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Optical Storage Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Donald B. Carlin; Albert A. Jamberdino; Yoshito Tsunoda

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Volume Number: 0899
Date Published: 2 June 1988

Table of Contents
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DuraSTORE - A Ruggedized 14 Inch Erasable Optical Disk Drive
Author(s): Joseph L. Cinelli
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High Speed Accessing Magneto-Optical Disk Drive
Author(s): H. Ishibashi; S. Tanaka; R. Shimizu; M. Kuwamoto; M. Imura; H. Yamamoto; T. Shimamoto
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System Design Of Optical Micro-Disk Subsystem
Author(s): Toru Takeda; Minoru Saito; Kiyoshi Itao
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High-Speed Servo Technology For Optical Disk Drive
Author(s): Kikuji Katoh; Akinori Watabe; Manabu Yamamoto; Hiroshi Nakanishi; Ichiro Yamada
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Development Of The Drexler Optical-Card Reader/Writer System
Author(s): Gerald Apffel Pierce
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Prototype Magneto-Optical Disk Drive
Author(s): R. E. Uber; M. H. Kryder
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Measurement Of Laser Diode Spot Size And Source Astigmatism Using A Phase-Shifting Interferometer
Author(s): Scott L. DeVore
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Magnetic Bearings For A High-Performance Optical Disk Buffer
Author(s): Richard Hockney; James Downer; David Eisenhaure; Timothy Hawkey; Bruce Johnson
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Diffraction Modeling Of Optical Path For Magneto-Optical Disk Systems
Author(s): M. Mansuripur; C. Pons
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Modeling Of A Magneto-Optic Read Path
Author(s): T. D. Milster; T. S. Gardner
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Laser-Feedback Noise In Magneto-Optical Recording
Author(s): B. I. Finkelstein; D. E. Call
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Analysis Of Magneto-Optic Media For Optical Disk Drives
Author(s): M. Keppler; G. Goldmann
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WORM Media Read Signal Dependence On Optical Imperfections Of Optical Memory System
Author(s): Ivan Prikryl
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Bit-Error Reduction In Magneto-Optical Disks
Author(s): M. Moribe; Y. Hashimoto; M. Maeda; K. Itoh; S. Ogawa
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Determining Error Management Strategies
Author(s): Winton E. Brown; Allen M. Earman
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Comparison Of Modulation Codes For A Magneto-Optic Disk Drive
Author(s): W. Spengler; N. Gottfried; M. Wingert
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Possible Error-Control Coding Strategies For An Optical Disk Buffer
Author(s): David L. Livingston
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Development Of Pre-Groove Writer
Author(s): Junichi Ichihara; Akio Futamata; Sigeru Arai; Yasuyuki Ozawa; Susumu Sato
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Novel Stamper Process For Optical Disc
Author(s): Shinkichi Horigome; Yoshinori Miyamura; Keizo Katou; Masaru Itou; Norio Ohta
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Optical Disc Substrate Using Photo-Curable Casting Resin
Author(s): Ryouichi Sudou; Hiroaki Miwa; Tetsuo Tajima; Shinkichi Horigome; Norio Ohta; Eiji Koyama
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Automated Retardation Measurement
Author(s): Gerald R. Lange
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Wide-Spot Laser Beam Analysis Of Optical Disc Media
Author(s): Scott B. Hamilton; Tony Lavender
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Large Scale In-Line Sputtering System For Magneto-Optical Data Storage Media
Author(s): G. Brauer; S. Muller; E. Schultheib; H.-P. D. Shieh; P. Wirz
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High-Speed Overwritable Optical Disk
Author(s): Masahiro Ojima; Takeshi Nakao; Hirofumi Sukeda; Norio Ohta; Hiroshi Yasuoka; Tetsuya Nishida; Motoyasu Terao
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Pit Shape At Overwriting Of Thermal Magneto-Optical Recording
Author(s): Kouichi Yamada; Isao Watanabe; Kunimaro Tanaka; Masanori Nakada
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High Performance Magneto-Optical Disk Using A New Plastic Substrate
Author(s): Toshio Niihara; Shinkichi Horigome; Ryoichi Sudou; Hiroyuki Suzuki; Masafumi Yoshihiro; Norio Ohta
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Erasable Optical Tape Feasibility Study
Author(s): Peter Vogelgesang; Judith Hartmann
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Mossbauer Spectroscopic Study Of Amorphous RE-TM Thin Films
Author(s): R. M. Emrick; W. A. Coutts
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Recent Advances In Erasable Phase-Change Optical Disks
Author(s): Nobuo Akahira; Noboru Yamada; Kunio Kimura; Masatoshi Takao
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Erasable Phase Change Optical Disk Using A Seinsb Alloy Film For High-Density Recording
Author(s): K. Utsumi; Y. Goto; I. Tsugawa; T. Yuasa; N. Koshino; S. Ogawa
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Thermal-Mechanical Modeling Of A Reversible Dye-Polymer Media
Author(s): J. M. Halter; N. E. Iwamoto
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Performance Of A Reversible Dye-Polymer Optical Recording Medium
Author(s): M. A. Lind; J. S. Hartman
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Organic Optical Storage Media For Short Wavelength Systems
Author(s): James P. Shepherd
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Environmental Evaluation Of Rugged And Long-Life Write Once Optical Disks
Author(s): Philip A. Storey; Robert J. Longman; Neil A. Davies
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Scanning Pulsed Laser Beam Induced Temperature Profile In Optical Recording Thin Films
Author(s): S. Y. Suh; F. J. Onorato
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Materials For Multiple Stages Of Archival Optical Recording
Author(s): Shiuh Chao; Yuh-Fung Huang; Yung Chiey Chen; Lan Yan
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A Unified Theory For Worm Media Modelling
Author(s): Antonio J. Mendez
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CD-ROM And Knowledge Integration
Author(s): Leonard S. Rann
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Color Compression Results In A Digital Videodisc Of Prints And Photographs
Author(s): William R. Nugent
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Optical Storage: Terabytes On-Line For IBM Mainframes
Author(s): Richard V. Keele
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Nasa Spaceborne Optical Disk Recorder Development
Author(s): T. A. Shull; R. M. Holloway; B. A. Conway
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Applications For A High Capacity, High Data Rate Optical Disk Buffer
Author(s): Martin L. Levene
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Optical Disk Radiation Hardening Considerations
Author(s): J. P. Retzler; P. A. Zielie; K. B. Edwards; P. T. Susen
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Storage For Supercomputers A Limiting Issue
Author(s): Kenneth Wallgren; George Michael
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Digital Video Interactive; The Technology And Its Applications
Author(s): R. N. Hurst
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