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Short and Ultrashort Wavelength Lasers
Editor(s): Randy C.R. Jones

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Volume Number: 0875
Date Published: 27 April 1988

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Pulsed-Power Driven, Photopumped X-Ray Laser Research At The Naval Research Laboratory
Author(s): J P Apruzese; R J Commisso; G Cooperstein; J Davis; G Mehlman; D Mosher; P F Ottinger; J E Rogerson; S J Stephanakis; V E Scherrer
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X-Ray Laser Studies At LLE
Author(s): B Yaakobi; D Shvarts; T Boehly; P Audebert; R Epstein; B Boswell; M C Richardson; J M Soures
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Toward Shorter Wavelengths For Soft X-Ray Lasers Based On Li-Like Ions
Author(s): D Kim; C H Skinner; A Woutors; E Valeo; D Voorhees; S Suckewer
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Imploding Co-Axial Krypton Gas Puffs As A Potential X-Ray Laser
Author(s): J Davis; R Clark; J Apruzese; P Kepple
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Evidence For Population Inversion And Possible Lasing At 150.6, 154.6 And 187.3A In Pulsed Power Driven Z-Pinches*
Author(s): M Krishnan; T Nash; P D LePell
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Gain Optimization And Saturation Of The Xe III 109 Nm Auger Laser
Author(s): J J Macklin; M H Sher; C P.J B arty; D A King; Guang-Yu Yin; E Harris; J F Young
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Multiphoton Double Ionization Of Barium
Author(s): T F Gallagher; Y Zhu; R R Jones
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Modeling Of Atomic Properties Of Plasmas
Author(s): U Gupta; M Blaha; J Davis
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A Soft X-Ray Free Electron Laser (FEL) Using A Two-Beam Elliptical Pill-Box Wake-Field Cavity
Author(s): S H Kim; K W Chen
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Spectra Of Highly-Ionized Atoms
Author(s): J Reader; J Sugar; V Kaufman
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Progress In The Gamma-Ray Laser Program At Texas
Author(s): C B Collins
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Nuclear Excitation Via The Motion Of Electrons
Author(s): Jean F Berger; Daniel Gogny; Morton S Weiss
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Nuclear Transitions Induced By Atomic Excitations
Author(s): P Dyer; J A Bounds; R C Haight; T S Luk
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Calculation Of Harmonic Radiation And Nuclear Cupling Arising From Atoms In Strong Laser Fields
Author(s): G A Rinker; J C Solem; L C Biedenharn
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The Core-Quasiparticle Model For Odd-Odd Nuclei And Applications To Candidates For Gamma-Ray Lasers
Author(s): D D Strottman
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A Nuclear Structure Of The Proposed Gamma-Ray Laser Candidate Nucleus 186Re
Author(s): D G Madland; D D Strottman
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Shape Isomers As Candidates For The Gamma Ray Laser Storage State
Author(s): M S Weiss
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Extension Of Nuclear Structure Data Base Searches For Gamma-Ray Laser Candidates
Author(s): E D Arthur; D G Madland; D C George
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Conversion-Electron Expffiment To Characterize The Decay Of The 237 Np Shape Isomer
Author(s): E A Henry; J A Becker; R W Bauer; D G Gardner; D J Decman; R A Meyer; N Roy; K E Sale
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Mossbauer Effect Experiments Applicable To Grasers
Author(s): R.Dean Taylor; Gilbert R Hoy
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Overview Of Pulsed Premixed Short Wavelength Chemical Laser Concepts
Author(s): I Bar; D Heflinger; Y Kaufman; M Sapir; A Ya. Temkin; Y Tzuk; S Rosenwaks
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Photochemical Production Of NO(A2E+) In Mixtures Of HN3 And 03
Author(s): David K Neumann; Rober t D Coombe; Andrew P Ongstad; Daniel J Stech
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A Hybrid Chemical/Excimer Laser Concept
Author(s): Roy D Mead; Steven L Baughcum; Charles H Fisher; Mark J Kushner; James J Ewing
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Chemiluminescence From Laser-Heated Solid And Gaseous Tetramethyldioxetane
Author(s): M A Tolbert; D L Huestis; M J Rossi
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Isocyanic Acid As A Laser Fuel
Author(s): Mohiuddin A Chowdhury; David J Benard
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