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Sensing, Discrimination, and Signal Processing and Superconducting Materials and Intrumentation
Editor(s): James A. Ionson; Roy Nichols

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Volume Number: 0879
Date Published: 18 May 1988

Table of Contents
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Image Reconstruction From Rotational Shearing Interferograms
Author(s): Francois Roddier; Claude Roddier
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Very Large Optically Butted Infrared Staring Sensor
Author(s): J. Douglass; R. Moore; J. Scott
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New Method For Observation Of Neutrinos And Antineutrinos
Author(s): J. Weber
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Extreme-Ultraviolet Multilayer Mirror Performance: Recent Test Results
Author(s): R. C. Catura; E. G. Joki; T. E. Whittemore; W. J. Brookover; M. S. Giampapa
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Space-Based High Resolution Gamma Ray Telescope
Author(s): Ervin J. Fenyves
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Projectile Discrimination Using A Neutron Source And The Electron Drift High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Telescope
Author(s): David B. Cline
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Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing In Collisional And Inhomogeneous Plasmas
Author(s): John F. Federici; Ernie J. Valeo
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Space-Based Radar Driven By Near-Millimeter Free Electron Laser Amplifiers
Author(s): V. L. Granatstein; B. Levush; M. C. Wang; W. M. Manheimer
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Submillimeter Gyrotron For Space Based Radar
Author(s): S. E. Spira; K. E. Kreischer; R. J. Temkin
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Two-Dimensional Horn Imaging Arrays
Author(s): Gabriel M. Rebeiz; Yong Guo; David B. Rutledge; Dayalan P. Kasilingam
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Coupled Josephson Local Oscillator And Detector Experiments In The Terahertz Regime
Author(s): R. P. Robertazzi; H. D. Hallen; R. A. Buhrman
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Using The Josephson Effect For Millimeter And Submillimeter Wave Generation
Author(s): James E. Lukens; A. K. Jain; K-L. Wan
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Superconductive Wideband Analog Signal Correlator With Buffered Digital Output
Author(s): J. B. Green; A. C. Anderson; R. S. Withers
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Flash-Type A/D Converters And Shift Registers
Author(s): D. A. Petersen; V. Nandakumar; E. Fang; D. F. Hebert; T. Van Duzer
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High-Speed Serial Shift Registers
Author(s): John X. Przybysz; R. D. Blaugher
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Radio Imaging Of Launch Vehicles And Payloads
Author(s): Harrison E. Rowe
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Technique For Boost-Phase Signature Evaluation And Requirement Determination For Missile Designation
Author(s): Charles A. Bjork Jr.
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Ptindamental Problem In Computing Radiating Flow Fields With Thick Shock Waves
Author(s): Dean R. Chapman; Kurt A. Fiscko; Forrest E. Lumpkin
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Comparison Of Shock Structure Solutions Using Independent Continuum And Kinetic Theory Approaches
Author(s): Kurt A. Fiscko; Dean R. Chapman
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A Numerical Method For Predicting Hypersonic Flowfields
Author(s): Robert W. MacCormack; Graham V. Candler
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Study Of High Temperature Oxide Superconductors
Author(s): M. K. Wu; J. R. Ashburn; C. A. Higgins; W. E. Carswell; B. H. Loo; D. H. Burns; A. Ibrahim; T. Rolin; P. N. Peters; R. C. Sisk
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Measurements Directed Toward Determining The Operational Mechanism In High T[sub]c[/sub] Superconductors
Author(s): R. G. Goodrich
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Crystal Lattice Measurements In Superconducting Materials
Author(s): F. W. Lytle; E. C. Marques; R. B. Greegor; H. G. Ahlstrom; E. M. Larson; D. E Peterson; A. J. Panson
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Photoconductivity In Granular Films Of Y-Ba-Cu-O
Author(s): M Leung; U Strom; P R Broussard; S A Wolf; J. H. Claassen
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Laser Evaporation Deposition Of Superconducting And Semiconducting Thin Films
Author(s): H. S. Kwok; P. Mattocks; D. T. Shaw; L. Shi; X. W. Wang; S. Witanachchi; Q. Y. Ying; J. P. Zheng; P. Bush
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Millimeter Wave Surface Impedance Measurements Of Highly Oriented YBa[sub]2[/sub]Cu[sub]3[/sub]O[sub]7-8[/sub] Thin Films
Author(s): T. L. Hylton; K. Char; M. R. Beasley; A. Kapitulnik; John P. Carini; Anand Awasthi; Ward Beyermann; George Gruner
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Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Densification Of Oxide Superconductors
Author(s): J. K. Tien; B. C. Hendrix; J. C. Borofka; T. Abe
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Ceramic Processing Of High-T[sub]c[/sub] Superconductors
Author(s): R. B. Poeppel; J. P. Singh; M. T. Lanagan; K. C. Goretta; J. T. Dusek; D. W. Capone II
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Fabrication Of Superconducting Wires And Bulk Materials
Author(s): George W. McKinney III
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High Temperature Superconductivity: Novel Concepts And Fundamental Issues
Author(s): Gerald J. Iafrate
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Aerospace Applications Of High Temperature Superconductivity
Author(s): W. W. Anderson
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