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Nonlinear Optical Beam Manipulation, Beam Combining, and Atmospheric Propagation
Editor(s): Robert A. Fisher

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Volume Number: 0874
Date Published: 8 April 1988

Table of Contents
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Diffraction Properties Of Laser Speckle Generated By Stimulated Rotational Raman Scattering In Long Air Paths*
Author(s): Mark A Henesian; Deanna M Pennington
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Competition Between Beam Fanning And Two-Beam Coupling In Barium Titanate
Author(s): Mary S Tobin; Steven M Ross
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Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Of Multiline Hydrogen Fluoride Laser Radiation
Author(s): Michael T Duignan; B J Feldman; Nevin D Gibson; W T Whitney
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The Role Of Transiency In The Gain Enhancement Of A Raman Amplifier
Author(s): J Rifkin; M L Bernt; D C MacPherson; J L Carlsten
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Modeling Of Self-Pumped Single Barium Titanate Crystal
Author(s): John R Goff; P S Brody
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Measurements Of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Beam Combination Efficiency
Author(s): J Falk; M Kanefsky; Paul Suni
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Picosecond Raman Pulse Combining And Compression In Light Guides For Ultra-High Power Laser Systems
Author(s): J R M Barr; N J Everall; C J Hooker; J P Partanen; M J Shaw
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CW Degenerate Four Wave Mixing In Bulk GaAs And Gaas/AlGaAs
Author(s): F Patterson; J Brock; M Caponi
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Multiple Pulse Effects In Transient Stimulated Raman Amplification
Author(s): J Reintj es; G Calame; M D Duncan; R Mahon; L L Tankersley
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Rapid Two-Beam Coupling In Ba0.5Sr1.5ko0.25Na0.75Nb5015 (BSKNN-3)
Author(s): S D Carson; C J Hennessy; R R Neurgaonkar
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Steady-State Phase-Conjugation By Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): A Jacobs; K Bowler; M Farey; D La Vere; J Betts; C G Koop; C Clendening; J Doyle; A Schnurr; M Val ley
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Angular Compensation For Multiline Dispersion In Raman Amplifiers
Author(s): J A Goldstone; Bradley Bobbs; Michael M Johnson
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Atmospheric Compensation Using Stimulated Raman Scattering
Author(s): Irwin C Winkler; Mary A Norton; Charles Higgs
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Coupling Pulsed Dye Oscillators Using A Phase Conjugate Resonator
Author(s): Jeffrey O White; George C Valley
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Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Effects In Gaseous SBS Media
Author(s): Dwight M Walsh; Bruce S Masson
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Characterization Of Asymmetric Self-Defocusing And Centrosymmetric Scattering In Barium Titanate
Author(s): Thomas R Moore; Donald L Walters
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Beam Combining In A Gas Via Nonlinear, Diffractive Optics
Author(s): Jay S Chivian; C D Cantrell; W D Cotten; C A Glosson
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Stokes--Anti-Stokes Gain Suppression In The Transient Regime
Author(s): A P Hickman; W K Bischel
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Coherent Beam Combination Via Microparticle Plasma Modes
Author(s): D Rogovin; T P Shen
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Pump Replication In Stimulated Raman Scattering Using A Crossed-Beam Geometry
Author(s): C R Menyuk; G Hilfer; J Reintjes
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Laser Beam Combining Through The Nonlinear Response Of A Strongly Driven Atomic Transition
Author(s): Kenneth R MacDonald; Mark T Gruneisen; Robert W Boyd
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Orientational Kerr Effect For Millimeter-Wave Applications
Author(s): R McGraw; D Rogovin
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One-Way Transmission Of Images Through A Multimode Optical Fiber By Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing In A Photorefractive BSO Crystal
Author(s): Eun-Soo Kim; In-Eung Young; Han-Kyu Park
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Frequency Adding Media For Short Wavelength Lasers And Phase Insensitive Beam Combining Devices
Author(s): J A Goldstone; J Stone; M M Johnson
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Control Of Transient Raman Amplifiers
Author(s): M D Duncan; R Mahon; L L Tankersley; J Reintjes
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Degenerate Four Wave Mixing In Cesium Vapor
Author(s): R J St. Pierre; A B Horwitz; J C Brock
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Conditions For The Spontaneous Generation Of Solitons In Stimulated Raman Scattering
Author(s): John C Englund; Charles M Bowden
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New Applications And Designs For Deformable Mirrors
Author(s): Erlan S Bliss; J. Raymond Smith; Richard L Miller
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Atmospheric Effects On Target Detection With An Imaging Radiometer
Author(s): T S Chu
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Search Techniques For Wavefront Estimation By Phase Retrieval
Author(s): Mark E Dorros; Robert A Gonsalves
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Ultrafast Methods Of Cloud Detection For Interceptor Systems
Author(s): T H Vonder Haar; T A Brubaker; E M Tomlinson
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Cloud Cover Statistics Using VAS
Author(s): D P Wylie; W P Menzel
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Comparison Of Simultaneous MST Radar And Electron Density Probe Measurements In The Polar Mesosphere
Author(s): J C Ulwick
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LIDAR: Laser Remote Sensing Of The Atmosphere
Author(s): Thomas D Wilkerson
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Lidar Observations Of Cirrus Cloud Parameters
Author(s): Edwin W Eloranta; Christian J Grund
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Atmospheric Ice Crystal Processes
Author(s): William G Finnegan; Richard L Pitter
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Some Effects On Laser Propagation Of Turbulence Due To Wave Breaking
Author(s): John R Grant
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Electron Beam Propagation In Inhomogeneous Media
Author(s): M. Howard Lee
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Stability Of Laser Beams In A Structured Environment
Author(s): M J Keskinen; Y C Lee
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Electron Density Fluctuations In A Disturbed Ionospheric Environment
Author(s): J D Huba; G Ganguli
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High Power Laser Propagation Through A Structured Environment
Author(s): Thomas Goldring; Lawrence Carlson; Peter Ulrich
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Structured Environments For Beam Propagation Predictions
Author(s): Stephen H Brecht
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Gas<->Liquid Transport By Acoustic Levitation Of Single Drops In A Horizontal Wind Tunnel
Author(s): Mark Seaver
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