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Advances in Resist Technology and Processing V
Editor(s): Scott A. MacDonald

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Volume Number: 0920
Date Published: 1 January 1988

Table of Contents
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Zero-Misalignment Lithographic Process Using A Photoresist With Wavelength-Selected Tone
Author(s): William D. Hinsberg; Scott A. MacDonald; Lester A. Pederson; C. Grant Willson
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Heat Developable Resist For Multilayer Resist Technology
Author(s): Alfred Steinmann
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MID UV Resist Materials Containing Pyridinium Ylides
Author(s): Reinhold Schwalm; Andreas Bottcher; Horst Koch
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Negative Bleaching Photoresist (BLEST) For Mid-UV Exposure
Author(s): Minoru Toriumi; Takumi Ueno; Takao Iwayanagi; Michiaki Hashimoto; Noboru Moriuchi; Sei-ichiro Shirai
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Aqueous Base Developable Deep UV Resist Systems Based On Novel Monomeric And Polymeric Dissolution Inhibitors
Author(s): Hiroshi Ito
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Mid-UV Photoresists Combining Chemical Amplification And Dissolution Inhibition
Author(s): Michael J. O'Brien; James V. Crivello
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New 2-Diazocyclohexane-1,3-Dione Photoactive Compounds For Deep U.V. Lithography
Author(s): George Schwartzkopf
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Novolac Based Deep-UV Resists
Author(s): Dennis R. McKean; Scott A. MacDonald; Nicholas J. Clecak; C. Grant Willson
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An Evaluation Of Nitrobenzyl Ester Chemistry For Chemical Amplification Resists
Author(s): F. M. Houlihan; A. Shugard; R. Gooden; E. Reichmanis
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Contrast Enhancement Materials For Mid-Uv Applications
Author(s): Paul R. West; Gary C. Davis; Karen A. Regh
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Cel Resist Processing For Submicron CMOS And Bipolar Circuits
Author(s): K. E. Petrillo; M. J. Smyth; D. R. Hall
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I-Line Lithography Using A New Water-Soluble Contrast Enhancing Material
Author(s): Masayuki Endo; Masaru Sasago; Yoshihiko Hirai; Kazufumi Ogawa; Takeshi Ishihara
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Photobleachable Diazonium Salt-Phenolic Resin Two-Layer Resist System
Author(s): Shou-ichi Uchino; Takao Iwayanagi; Michiaki Hashimoto
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Effects Of Ion Bombardment In Oxygen Plasma Etching
Author(s): M. A. Hartney; W. M. Greene; D. S. Soane; D. W. Hess
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Thermal Crosslinking By Unexposed Naphthoquinone Diazides As Diffusion Inhibition Mechanism In The DESIRE Process
Author(s): B. Roland; J. Vandendriessche; R. Lombaerts; B. Denturck; C. Jakus
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Aqueous Developable, Negative Working Resist Made Of Chlorinated Novolac Resin
Author(s): H. Hiraoka; A. Patlach; Kaolin N. Chiong; Daniel Seligson; Piero Pianetta
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"Masking Effect" And "Internal CEL" New Design Concepts For A Positive Working Photoresist
Author(s): Konoe Miura; Tameichi Ochiai; Yasuhiro Kameyama; Chie Kashi; Shigeo Uoya; Masayuki Nakajima; Akira Kawai; Shinji Kishimura
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Photophysical Investigations Of Spin Cast Novolac Films
Author(s): Laura L. Kosbar; Curtis W. Frank
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High Resolution Imaging Over Severe Metal Topography Using Dyed Image Reversal Resist
Author(s): Giorgio A. L. M Degiorgis; Mauro G. G Calzavara
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Effect Of Developer Type And Agitation On Dissolution Of Positive Photoresist
Author(s): Cynthia Zee; W. R. Bell; A. R. Neureuther
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Evaluation Of An Organosilicon Photoresist For Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): Janet C. McFarland; Kevin J. Orvek; Gary A. Ditmer
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A Novel Silicon-Containing Resist For A Bi-Layer Resist System
Author(s): Tsutomu Noguchi; Keiichi Nito; Jun'etsu Seto; Izumi Hata; Hiroshi Sato; Toshirou Tsumori
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Study Of The Reaction Kinetics Of The Photoresist Aging Process
Author(s): Thiloma Perera; Michael P. C. Watts
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Characterization And Modeling Of High Resolution Positive Photoresists
Author(s): Takeshi Ohfuji; KOji Yamanaka; Mitsuru Sakamoto
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Ladder Structure Silicone Resist PVSS
Author(s): Kazumasa Saito; Shoji Shiba; Keiji Watanabe; Yasuhiro Yoneda
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Examination Of The Mechanism Of The Post Exposure Bake Effect
Author(s): P. Trefonas III; B. K. Daniels; M. J. Eller; A. Zampini
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A Novel Dry Develop Method Of Photoresist - "Unzipping Development" By Flood UV Irradiation
Author(s): Hayato Katsuragi; Masao Miyazaki; Norio Ishikawa; Kiyoto Mori; Hitomi Yamada; Shinzo Morita; Shuzo Hattori
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Thermal Processing Of Resist Materials: A Kinetic Approach
Author(s): David H. Ziger; Gary L. Wolk
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Submicron Optical Lithography Using Contrast Enhanced Material With Diazonium Salt As A Photobleachable Material
Author(s): Ikuo Sakurai; Masaaki Todoko; Masazumi Hasegawa
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Preliminary Performance Characterization Of The DESIRE Process
Author(s): Cesar M. Garza
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Chemical And Physical Aspects Of Multilayer Resist Processing
Author(s): J. Paraszczak; E. Babich; J. Heidenreich; R. McGouey; L. Ferreiro; N. Chou; M. Hatzakis
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Experimental Tests Of The Steady-State Model For Oxygen Reactive Ion Etching Of Silicon-Containing Polymers
Author(s): Charles W. Jurgensen; Ann Shugard; Nancy Dudash; Elsa Reichmanis; Michael J. Vasile
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Silicon-Added Bilayer Resist (SABRE) System
Author(s): William C. McColgin; Robert C. Daly; Joseph Jech Jr.; Thomas B. Brust
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Alkali-Developable Organosilicon Positive Photoresist(OSPR)
Author(s): Hisashi Sugiyama; Takashi Inoue; Akiko Mizushima; Kazuo Nate
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Lithographic, Photochemical And O[sub]2[/sub] RIE Properties Of Three Polysilane Copolymers
Author(s): Gary N. Taylor; Molly Y. Hellman; Thomas M. Wolf; John M. Zeigler
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A New Silicone-Based Positive Photoresist (SPP) For A Two-Layer Resist System
Author(s): Saburo Imamura; Akinobu Tanaka; Katsuhide Onose
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Characterization Of Conditions Required To Implement Submicron Processes Over Topography Using Dry Develop Method(S)
Author(s): Allen C. Spencer; John J. Grunwald; William F. Cordes III; William Moffatt; Ian Latchford; Tso-Ping Ma; Bomy Chen
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Fundamentals Of Topographic Substrate Leveling
Author(s): L. E. Stillwagon; R. G. Larson
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Resist Dissolution Kinetics And Submicron Process Control
Author(s): Cesar M. Garza; Charles R. Szmanda; Ronald L. Fischer Jr.
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Novolacs With Alternating P-Cresol & Polyhydroxyphenyl Monomer Units: Developer Cationic Effects And Thermal Properties
Author(s): Andrew J. Blakeney; Alfred T. Jeffries III; John J. Wehrle; Wesley M. Gardner
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Novolak Design For High Resolution Positive Photoresists(II): Stone Wall Model For Positive Photoresist Development
Author(s): M. Hanabata; Y. Uetani; A. Furuta
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Design Of A Positive Photoresist For Submicron Imaging Assisted By SAMPLE Simulation
Author(s): T. Kokubo; Y. Idemoto; Y. Kawabe; K. Uenishi
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Thermally Induced And Base Catalyzed Reactions Of Naphthoquinone Diazides
Author(s): Mitsunobu Koshiba; Makoto Murata; Mariko Matsui; Yoshiyuki Harita
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Chemical Reactions Induced By Soft X-Ray And E-Beam Exposure Of Novolac-Based Resists
Author(s): Derrick C. Mancini; James W. Taylor; T. V. Jayaraman; Richard J. West
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Determination Of Quantitative Resist Models From Experiment
Author(s): William R. Bell II; Philip D. Flanner III; Cynthia Zee; Nelson Tam; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Comparison Of Modeling And Experimental Results In Contrast Enhancement Lithography
Author(s): Tom Brown; Chris A. Mack
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Photoresist As It's Own Process Monitor
Author(s): M. P. C. Watts; T. Perrera; B. Ozarski; D. Meyers; R. Tan
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Studies Of Ultrathin Polymer Films For Lithographic Applications
Author(s): S. W. J. Kuan; C. C. Fu; R. F. W. Pease; C. W. Frank
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Optical Lithography For Half-Micron And Sub-Half-Micron Resolution
Author(s): F. A. Vollenbroek; M. J. H. J. Geomini
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Comparison Of Several Resist Linewidth Fluctuation Reduction Methods From Production Viewpoints
Author(s): Takeo Hashimoto; Hiroshi Yamanaka; Teruo Iino; Sakari Takahashi
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Evaluation Of Multilayer Resists For Submicron Technology
Author(s): Christoph Nolscher; Gunter Czech; Jurgen Karl; Klaus Koller
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