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New Directions in Photodynamic Therapy
Editor(s): Douglas C. Neckers

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Volume Number: 0847
Date Published: 19 February 1988

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Mitochondria In Cancer Cells As Targets Of Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Russell Hilf; Scott L. Gibson; Richard S. Murant; Toni L. Ceckler; Robert G. Bryant
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Mild Hyperthermia Synergistically Enhances Killing Of Malignant Cells By The Cationic Photosensitizer EDKC: Implications For A "Selective Photo-Hyperthermic Therapy"
Author(s): A. R. Oseroff; D. Ohuoha; G. Ara
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Phthalocyanines And Their Sulfonated Derivatives As Photosensitizers In Photodynamic Therapy.
Author(s): Peter Riesz; C. Murali Krishna
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Purpurins: Improved Photosensitizers For Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; Martha Kreimer-Birnbaum; Greta M. Garbo; Rick W. Keck; Steven H. Selman
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Photoaffinity Labeling As A Probe Of Ribosomal Structure And Function
Author(s): Barry S. Cooperman
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Potential Use Of Mitochondria As A Reservoir For Photosensitive Lipophilic Cations
Author(s): Lan Bo Chen
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HpD Photobiology And Photodynamic Therapy Of Bladder Carcinoma
Author(s): Chi-Wei Lin
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Spectroscopy Of Nitrenes Bound To a-Chymotrypsin
Author(s): Matthew S. Platz; K. Kanakarajan; R. P. Goodrich; M. J. T. Young; S. Soundararajan
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Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy Of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma.
Author(s): Francis P. Gasparro
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Rational Design Of Properties In Chalcogenapyrylium Dyes.
Author(s): Michael R. Detty
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Cationic Dyes With Mitochondrial Specificity For Phototherapy Of Malignant Tumors
Author(s): Stephen K. Powers
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Structure And Properties Of Novel Benzo[a]phenoxazinium Photochemotherapeutic Agents
Author(s): James W. Foley; Louis Cincotta; Anthony H. Cincotta
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Characterization Of Oligomeric Hematoporphyrin Tumoricidal Reagents For Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Brian Musselman; Chi K. Chang
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Liposomes As Carriers Of Hydrophobic Photosensitizers In Vivo: Increased Selectivity Of Tumor Targeting
Author(s): Fernanda Ricchelli; Roberta Biolo; Elena Reddi; Giuseppe Tognon; Giulio Jori
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Gilvocarcin V, a Photodynamic DNA Damaging Agent Of Unusual Potency
Author(s): Rosalie K. Elespuru; Sally A. Look
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An Investigation Of Photodynamic Therapy In The Treatment Of Pancreatic Carcinoma: Dihematoporphyrin Ether Uptake And Photobleaching Kinetics
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Thomas J. Wieman
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Cytotoxicity But No Mutagenicity In Bacteria With Externally Generated Singlet Oxygen
Author(s): W. Robert Midden; Thomas A. Dahl; Philip E. Hartman
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Photodynamic Modification Of Plasma Membrane Function In Erythrocytes Sensitized By Xanthenes: What Determines Potency?
Author(s): John P. Pooler
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Predicting In Vivo Phototoxicity In The Lens Using In Vitro And Photophysical Studies
Author(s): Joan E. Roberts; James Dillon
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Mechanism Of Tumor Localization And Therapy By Derivatives Of Hematoporphyrin
Author(s): David Kessel
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A Role For Photodynamic Therapy In Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation
Author(s): Fritz Sieber
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Pulsed Versus Continuous-Wave 680 Nm Laser Light In Photosensitization By Chloroaluminum Phthalocyanine Tetrasulfonate
Author(s): E. Ben-Hur; H. C. Newman; S. W. Crane; I. RosenthaI
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Combination Studies On Hyperthermia Induced By The Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) Laser As An Adjuvant To Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang
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Effect Of Free Radical Quenchers On Dye-Mediated Laser Light Induced Photosensitization Of Leukemic Cells
Author(s): Kirpal S. Gulliya; James Lester Matthews; Joseph Wayne Fay; Robert Morris Dowben
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New Dyes For Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; S. Nonis; Ashraff Rampersaud
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Tin (IV) Etiopurpurin Dichloride: An Alternative To DHE?
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; Greta M. Garbo; Rick W. Keck; Steven H. Selman
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Hydrophobic Versus Hydrophilic Drugs For PDT
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; Greta M. Garbo; Rick W. Keck; Steven H. Selman
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Photosensitized Oxidation Of Lens Crystallins: Role Of Conformational Changes In Cataract
Author(s): Usha Andley; Barbara Clark; Leo T. Chylack Jr.
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Involvement Of Superoxide Anions In Cutaneous Porphyrin Photosensitization: An In Vivo Study.
Author(s): Mohammad Athar; Craig A. Elmets; M. Tarif Zaim; Jenifer R. Lloyd; David R. Bickers; Hasan Mukhtar
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Partial Inhibition Of Glycolysis With 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Enhances EDKC Mediated Cellular Photosensitization.
Author(s): G. Ara; D. Ohuoha; A. R. Oseroff
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Highly Purified Pheophorbide [i]A[/i] As A Photosensitizer In Human Bladder Carcinoma In Vitro
Author(s): Alvin B. Segelman; I. Kathleen Hagen; Simon A. Chernomorsky; Shu-Ying Lee; Inder K. Gadi; Kevin Weadock; George H. Sigel Jr.
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