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IECON'87:Automated Design and Manufacturing
Editor(s): Victor K.L. Huang

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Volume Number: 0857
Date Published: 19 October 1987

Table of Contents
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Computer Aided Design Of Electrical Machines For Variable Speed Applications.
Author(s): R. Krishnan; S. Aravind; P. Materu
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Computer Aided Design Of Relay Ladder Logic Via State Transition Diagram
Author(s): R. Devanathan; Foo Yung Kuan; Chang Chiew Jun; Choo Siew Aun
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Generation Of Robot Task Program Utilizing Computer-Aided Design Data
Author(s): Shigeto Aramaki; Isao Nagasawa; Tadashi Nagata
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CAE Approach To Multiprocessor Design
Author(s): P. K. Chande; A. K. Ramani; P. C. Sharma
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Computer Aided Design Package Incorporating Computer Aided Real-Time Control Function
Author(s): K Furuta; Y. Ohyama
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Optimization-Based Computer-Aided Design Of Control Systems: A Survey
Author(s): E. Polak
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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Control System Analysis And Design
Author(s): J. D. Birdwell
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Inexact Reasoning In Expert Systems
Author(s): Gerri L. Peper; Jack S. Walicki
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Expert Antiskid System
Author(s): N. Matsumoto; H. Kuraoka; N. Ohka; M. Ohba; T. Tabe
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An AI Approach To Computer Aided Design In Mechanical Systems
Author(s): A. El-Dessouki; A. Nazif; A. Abd El-Wahab
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An Expert System For Process Control Coping With Dynamic Information
Author(s): N. Sourmail; X. Tang; P. Millot; D. Willaeys
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Graphic Information Evaluation And Expert System In Ergonomic Conception Of Control Views
Author(s): C. Binot; C. Kolski; D. Roger; D. Willaeys
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Use Of A Rule-Based System For Process Control
Author(s): John A. Bernard
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Why We Test - To Know How It Performs Or Might Fail
Author(s): Richard H. Spencer
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Print Quality Inspection System Based On Humar Response For A Wire Dot-Matrix Printer
Author(s): Noriyuki Hiraoka; Takuya Uzumaki; Tetsuo Koezuka; Masato Nakashima; Taketumi Inagaki
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Fiber Optic Broadband LAN For The Manufacturing Automation Protocol
Author(s): Charles W. Einolf Jr.; H. Barry Shutterly; Robert M. Oates
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Advanced Map For Real-Time Process Control
Author(s): Yasuhisa Shiobara; Takayuki Matsudaira; Yoshio Sashida; Makoto Chikuma
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A Study Of LLC Services Implementations For A Field Bus
Author(s): Jean Pierre Thomesse
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Automatic Task Generator With Incomplete Information For A Robot Endowed With Sensors
Author(s): Daniel M. Kumpel; Ricardo Garcia Rosa
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Task Scheduling In Distributed Real-Time Systems
Author(s): Lui Sha; John P. Lehoczky; Ragunathan Rajkumar
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Plant Automation And Crt Display System For Nuclear Power Plants
Author(s): S. Takiguchi; K. Sakai; N. Watanabe; M. Yamasaki
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Magnetic Supported Intelligent Hand For Automated Precise Assembly
Author(s): Toshiro Higuchi; Masahiro Tsuda; Shigeki Fujiwara
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Moving Data Storage System
Author(s): Tomomi Sano; Shiro Kondoh; Katsunari Nakamura; Keiichiro Ueda; Takashi MlYata
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Autonomous Gripper System
Author(s): T S Dzwig
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Information Model For Electronic Assembly Line
Author(s): E Maksa
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Distributed Emulation Of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Author(s): Marc Courvoisier; Robert Valette; Jean-Claude Pascal; David Barbalho; Yvan Baudin
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