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X-Rays from Laser Plasmas

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Volume Number: 0831
Date Published: 4 February 1988

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Spectroscopy Of Neon-Like And Nickel-Like Ions In Laser-Produced Plasmas
Author(s): J. C . Gauthier
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Time And Space Resolved X-Ray Spectra Of Imploding Laser Fusion Targets
Author(s): P. Audebert; D. K. Bradley; M. C. Richardson; R. Epstein; P. A. Jaanimagi; O. Barnouin; J. Delettrez; B. Yaakobi; F. J. Marshall; B. L. Henke
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Simultaneously Time- And Space-Resolved Characterization Of. Laser-Produced Plasmas
Author(s): B. K.F. Young; R. E. Stewart; M. D. Rosen; G. Charatis; Gar E. Busch
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High-Resolution XUV Spectroscopy Using The OMEGA Laser
Author(s): J. F. Seely; U. Feldman; C. M. Brown; W. E. Behring; M. C. Richardson
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Absorption Spectroscopy Of Ka Lines In Dense Plasmas
Author(s): C. Chenais-Popovics; C. Fievet; J. P. Geindre; J. C. Gauthier; J. F. Wyart; E. Luc-Koenig
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Measurement Of The Distribution Of Ionization States In An Argon Plasma
Author(s): T. R. Fisher; P. C. Filbert; D. Kohler; J. D. Perez; R. Walton; G. Dahlbacka
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Radiation Transport In High Density Plasmas
Author(s): Y. Kato; H. Shiraga; T. Endo
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X-Ray Emission From High-Z Spherical Laser Plasmas: Implications For Plasma Dynamics
Author(s): P. D. Goldstone; J. A. Cobble; A. Hauer; G. Stradling; W. C. Mead; S. R. Goldman; S. Coggeshall; M. C. Richardson; P. A. Jaanimagi; O. Barnouin; R. Marjoribanks; B. Yaakobi; F. J. Marshall; P. Audebert; J. Knauer
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High Z Interaction Physics On Nova
Author(s): D. R. Kania.; J. Albritton; B. Hatcher; R. Kauffman; H. Kornblurn; S. Lancer; B. Lasinski; G. Glendinninq; D. Phillion; L. Suter; R. Wallace; F. Ze
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Characterization Of X-Ray Production From Krypton Fluoride Laser-Produced Plasma
Author(s): R. Fedosejevs; R. Popil; P. D. Gupta; D. Vick; Y. Y. Tsui; A. A. Offenberger
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Laser - Generated Soft X-Rays
Author(s): R. Sigel; K. Eidmann; J. Meyer ter-Vehn; G. D. Tsakiris; S. Witkowski
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Characterisation And Optimisation Of A Laser Generated Plasma Source Of Soft X Rays For Biological Imaging And Soft X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): A. M. Rogoyski; P. Charalambous.; C. Hills; A. G. Michette
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X-Ray Flashes From Plasmas Generated By Subpicosecond Laser Pulses
Author(s): D. Khulke; U. Herpers; D. von der Linde
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Laser-Produced Plasmas As Radiometric Source Standards For The Vuv And The Soft X-Ray Region
Author(s): M. Kuhne; J. Fischer; B. Wende
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Two And Three Dimensional Imaging Of Laser Plasma X-Rays
Author(s): Serge Lowenthal
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Imaging With Soft X-Rays Relayed By A Toroidal Mirror From A Laser-Plasma Source
Author(s): C . P.B. Hills; R. J. Rosser; A. D. Stead; T. W. Ford
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Spatial Resolution And Absolute Wavelength Values Through 2D X-Ray Spectroscopy
Author(s): Benjamin S. Fraenkel; Zwi H. Kalman
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Laser Created Plasmas As A Large Spectral Range Soft X-Ray Source To Calibrate Instruments For Plasmas Diagnostics
Author(s): R. Benattar; J. Godard; E. Houdebine
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Laser Plasma Damage To Multilayer Mirrors
Author(s): K.. J. Gray; L. V. Knight; B. G. Peterson; J. M. Thorne; T. W. Barbee Jr.; A. Toor
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Tomographic X-Ray Imaging Of Laser Plasmas By Multislit Coding And Charge Coupled Devices (C.C.D) Detectors.
Author(s): N. de Beaucoudrey; L. Garnero; J. P. Hugonin; A. Bellemain; S. Lowenthal
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Absolute Calibration Of An Xuv Time Resolving Spectrograph
Author(s): G P Kiehn; T Garvey; R A Smith; O Willi; A R Damerell; J West
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Use Of A Laser Produced Plasma In Time-Resolved Transmission And Reflection Spectroscopy
Author(s): H. van Brug; M.J. van der Wiel
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The Application Of Photoconductive Detectors To The Measurement Of X-Ray Production In Laser Produced Plasmas
Author(s): D. R. Kania; P. Bell; J. Trebes
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Advances In Sub-Nanosecond Shutter Tube Technology And Applications In Plasma, Physics
Author(s): J. D. Hares
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Time Resolved XUV Imaging Of The Rear Side Of Laser Illuminated Thin Foils
Author(s): R. Benattar; J. Godart; V. Malka; J. Edwards; O. Willi
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Time-Resolved Grating Spectrograph Incorporating A Reflection Photocathode For Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy
Author(s): P. A. Jaanimagi; G. G. Gregory; S. A. Letzring; R. S. Marjoribanks; M. C. Richardson
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Time-Resolved Spectroscopy For Detailed Studies (X/ Ax > 1000) Of Weak X-Ray Emitters In Laser Plasmas
Author(s): R. S. Marjoribanks; M. C. Richardson; P. R. Audebert; D. K. Bradley; G. G. Gregory; P. A. Jaanimagi
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Exafs/Reflexafs Experiments Using Laser-Produced Plasma X-Ray Sources
Author(s): R. W. Eason; T. A. Hall; A. Djaoui; C. Jackson; B. Shiwai; D. K. Bradley; A. J. Rankin; S. D. Tabatabaei; G. N . Greaves; S. J. Rose
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Calibration Of A KrF Laser-Plasma Source For X-Ray Microscopy Application-.
Author(s): I C E Turcu; F O'Neill; U Zammit; Y Al-Hadithi; R W Eason; A M Rogayski; C P B Hills; A G Michette
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Microradiography With Laser-Produced Plasma Sources - Surface Roughness on PMMA Resist
Author(s): P. C. Cheng; H. Kim; M. D. Wittman
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X-Ray Lithography Using A KrF Laser-Produced Plasma
Author(s): T. Tomie; K. Koyama; N. Atoda; S . Komeiji; Y Matsumoto; A. Yaoita; I. Matsushima; M. Yano
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Plasma X-Ray Sources For Lithography Generated By A 0.5 J KrF Laser
Author(s): F O'Neill; G M Davis; M C Gower; I C E Turcu; M Lawless; M Williams
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Study And Application Of Soft X-Ray Emission From Laser-Produced Plasmas
Author(s): M. Chaker; H. Pepin; V. Bareau; B. Lafontaine; I. Toubhans,; R. Fabbro; J. F. Currie
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Short Pulse X-Ray Diffraction Studies Of Shocked And Annealed Crystals Using The Janus Research Laser
Author(s): R. W. Lee; M. J. Eckart; J. D. Kilkenny; R. R. Whitlock; A. Hauer; J. S. Wark
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Preliminary Results From The Investigation Of An X-Ray Lasing Scheme
Author(s): J. D. Perez; P. C. Filbert; J. D. Hawley; D. Kohler; R. A Walton
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Progress Report On The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Soft X-Ray Laser Program*
Author(s): J. Trebes; S. Brown; E. M. Campbell; N. Ceglio; D. Eder; D. Gaines; A. Hawryluk; C. Keane; R. London; B. MacGowan; D. Matthews; S Maxon; D. Nilson; M. Rosen; D. Stearns; G. Stone; D. Whelan
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Progress With Gain Measurements In Li-Like Ions At 15.4 Nm (A1XI) And 12.9 Nm (SiXII)
Author(s): C. H. Skinner; D. Kim; A. Wouters; D. Voorhees; S. Suckewer
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X-Ray Laser Research At The Rutherford Laboratory
Author(s): G P Kiehn; J Edwards; R A Smith; O Willi; CLS Lewis; D O'Neill; C Regan; G Pert; S Ramsden; M Grande; M H Key; S. J. Rose; A Carillon; M Guennou; P Jaegle; G Jamelot; A Klisnick; A Sureau
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Spatially Resolved X-Ray Laser Spectra And Demonstration Of Gain In Nickel-Like Systems
Author(s): D. A. Whelan; C. J. Keane; B. J. MacGowar; D. L. Matthews; J. E. Trebes; M. J. Eckart
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Studies Of New Geometries For X-Ray Laser Experiments
Author(s): D. Shvarts; B. Yaakobi; P. Audebert; T. Boehly; B. Boswell; D. Bradley; R. S. Craxton; R. Epstein; M. C. Richardson; J. M. Soures
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Soft X-Ray Gain In A Plasma Pumped By Photoionization
Author(s): Ernst E. Fill; David G. Goodwin
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Amplification Of XUV Emission In H-Like And Li-Like Ions With Thin Foil Targets
Author(s): Y. Kato; P. R . Herman; T. Tachi; K. Shihoyama; K. Kamei; H. Shiraga
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Experimental Studies Of New Geometries For X-Ray Laser Experiments
Author(s): T. Boehly; P. Audebert; D. Shvarts; B. Yaakobi; B. Boswell; D. Bradley; R. S. Craxton; R. Epstein; M. C. Richardson; J. M. Soures
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