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Infrared Optical Materials and Fibers V
Editor(s): Paul Klocek

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Volume Number: 0843
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Tellurium Halide Glasses, New Materials For I.R. Fibers
Author(s): Jacques Lucas; Xiang Hua Zhang; Gilles Fonteneau
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Electro- And Magneto-Optic Effects In Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses
Author(s): N. F. Borrelli; W. H. Dumbaugh
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Crystallization And Phase Separation In Fluoride Glasses
Author(s): L. Boehm; K-H . Chung; S. N. Crichton; C. T. Moynihan
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Mechanical Properties Of IR Glasses And Fibers
Author(s): J. A. Wysocki; C. G. Pantano; J. J. Mecholsky
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The Effect Of Oxygen On Stability In CLAP Glasses
Author(s): Paul A. Tick
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Design Of Single-Mode Mid-IR Heavy Metal Fluoride Fibers For Telecommunication Systems
Author(s): Alexis Mendez Ch.; Harish R. D. Sunak
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Chromatic Dispersion Characteristics Of Single-Mode Fluoride Fibers Having A-Profiles,
Author(s): Hanish R. D. Sunak; Steven P. Bastien; Alexis Mendez
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Properties Of Fluorozirconate Fibres For Applications In The 0.5 To 4.5 Um Region
Author(s): P. W. France; S. F. Carter; M. W. Moore; J. R. Williams; C. R. Day
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Optical And Mechanical Properties Of Chalcogenide Fibers
Author(s): D. J. McEnroe; M. J. Finney; P. H. Prideaux; P. C. Schultz
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Improved As2Se3 Infrared Optical Fiber
Author(s): A. Bornstein; M. Sinvani
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Consideration On Realization Of Low-Loss Total Reflection-Type Hollow-Core Fiber At Mid-Infrared
Author(s): Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Infra-Red Optical Properties Of Glasses And Ceramics For Hollow Waveguides Operating At 10.6 µm Wavelength
Author(s): Clive A Worrell
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Hollow Plastic Waveguides Internally Coated With Metal And Dielectric Films,
Author(s): J. Dror; D. Mendlovic; E. Goldenberg; N. Croitoru
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Aging Effects In Extruded Polycrystalline Thallium Bromo-Iodide Fibers
Author(s): J. A. Wysocki; R. N. Schwartz; A. G. Standlee; R. G. Wilson; A. R. Williams
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Optical And Mechanical Properties Of Silver Halide Fibers
Author(s): A. Sa'ar; N. Barkay; F. Moser; I. Schnitzer; A. Levite; A. Katzir
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Light Scattering By Voids In Polycrystalline Fibers
Author(s): L. N. Butvina; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky; E. M. Dianov; A. M. Prokhorov
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Investigation Of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Switching In Mid Infrared Fibers
Author(s): Chung Yu; Chee Kiong Fong
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Tunable Titanium Doped Sapphire Fiber Laser
Author(s): L. G. DeShazer; K. W. Kangas; R. Route; R. S. Feigelson
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Considerations For The Design Of An Experimental Test Facility For Measurement Of Propagation Characteristics Of Mid-IR Fibers
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak; Alexis Mendez Ch.
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Teflon-Clad Bromine Infrared Waveguides
Author(s): R. Altkorn; M. E. Marhic; F. Tang
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High, Power Laser Delivery Through Infrared Transmitting Optical Fibers
Author(s): Mary Beth Tabacco; Thomas G. DiGiusempe; Grant H. Stokes
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Silver Halide Fiber For Transmitting A CO2 Laser Beam
Author(s): Ken-ichi Takahashi; Noriyuki Yoshida; Kazuhisa Yamauchi
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IR Fiber Temperature Sensing System
Author(s): D. C. Tran; K. H. Levin; R. Mossadegh; Steve Koontz
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New Crystalline Fibers And Their Applications
Author(s): V. G. Artjushenko; L. N. Butvina; E. M. Dianov; J. G. Kolesnikov; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky
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