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Optical Computing and Nonlinear Materials
Editor(s): Nasser Peyghambarian

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Volume Number: 0881
Date Published: 3 May 1988

Table of Contents
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Optical computing architectures based on nonlinear interference filter technology
Author(s): B S Wherrett; D C Hutchings; F.A. P Tooley; Y T Chow; A D Lloyd
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Optical Multi-Target Sub-Pixel Detection And Track Initiation
Author(s): David Casasent; Yeou-Lin Lin; James Slaski
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Photonic Switching: Present Research And Future Prospects.
Author(s): P W Smith
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Switching Of Thermal-Optical Bistable Devices
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Grun
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Gaas-Alas Monolithic Microresonator Arrays
Author(s): J L Jewell; A Scherer; S L McCall; A C Gossard; J H English
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Computer Simulations Of Transient Operation Of Gaas Etalons
Author(s): M E Warren; D Richardson; S W Koch; H M Gibbs
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Optical Mapping Applications
Author(s): H J Caulfield
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Interference Filters As Nonlinear Decision-Making Elements For Associative Memories
Author(s): G Khitrova; L Wang; V Esch; R Feinleib; H M Chou; R W Sprague; H A Macleod; H M Gibbs; K Wagner; D Psaltis
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Optically Bistable Memory Arrays And Spatial Chaos
Author(s): W J Firth
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Gaas Quantum Well Intersubband Absorption Tunneling Detectors Compatible With 10 m Optical Computing
Author(s): B F Levine; K K Choi; C G Bethea; J Walker; R J Malik
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Bistable Diode Laser Amplifiers In High Performance Optical Communication And Optical Computing Systems
Author(s): Mario Dagenais; Wayne F Sharfin
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Optically Induced Index Of Refraction Changes In Gallium Arsenide Doping Superlattices
Author(s): T B Simpson; C A Pennise; J D Bruno; M S Tobin; M Dutta
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Theory Of Optical Semiconductor Nonlinearities
Author(s): H Haug
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Excitonic Optical Nonlinearities In ZnSe Epitaxial Films
Author(s): J E Potts; H Cheng; S H Park; B Fluegel; M Joffre; S W Koch; N Peyghambarian
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Four-Wave Mixing And Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Of Semiconductor Clusters
Author(s): Dror Sarid; B P McGinnis; Tammy D Henson
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Nonlinear Measurements In Multiple Quantum Wells Of Gaas/Algaas Fabricated By Mocvd
Author(s): A Kost; M Kawase; E Garmire; H C Lee; A Danner; A Hariz; P D Dapkus
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Determination Of The Third Order Nonlinearity As A Function Of Quantum Well Width In Gaas/A1Gaas Multiple Quantum Wells
Author(s): M W Derstine; D E Grider; J A Lehman; P P Ruden; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Comparison Of The Optical Nonlinearities Of Bulk GaAs And GaAs/A1GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells
Author(s): S H Park; N Peygliambarian; J F Morhange; R A Morgan; A D Jeffery; A Chavez-Pirson; H M Gibbs; S W Koch; M Derstine; A C Gossard
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Photorefractive Materials For Optical Computing And Image Processing
Author(s): George A Rakuljic; Amnon Yariv
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Picosecond Photorefractive Effect For Optical Data Processing
Author(s): George C Valley; Arthur L Smirl
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Materials And Devices For Nonlinear Guided Waves: Some Properties Of Semiconductor-Doped Glasses
Author(s): N Finlayson; W C Banyai; A Gabel; K W DeLong; C T Seaton; G I Stegeman; J Bell; T C Cullen; C N Ironside
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Guided-Wave Chip-To-Chip Optical Interconnections
Author(s): Y Yamada; M Yamada; M Kobayashi
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Guided-Wave Optical Interconnects For VLSI Systems
Author(s): Charles T Sullivan; Anis Husain
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Justifications For A Hybrid Approach To Optical Computing
Author(s): Sing H Lee; Sadik C Esener
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Nonlinearity Requirements For Correlation Based Associative Memories
Author(s): R J Marks II; L E Atlas; J J Choi; S Oh; K F Cheung; D C Park
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Optical Interconnection Techniques For Hypercube
Author(s): A R Johnston; L A Bergman; W H Wu
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Two Wavelength Photorefractive Dynamic Optical Interconnect
Author(s): R McRuer; J Wilde; L Hesselink; J Goodman
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Direct Backside Connection Of Optical Fibers To GaAs Detectors
Author(s): Robert W Ade; Eric R Fossum; Michael A Tischler
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A Comparison Of Optical And Electronic Residue Position-Coded Look-Up Tables
Author(s): A P Goutzoulis
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Parallel Digital Optical Computation Based On Optical Phase Conjugation (OPC)
Author(s): Yao Li; George Eichmann; Roger Dorsinville; R R Alfano
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Optical Prolog Computer Using Symbolic Substitution.
Author(s): Alastair D McAulay
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Logic Based Spatial Light Modulators
Author(s): R Arrathoon
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Optical Transfer Characteristics Of Microchannel Spatial Light Modulator
Author(s): Y Suzuki; T Hara; Y Ooi; M H Wu
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Optical Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Using Multi-Color Four-Wave Mixing
Author(s): Arthur E Chiou; Monte Khoshnevisan; Pochi Yeh
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Two-Level Neural Network For Deterministic Logic Processing
Author(s): M H Hassoun
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Digital Optical Iterative Pattern Recognizer
Author(s): S P Kozaltis; C S Kischuk
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All-Optical Big BAM
Author(s): Jason M Kinser; H. John Caulfield; Joseph Shamir
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An Optical Technique For Measurement/Target Probability Assignments
Author(s): James L Fisher; David Casasent
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