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Grazing Incidence Optics for Astronomical and Laboratory Applications
Editor(s): C. Stuart Bowyer

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Volume Number: 0830
Date Published: 9 August 1988

Table of Contents
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Grazing Incidence Optics: Amplitude-Wavelength Mapping As A Unified Approach To Specification, Theory, And Metrology
Author(s): A. Franks; B. Gale; M. Stedman
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X-Ray Mirror Assessment With Optical Light
Author(s): Hideyo Kunieda; Peter J. Serlemitsos
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ROSAT Wide Field Camera Mirrors
Author(s): R. Willingale
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Surface Texture And Imaging Quality Of Mirrors
Author(s): Lionel R. Baker
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Mirror Figure Characterization And Analysis For The Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility/Technology Mirror Assembly (AXAF/TMA) X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): Andrea Sarnik; Paul Glenn
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Transfer Function Characterization Of Grazing Incidence Optical Systems
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Edward C. Moran; William P. Zmek
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Characterization Of The Mandrels Used To Produce Replicated Prototype Mirrors For The Italian X-Ray Satellite SAX
Author(s): G. Bonelli; G. Conti; E. Mattaini; O. Citterio
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Surface Correlation Function Analysis Of High Resolution Scattering Data From Mirrored Surfaces Obtained Using A Triple-Axis X-Ray Diffractometer
Author(s): Finn E. Christensen; A. Hornstrup; Herbert W. Schnopper
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A Comparison Between Measured Surface Microtopography And Observed Scattering In The Extreme Ultraviolet
Author(s): James Green; Sharon Jelinsky; Stuart Bowyer; Roger F. Malina
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X-Ray And Optical Profiler Analysis Of Electroformed X-Ray Optics
Author(s): Yutaka Matsui; Melville P. Ulmer; Peter Z. Takacs
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Measurement Of Micro-Roughness And Effects Of Detector Bandwidth And Finite Width
Author(s): P. B. Reid; P. Glenn
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Fractal Surface Finish
Author(s): Eugene L. Church
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Fabrication, Evaluation, And Performance Of Machined Metal Grazing Incidence Telescopes
Author(s): Stuart Bowyer; James Green
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Diamond-Turned Lacquer-Coated Soft X-Ray Telescope Mirrors
Author(s): John A. Nousek; Gordon P. Garmire; Richard J. Pipetti; D. N. Burrows; W. H.-M. Ku; K. S. K. Lum
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Development Of A Precision Diamond Cutting Machine For Fabrication Of Asymmetrical Aspheric Mirrors
Author(s): Shigeo Moriyama; Fumihiko Uchida; Eiichi Seya
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Design Of The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Long-Wavelength Grazing Incidence Telescope Optics
Author(s): David S. Finley; Patrick Jelinsky; Stuart Bowyer; Roger F. Malina
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Holographic Optical Elements And Grazing Incidence Mirrors In XUV Region
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson
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Use Of Layered Synthetic Microstructures At Grazing Incidence In The VUV And Soft X-Ray Regions
Author(s): W. R. Hunter
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High Throughput X-Ray Optics: An Overview
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein
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An Electroformed Mirror Array for High Energy X-ray Astronomy
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer
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Optics For The X-Ray Imaging Concentrators Aboard The X-Ray Astronomy Satellite SAX
Author(s): Oberto Citterio; Giuseppe Bonelli; G. Conti; E. Mattaini; E. Santambrogio; B. Sacco; E. Lanzara; Heinrich Brauninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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Figured Grazing Incidence Mirrors From Reheated Float Glass
Author(s): Simon E. Labov
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Design, Construction, And Performance Of The ROSAT High-Resolution X-Ray Mirror Assembly
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach
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X-Ray Performance Of The LAMAR Protoflight Mirror
Author(s): Daniel G. Fabricant; L. M. Cohen; Paul Gorenstein
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High-Throughput Replica Optics
Author(s): Piet A. J. de Korte
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Conical Foil X-Ray Mirrors: Performance And Projections
Author(s): Peter J. Serlemitsos
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Production And Evaluation Of Super-Smooth Dip-Coated Foils For High Throughput X-Ray Telescopes
Author(s): L. Jalota; R. Willingale
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Grazing Incidence Replica Optics For Astronomical And Laboratory Applications
Author(s): Rene Hudec; Boris Valnicek; Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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Grazing Incidence Optics For The U.S. High-Resolution X-Ray Astronomy Program
Author(s): Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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X-Ray Objective Grating Spectrograph
Author(s): R. C. Catura; R. A. Stern; W. Cash; D. L. Windt; J. L. Culhane; J. Lappington; K. Barnsdale
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Mirror And Grating Surface Figure Requirements For Grazing Incidence Synchrotron Radiation Beamlines: Power Loading Effects
Author(s): Steven L. Hulbert; Sushil Sharma
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Development Of Highly Polished, Grazing Incidence Mirrors For Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines At SSRL
Author(s): K. Glenn Tirsell; E. J. Berglin; B. A. Fuchs; F. R. Holdener; H. H. Humpal; V. P. Karpenko; S. Kulkarni; Stephen D. Fantone
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Manufacturing And Testing Of A Grazing Incidence Mirror
Author(s): Manfred W. Grindel; Christopher J. Stolz
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Grazing Incidence Optics For The X-Ray Astronomy Mission SXO
Author(s): Yasuo Tanaka; Fumiyoshi Makino
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Strategy And Calculations For The Design Of Baffles For Wolter Type II Telescopes
Author(s): John D. Mangus
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Ghost Image Behavior In Wolter Type I X-Ray Telescopes
Author(s): Edward C. Moran; James E. Harvey
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Aberrations For Grazing Incidence Telescopes
Author(s): Timo T. Saha
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Interferometry On Grazing Incidence Optics
Author(s): Joseph Geary; Riki Maeda
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Processing Of Interferometric Fringe Scanner Data For The AXAF/TMA X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): Paul Glenn; Andrea Sarnik
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Performance Prediction Of The AXAF Technology Mirror Assembly Using Measured Mirror Surface Errors
Author(s): Paul Glenn; Paul Reid; Albert Slomba; Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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Grazing Incidence X-Ray Reflectivity Of Gold And Iridium Coated Flat Mirrors
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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Extreme Ultraviolet Reflectivity Studies Of Gold On Glass And Metal Substrates
Author(s): Sharon R. Jelinsky; Roger F. Malina; Patrick Jelinsky
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Grazing Incidence Reflectance Of SiC Films Produced By Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; John F. Osantowski; Albert R. Toft; William D. Partlow
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Grazing Incidence Imaging From 10 To 40 KeV
Author(s): Martin Elvis; Daniel G. Fabricant; Paul Gorenstein
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Extreme Ultraviolet Reflectance Degradation Of Aluminum And Silicon From Surface Oxidation
Author(s): Marion L. Scott; Paul N. Arendt; Bernard J. Cameron; John M. Saber; Brian E. Newnam
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Contamination Of Grazing Incidence EUV Mirrors-An Assessment
Author(s): John F. Osantowski; C. F. Fleetwood
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