
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Characterization Of Submicron Contact Holes Reproduced In Thick Resist By High Numerical Aperture Lenses
Author(s): Wei Lee; John T. Lyon; John H. McCoy; Gil L. Varnell
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Improvements In Photolithography Performance By Controlled Baking
Author(s): Oscar D. Crisalle; Cynthia L. Bickerstaff; Dale E. Seborg; Duncan A. Mellichamp
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An Experimental Method For The Minimization Of Linewidth Variation In Photoresist Patterns Over Polysilicon Topography
Author(s): John S. Petersen; Daniel J.C. Herr; Marvin A Lutz; John L Bontrager
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Strategy For Yield Control And Enhancement In VLSI Wafer Manufacturing
Author(s): B. Neilson; D. Rickey; R. P. Bane
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Automated Data Acquisition For Reduction Stepper Maintenance Control
Author(s): W. Stevenson; J. Lin; M. Zarringhalam; S. Hoeker; S. Lyle; J. Hughes
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Submicron Resolution Automated Track Development Processes, Part 1: Static Puddle Development
Author(s): Michael K. Templeton; James B. Wickman; Ronald L. Fischer Jr.
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Performance Characteristics Of An Automatic Wafer Measurement Station For Wafer Lots
Author(s): R. Eandi; D. Gruebner; W. Hunn
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Reliable Automatic Measurements Of Critical Dimensions Using S.E.M.
Author(s): Herve Martin; Daniel Burlet; Jean Luc Bataillon; Bruno Latombe
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Scanning Color Laser Microscope
Author(s): D. Awamura; T. Ode; M. Yonezawa
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A New Line Width Standard For Reflected Light Inspection
Author(s): Robert Monteverde; Diana Nyyssonen
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Displacement Measurement Repeatability In Tens Of Nanometers With Laser Interferometry
Author(s): Charles R Steinmetz
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An Electrical Test Structure For Routine 10Nm Reticle Overlay.
Author(s): C. M. Cork; E. G. Dobson
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Defect Detection And Classification Using The Euler Number
Author(s): Soo-Ik Chae; James T. Walker; Chong-Cheng Fu; R. Fabian Pease
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An Improved SEM Technique For Accurate Determination Of MOSFET Channel Length
Author(s): Martin P. Karnett; Robert E. Dunham
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Photospeed Quality Control In Photoresist Manufacturing
Author(s): Jeffrey K. Hecht; Barbara J. Brown; Edward J. Reardon
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