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Fluorescence Detection II
Editor(s): E. Roland Menzel

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Volume Number: 0910
Date Published: 27 April 1988

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Fluorescence In The IR
Author(s): Ray Kaminski; Karen Rubelowsky
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Time-Resolved Fluorescence From Dispersed Organic Material Of Permian Basin Shales By Picosecond Laser Microscopy
Author(s): M W Pleil; C R Landis; W L Borst
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Photon-Emission From Peeling Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Author(s): J T Dickinson
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Fluorescence Microscopy Of Lipid Monomolecular Interface Layers
Author(s): Mathias Losche
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Luminescence Studies Of Energy Transfer, Relaxation, And Aggregation In Molecularly Doped Polymer Films
Author(s): David M Hanson
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Polymer Blend Characterization By Fluorescence Detection Of Electronic Excitation Transport
Author(s): K A Peterson; M D Payer
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Fluorescence And Alternative Methods In Urine Drug Testing
Author(s): Naresh C Jain
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Fluorescence Detection In Electrophoresis
Author(s): Susan Swarner
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Fluorescence In Blood Stain Detection
Author(s): Curtis L Heye; John I Thornton
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Laser Detection Of Latent Fingerprints: Tris(2,2'-Bipyridyl)Ruthenium(II) Chloride Hexahydrate As A Staining Dye For Time-Resolved Imaging
Author(s): E R Menzel
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Multidimensional Fluorescence Detected Circular Dichroism Quenching Of Bilirubin Albumin Complexes
Author(s): Mark P Thomas; Gabor Patonay; Isiah M Warner
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Spectral Hole Burning And Hologram Storage
Author(s): Urs P Wild; Alois Renn
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Simultaneous Enhancement Of Fluorescence And Thermal Lensing By Reversed Micelles
Author(s): Chieu D Tran
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Spectral Fingerprinting Using Phase-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Author(s): Linda B McGown; Deborah S Kreiss
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Investigation Of Inhomogeneous Luminescence Spectra By Total
Author(s): G W Suter; E C Meister; U P Wild
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Immunofluorescence Detection For Fiber Optics Chemical And Biological Sensors
Author(s): T Vo -Dinh; B J Tromberg; M J Sepaniak; G D Griffin; K R Ambrose; R M Santella
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Chelating Fluorogenic Surfactants For The Trace Detection Of Metals
Author(s): Purnendu K Dasgupta; Samir K Roy
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Fluorescence Spectrometry Of Very Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Author(s): J C Fetzer; W R Biggs; T C Sinclair
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Some Studies In Solid Matrices And Facile Micellar Luminescence
Author(s): Syang Y Su; William J Long; Andrae K Spencer; Tae J Chung
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Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection Using The Sheath-Flow Cuvette For Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
Author(s): Yung-Fong Cheng; Norman J Dovichi
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Miniature Laser Fluorescence Detector For Capillary Liquid Chromatography
Author(s): Dennis C Shelly; Thomas J Edkins
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Subpicosecond Fluorescence Measurements - Applications In Chemistry.
Author(s): Paul F Barbara; Tai Jong Kang; Wtodzimierz Jarzeba; Michael Kahlow
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Application Of A Time-Correlated Photon Counting Technique To Picosecond Exciton Spectroscopy
Author(s): Atsuo Matsui; Ken-ichi Mizuno; Naoto Tamai; Iwao Yamazaki
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Molecular Level Laser Studies Of Condensed Phase Chemistry (The Interface Between Moleculodynamics And Hydrodynamics)
Author(s): J Lee; S.-B Zhu; G W Robinson
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Role Of Torsional Dynamics In The Photophysics Of Xanthene Dyes
Author(s): Kelly G Casey; Edward L Quitevis
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Picosecond Time-Resolved Fluorescence: Application To The Study Of Conformational Changes Of Excited States In Solutions Of Organic Compounds
Author(s): Claude Rulliere; Eric Gilabert; Alain Declemy
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Picosecond Fluorescence Dynamics Of P-Dimethylaminobenzonitrile In Alcohol Solution
Author(s): Shyh-Gang Su; John D Simon
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Error Analysis Of Phase Resolution Methods For Elimination Of Quenching Effects In Luminescence Spectroscopy
Author(s): J N Demas
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Photoconductivity Studies In Organic Materials By Electric Field Modulated Fluorescence
Author(s): Zoran D Popovic; Ah-Mee Hor
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Designing Energy Migration Barriers Into Transition-Metal Complexes
Author(s): G A Crosby; K J Jordan; G R Gamble
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Delayed Fluorescence And Triplet-Triplet Annihilation In A Diplatinate(II) Pyrophosphite Complex
Author(s): Tohru Azumi; Yuki Tanaka
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Delayed Fluorescence, Reaction Kinetics And Organic Materials
Author(s): Raoul Kopelman
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Kinetic And Spectroscopic Probes To Evaluate The Dimensionality Of Triplet Exciton Migration In Polymeric Systems
Author(s): Richard D Burkhart; Thomas K.S Siu
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Luminescence Decay As A Probe Of Exciton Motion In One-Dimensional Crystals
Author(s): Gary L McPherson; Waldo J Rodriguez; Timothy Vanoy; Yan Yin
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Fluorescence Spectrum Of Rhodamine 6G Under Shock Compression
Author(s): P D Horn; Y M Gupta
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Measurement Of Polarized Emission And Excitation Spectra Of Luminescence From Homogeneous Solution
Author(s): Okiyasu Shimizu
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Spectroscopy Of Tryptophan Derivatives In Supersonic Expansions: Addition Of Solvent Molecules
Author(s): Mark Sulkes; Jeffrey Sipior
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