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Mobile Robots II
Editor(s): Wendell H. Chun; William J. Wolfe

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Volume Number: 0852
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Goal-Oriented Obstacle Avoidance Through Behavior Selection
Author(s): Vincent S. Wong; David W. Payton
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The WPI Autonomous Mobile Robot Project: A Progress Report
Author(s): Peter E. Green; Kyle S. Hall
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Progress In Road Intersection Detection For Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
Author(s): Todd R. Kushner; Sunil Puri
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Real Time System Architecture For A Mobile Robot
Author(s): Uma Kant Sharma; Louis S. McTamaney
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Autonomous Vehicle Guidance Using Laser Range Imagery
Author(s): James Beyer; Charles Jacobus; Frank Pont
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Obstacle Avoidance On The Autonomous Land Vehicle Using The Warp Systolic Array Machine
Author(s): R. Terry Dunlay
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Multi-Sensor Processing: Object Detection And Identification
Author(s): Suzanne Liebowitz; David Casasent
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Distributed Scene Analysis For Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
Author(s): Birger D. Mysliwetz; E. D. Dickmanns
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Multiresolutional Pyramidal Knowledge Representation And Algorithmic Basis Of IMAS-2
Author(s): A. Meystel; R. Bhatt; D. Gaw; P. Graglia; S. Waldon
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3-D World Modeling For An Autonomous Robot
Author(s): M. Goldstein; F. G. Pin; C. R. Weisbin
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3-D Vision System For Obstacle Avoidance
Author(s): D. Brzakovic; N. Alvertos; L. Hong
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An Optical Rangefinder For Autonomous Robot Cart Navigation
Author(s): Gabriel L. Miller; Eric R. Wagner
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Scene Segmentation For Autonomous Robotic Navigation Using Sequential Laser Projected Structured Light
Author(s): C. David Brown; Charles S. Ih; Gonzalo R. Arce; David A. Fertell
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3D Surface Reconstruction From 2D Binary Images
Author(s): D. Raviv; Y. H. Pao; K. Loparo
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Issues And Options For A Mars Rover
Author(s): A. Spiessbach; B. Clark; S. Larimer; B. Tobey; B. Lindauer; R. Koenig; T. Lisec
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A Vision System For A Mars Rover
Author(s): Brian H. Wilcox; Donald B. Gennery; Andrew H. Mishkin; Brian K. Cooper; Teri B. Lawton; N. Keith Lay; Steven P. Katzmann
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Comparison Of Mobility System Concepts For A Mars Rover
Author(s): David D. Wright; Richard E. Watson
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Ground Vehicle Options
Author(s): Wendell Chun
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Vision Processing And Foothold Selection For The ASV Walking Machine
Author(s): Charles A. Klein; Chin-Cheng Kau; Eric A. Ribble; Mark R. Patterson
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Motion From A Sequence Of Images
Author(s): Igor Pavlin
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Recovery Of Motion Parameters Using Optical Flow
Author(s): Phil Greenway
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Structure And Motion From Line Correspondences
Author(s): Hormoz Shariat
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Updating Distance Maps When Objects Move
Author(s): Terrance E. Boult
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Cost-Appraising Techniques For Route Planning
Author(s): Pi-Yun Cheng
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The Classical 2D Find-Path Problem : Improving Search Efficiency By Using Orientation Heuristics
Author(s): Joan Ilari; Carme Torras
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Navigation Planning Using Quadtrees
Author(s): Ronald C. Fryxell
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Mobile Robot Navigation With Ambiguous Sparse Landmarks
Author(s): Wayne E. Simon; Jeffrey R. Carter
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A Computer Vision For Navigation Of Mobile Robots
Author(s): Zhu Miaoliang; He Zhijun
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Behavioral Model Architectures: A New Way Of Doing Real-Time Planning In Intelligent Robots
Author(s): Riccardo Cassinis; Ernesto Biroli; Alberto Meregalli; Fabio Scalise
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Mobile Robot For Pipe Inspection And Maintenance
Author(s): P. Jezequel
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Guidance Of A Mobile Robot Using An Omnidirectional Vision Navigation System
Author(s): Sung Jun Oh; Ernest L. Hall
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Nurse's Aid And Housekeeping Mobile Robot For Use In The Nursing Home Workplace
Author(s): John A. Sines
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Prolog-Based World Models For Mobile Robot Navigation
Author(s): Mark B. Kadonoff
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Design Of An Electrical Flywheel For Surge Power Applications In Mobile Robots
Author(s): David D. Wright
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Ground Vehicle Convoying
Author(s): Douglas W. Gage; J. Bryan Pletta
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Intertwining Of Teleoperation And Computer Vision
Author(s): B. C. Bloom; G. S. Duane; M. A. Epstein; M. Magee; D. W. Mathis; M. J. Nathan; W. J. Wolfe
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