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Pulse Single-Frequency Lasers: Technology and Applications
Editor(s): William K. Bischel; Larry A. Rahn

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Volume Number: 0912
Date Published: 22 June 1988

Table of Contents
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Polarization Effects In Laser-Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers
Author(s): Peter Esherick; Adelbert Owyoung
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Characteristics And Reliability Of High Power Laser Diodes For Solid-State Lasers Pumping
Author(s): Takayoshi Mamine; Kazuo Honda; Nozomu Yamaguchi; Masaaki Ayabe; Osamu Yoneyama
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Monolithic Nonplanar Ring Lasers: Resistance To Optical Feedback
Author(s): Alan C Nilsson; Thomas J Kane; Robert L Byer
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Frequency Stability Of Diode-Pumped Single-Mode Oscillators
Author(s): Thomas J Kane
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Injection Seeding Of A Nd:YAG Laser Utilizing A Radially Variable Reflectivity Output Coupler
Author(s): A Caprara; S Butcher; R Aubert
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High-Power 80-Ns Transform-Limited Nd:YAG Laser
Author(s): Mark J Dyer; William K Bischel; David G Scerbak
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Effects Of A Single Axial Mode Pulsed Nd:YAG Pump Source On Wavelength Extending Accessories
Author(s): Bryce E Perry; Jan-Willem J Pieterse; Mark A Enright; Larry R Wolford; Bert C Johnson
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A Line-Narrowed, Blue Solid State Laser For Narrow Band Optical Filter Diagnostics
Author(s): Thomas A Driscoll
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OPO Performance With A Long Pulse Length, Single Frequency Nd:YAG Laser Pump
Author(s): W J Kozlovsky; E K Gustafson; R C Eckardt; R L Byer
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Excimer Pumped Pulsed Tunable Dye Laser
Author(s): Michael G Littman
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Quenched-Laser Operation Of A Littman Dye Oscillator
Author(s): T D Raymond; C Reiser; P Esherick; R B Michie
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Sideband Generation In Saturated Pulsed Dye Amplifiers With Multiple Cw Single Mode Injection
Author(s): B Comaskey; T Daily; C Haynam; J Morris; J Paisner; R Young
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Injection-Locked Flashlamp-Pumped Dye Lasers Of Very Narrow Linewidth
Author(s): Jean P Boquillon
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Single-Frequency Dye Laser With 50 Ns Pulse Duration
Author(s): D Basting; B Burghardt; P Lokai; W Muckenheim; Zs. Bor
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Narrowband Tunable VUV Radiation Generated By Frequency Mixing With Pulsed Single-Frequency Lasers
Author(s): G Hilber; A Lago; R Wallenstein
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Coherent VUV Source At 130 nm: Theory And Modeling
Author(s): A V Smith; G R Hadley; W J Alford
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Coherent VUV Laser At 130nm: Experiment
Author(s): C H Muller III; D D Lowenthal; M A DeFaccio; M Cimolino; J P Hauck
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Production Of Intense, Coherent, Tunable, Narrow-Band Lyman-Alpha Radiation
Author(s): R S Turley; R A McFarlane; J Remillard; D G Steel
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Pulse-Train Amplification Of Subnanosecond Near-Transform-Limited KRF Laser Pulses
Author(s): T D Raymond; C Reiser; R G Adams; R B Michie; C Woods
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A High Energy Narrowband XeCl Laser
Author(s): Cheryl J White; Douglas Weidenheimer; Timothy L Boyd; Richard M Kremer; Kenneth Y Tang; Robert B Michie; John W Keto
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Precise Two And Three-Photon Spectroscopy Of H[sub]2[/sub]
Author(s): E E Eyler
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Measurement Of Two-Photon Absorption Cross Sections In Atomic 0 At 226 nm: Single-Frequency Versus Multimode Lasers
Author(s): Douglas J Bamford; William K Bischel; Albert P Hickman; Mark J Dyer
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XUV Source For Ultra-High Resolution Spectroscopy
Author(s): E Cromwell; A H Kung; T Trickl; Y T Lee
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Stark Level-Crossing Spectroscopy Of Highly Vibrationally Excited Molecules
Author(s): William F Polik; Dean R Guyer; C.Bradley Moore
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High Resolution Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) Of O[sub]2[/sub] And CO[sub]2[/sub]
Author(s): Jean P Boquillon
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High Resolution Inverse Raman Spectroscopy Of The CO Q Branch
Author(s): G J Rosasco; L A Rahn; W S Hurst; R E Palmer; J P Looney; J W Hahn
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Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) And Raman Pumping Lineshapes In High Fields
Author(s): R B Miles; J J Connors; E C Markovitz; G J Roth
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UV Generation Using Multiwave Raman Mixing In H[sub]2[/sub] With Single-Frequency Lasers
Author(s): William K Bischel; Douglas J Bamford; Mark J Dyer
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Measurement Of Atomic Oscillator Strengths Using Pulsed Single-Frequency Dye Lasers
Author(s): C Haynam; B Comaskey; M Johnson; J Paisner; E Worden
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Permanent-Magnet Faraday Isolators For Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Applications
Author(s): R L Schmitt; L A Rahn
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Modern Pulsed Wavemeters
Author(s): Christopher Reiser
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Laser Mode Beating Effects In Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): L P Schelonka
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A Precision Pulsed UV Wavemeter
Author(s): Cheryl J White; Timothy L Boyd; Robert B Michie; John W Keto
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