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Laser Interaction with Tissue
Editor(s): Michael W. Berns

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Volume Number: 0908
Date Published: 3 June 1988

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Laser Vascular Welding
Author(s): Rodney A White; George Kopchok; Geoffrey H White
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Increased Wound-Healing Rate In Pig Skin Treated By Helium-Neon Laser.
Author(s): R.Patrick Abergel; Edward Glassberg; Jouni Uitto
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Analysis Of Light Distribution In Tissue
Author(s): M J.C van Gemert; S L Jacques; H J.C.M Sterenborg; W M Star; A J Welch
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Hybrid Monte Carlo - Diffusion Theory Modelling Of Light Distributions In Tissue.
Author(s): Stephen T Flock; Brian C Wilson; Michael S Patterson
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Optical Properties Of Human Aorta During Low Power Argon Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Scott A Prahl; Wai Fung Cheong; Gilwon Yoon; A J Welch
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Chemical Laser Interactions With Human Cardiovascular Tissues
Author(s): M P Sartori; P D Henry; G. L Valderrama; R F Menefee; B D Krenek; L G Fredin; M J Berry
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Mathematical Model And Experimental Studies For Laser Ablation Of Arterial Plaque
Author(s): Diana Decker; Douglas A Christensen; William Mackie; Jolene Fox; Michael Johnson; G.Michael Vincent
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Chemical By-Products Produced By CO2 And Nd:YAG Laser Interaction With Tissue
Author(s): John M Kokosa; Daryl J Doyle
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Interaction Of Ultraviolet Laser Radiation With Corneal Tissue
Author(s): R Srinivasan
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Corneal Healing After Excimer Laser Surface Ablation
Author(s): Neal L Burstein; Ronald N Caster; Perry S Binder; Michael W Berns; Roy C McCord
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Fluorescence Spectra Of Corneal Tissue Under Excimer Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Thomas R Loree; Tamara M Johnson; Brian S Birmingham; Roy C McCord
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Excimer Laser Application For Cataract Surgery
Author(s): Patricia E Bath; Gerhard Mueller; David J Apple; Norbert Muller Stolzenburg
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The Auantitative Dynamics Of Corneal Excimer Laser Excisions
Author(s): Patricia E Bath; Carol F Boerner; Daniele Aron-Rosa; Gerhardt Mueller; Norbert Mueller-Stolzenburg
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Beam Delivery System For UV Laser Ablation Of The Cornea
Author(s): P R Yoder Jr.; W B Telfair; J W Warner; C A Martin; P S Bennett
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Corneal Sculpting Using An Excimer Laser Delivery System
Author(s): C A Martin; R DelPero; J W Warner; P R Yoder Jr.
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Propagation Of Light In Tissue For Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): A E Profio; T F Khoury
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In Vivo Light Dosimetry In Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): I Driver; J W Feather; P R King; D Gilson; D V Ash; B Dixon
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Mapping Bronchial Carcinoma In Situ Lung Cancer Lesions By Combined Imaging Fluorescence Bronchoscopy And Ratioing Fluorometer Probe
Author(s): Oscar J Balchum; A.Edward Profio; Nickolas J Razum
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New Photosensitizers For Photodynamic Therapy Of Transplantable And Spontaneous Animal Tumors
Author(s): Steven H Selnan; Andrew J Milligan; Ahmed El -Taki; Rick W Keck; Greta M Garbo; Martha Kreimer-Birnbaum; Alan R Morgan
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Photodismutation Of Fe(III)µ-Oxo Tetraphenylporphyrin
Author(s): K D Straub; Chris Guest; P M Rentzepis
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Photodynamic Therapy Alone Or In Conjunction With Near-Infrared Light-Induced Hyperthermia In Human Malignant Tumors. A Methodological Case Study
Author(s): S Andersson-Engels; J Johansson; D Killander; E Kjellen; M Oliva; L O Svaasand; K Svanberg; S Svanberg
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Simultaneous Tissue Identification And Ablation With Excimer Laser
Author(s): Kristian Hohla; Gunther Laufer; Gregor Wollenek; Reinhard Horvat; Heinz-Werner Henke; Martin Buchelt; Gabriele Wuzi; Ernst Wolner
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"Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers At 2 And 3 µm"
Author(s): Leon Esterowitz
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Ablation And Acoustic Response Of Pulsed Laser Irradiated Vascular Tissue In Liquid
Author(s): F W Cross; R K Al-Dhahir; P E Dyer
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Tissue Heating With A Pulsed Nd-YAG Laser
Author(s): Leonard I Grossweiner; Anan M Al-Karmi
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Morphological Peculiarities Of Laser Surgical Wounds
Author(s): Vladimir I Yeliseenko
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Low Power Laser Stimulation Of Biochemical Processes
Author(s): Robert F Labbe; Rebecca L Rettmer; Holly Davis
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The Application Of Excimer Lasers To Peripheral Nerve Repair
Author(s): Peter Thomas; Karen M Ness; Tony Raven; John Marshall; Steve Rothery
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