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Optoelectronic Materials, Devices, Packaging, and Interconnects
Editor(s): Theodore E. Batchman; Richard Franklin Carson; Robert L. Galawa; Henry J. Wojtunik

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Volume Number: 0836
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Integrated Optic Response To Nuclear Irradiations
Author(s): E. W. Taylor
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Radiation Effects On Gallium Arsenide Integrated Optical Devices
Author(s): G. McWright; M. Lowry; F. Roeske; E. Takeuchi; W. Tindall; G. Murphy
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Ultrafast Photoconductor Radiation Detectors
Author(s): C. L. Wang; M. D. Pocha; J. D. Morse; M. S. Singh; B. A. Davis
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Ultrafast Photoconductive Detector-Laser-Diode Transmitter
Author(s): C. L. Wang; B. A. Davis; T. J. Davies; M. A. Nelson; M. C. Thomas; P. A. Zagarino
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Time Autocorrelation Of Short (o = 40 Ps), Single Shot Intense X-Ray Pulses
Author(s): Edouard Rossa
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Relationship Of The Concentration-Dependent Ti Center To The LinbO3 Ordinary Optical Index
Author(s): Perry Skeath; W. K. Burns; W. T. Elam
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Characterization Of Reactively Rf-Sputtered Tantalum Oxide Waveguides
Author(s): Yuan-Ruang Tu; Chia-Chien Lin; Way-Seen Wang; Sheng-Liang Huang
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Evaluation Of Ion Exchange For Fabrication Of Rare-Earth Doped Waveguides
Author(s): Brian P. Howell; Timothy Beerling
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Progress Toward A Crystal Streak Camera Using Tungsten Bronze Crystals For The Electrooptic Material
Author(s): L. F. Jelsma; M. E. Lowry; R. R. Neurgaonkar; W. K. Cory; H. W. Welch
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Field-And Time-Dependent Photo And Dark Current Studies Of Semi-Insulating Gaas
Author(s): Terence Burke; Maurice Weiner; G. C. Vezzoli; B. Lalevic
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Effect of Magnetic Quantization on the diffusivity-Mobility Ratio in HgTe-CdTe Superlattices.
Author(s): S. Bhattacharyya; K. P. Ghatak; S. Biswas
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Design Issues For Monolithic Gallium Arsenide On Silicon Devices
Author(s): P. Christie; A. M. Barnett; K. D. Hobart; G. H. Negley
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New Staircase Impact Electroluminescent Devices
Author(s): H. J. Lozykowski
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Ordered-Alloy Semiconductors
Author(s): D. Heiman; P. A. Wolff; E. D. Isaacs
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Spin Polarization Experimental Studies In Heusler Alloys
Author(s): C. Rau; A. R. Koymen
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Properties Of Multiple Quantum Wells And Their Use In High-Speed Detectors And Modulators
Author(s): Pallab Bhattacharya
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Monolithic Integrated Ingaalas/Inp Ridge Waveguide Photodiodes
Author(s): P. Cinguino; F. Genova; C. Rigo; A. Stano
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Overlapping-Gate Ccd Imagers On Gallium Arsenide
Author(s): P. B. Kosel; D. S. Katzer; R. E . Poore
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Current-Crowding Effects In GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure Phototransistors
Author(s): R. C. Woods; J. K. Taynam
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Self-Sustained Picosecond Optical Pulse Generation From Laser Diodes
Author(s): H. Izadpanah
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Testing Of VLSI Devices Using Electro-Optic Effects In Silicon
Author(s): Gregory N. Koskowich; Mani Soma
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Preparation And Characterization Of RF Sputtered A-Si:H Films For Optoelectronic Device Applications.
Author(s): J. J. Sluss Jr.; T. E. Batchman
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Thin Films Of Glasses Containing CdS Microcrystallites For Optical Nonlinear Devices
Author(s): Hubert Jerominek; Sergiusz Patela; Zdzislaw Jakubczyk; Real Tremblay; Claude Delisle
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Analysis Of Franz-Keldysh Electro-Optic Modulation In InP, GaAs, GaSb, InAs, And InSb
Author(s): Brian R. Bennett; Richard A. Soref
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Photorefractive Effects In GaAs
Author(s): L. J . Cheng; G. Gheen
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On The Generalised Carrier Statistics In A3 II B2V Type Of Nonlinear Optical Materials In The Presence Of Crossed Llectric And Maiznetic Fields
Author(s): S. Biswas; N. Chattopadhyay; K P. Ghatak
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Optical Waveguides And Electro-Optical Devices In Heterojunction And Quantum Well Structures Of III-V Compound Semiconductors A Review
Author(s): William S. C. Chang; Timothy E. Van Eck
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Design Of A GaAlAs Travelling Wave Mach-Zehnder Electro-Optic Modulator
Author(s): David M. Materna; Altan M. Ferendeci; Kul B. Bhasin
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Characterization Of GaAlAs Optical Waveguide Heterostructures Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): C. J. Radens; H. E. Jackson; J. T. Boyd; K. B. Bhasin; J. J. Pouch; L. Davis
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Effect Of Crossed Eleotric And Magnetic Fields On The Gate Capacitance Of MOS Structures Of N--Channel Inversion Layers Of Ternary Semiconductors
Author(s): K. P. Ghatak; N. Chattopadhyay; S. N. Biswas
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Mode Separation And Switching In Multichannel Branching Optical Waveguides
Author(s): R. N. Thurston; Eli Kapon; Yaron Silberberg
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Transparent Nonlinear Optical Devices
Author(s): M. C. Gabriel
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Photodeflection Method Of Measurement Of Kerr-Type Nonlinearities In Materials
Author(s): M. Bertolotti; A. Ferrari; C. Sibilia; G. Suber; P. Jani; D . Apostol
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Nonlinear Propagation Characteristics Of Optical Waveguides Involving Gaas-Based Multiple Quantum Wells
Author(s): M. Cada; J. D. Begin; R. c. Gauthier; B. E. Paton
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Soliton Logic Elements For All-Optical Processing
Author(s): N. J. Doran; K. J. Blow; David Wood
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Bistable Optoelectronic Devices
Author(s): John G. McInerney
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Instabilities For All-Optical Switching In Two-Mode Nonlinear Waveguides
Author(s): B. Daino; S. Trillo; S. Wabnitz; G. I. Stegeman
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Nonlinear Organic Polymeric Waveguides
Author(s): M J Goodwin
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Bistability By Self-Reflection In A Saturable Absorber
Author(s): Luis Roso-Franco
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Experimental Output-Input Behavior For Optical Oscillator With Instability And Short Feedback
Author(s): Gary C. Vezzoli
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Multiple Quantum-Well Tunneling Calculations For Asymmetric Superlattices
Author(s): Kevin Brennan; Christopher J. Summers
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Determination Of Core Centering In Optical Fibers
Author(s): Joseph Shamir; Nachum Shamir; Nir Karasikov
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Microlens Fabrication Technique For An Efficient Laser/Single-Mode Fiber Coupling
Author(s): Hossein Izadpanah; Leslie A. Reith
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Multiple Fiber Interconnect Using Silicon V-Grooves
Author(s): P. C. Chang; S. Sriram; A. C. Wey
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All-Electrical Circuit For Intensity And Wavelength Stabilization Of Injection Lasers
Author(s): A. Albanese; M. Maszczak; S. G. Menocal
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High Performance Laser Package Design
Author(s): R. J. Nelson
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Miniaturized Transmitter And Receiver Modules For High-Speed Fiber Optic Data Transmission
Author(s): Bor U. Chen; George Jiminez; Raj Sundarrajan
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Design Of A Low-Cost 1.3µm Laser Package For Local Loop Applications Using Graded-Index Lenses
Author(s): L. A. Reith; J. W. Mann; P. W. Shumate
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Critical Issues In Free Space Intrachip Optical Interconnect Technology
Author(s): Michael R. Feldman; Sadik C. Esener; Clark C. Guest; Sing H. Lee
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Integrated Optics Approach For High-Density Optical Interconnections In High-Speed Multichip IC Packages
Author(s): Charles T. Sullivan; Martha Connors Roth; Teresa Budzynski
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Optical Addressing Techniques For A Cmos Ram
Author(s): W. H. Wu; L. A. Bergman; R. A. Allen; A. R. Johnston
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Plasma-Etched Polymer Waveguides For Intrachip Optical Interconnects
Author(s): D. A. Christensen
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A High Performance Packaging Technology To Match Optical Transmission
Author(s): Eric Bogatin; Paul Sherlock
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