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Digital Image Recovery and Synthesis
Editor(s): Paul S. Idell

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Volume Number: 0828
Date Published: 29 January 1988

Table of Contents
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Speckle Imaging Techniques
Author(s): J C. Dainty
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High-Resolution Astronomical Imaging By Triple Correlation Processing
Author(s): G. Weigelt
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Phase Retrieval From Fourier Intensity Data
Author(s): J. R. Fienup
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Diffraction-Limited Imaging With The Coherently Cophased Mmt
Author(s): E. Keith Hege; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; J. C. Hebden; Stuart B. Shaklan; Julian C. Christou
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Knox-Thompson Images Of 4 Vesta
Author(s): J. D. Drummond; E. K. Heqe; A. Eckart
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Application Of Bispectrum Analysis To Infrared Speckle Data
Author(s): Julian C. Christou; Jonathan D. Freeman; Francois Roddier; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; Michael L. Cobb; Stuart B. Shaklan
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A Comparison Of Phase Retrieval Algorithms Applied To Infrared Astronomical Speckle Data
Author(s): Jonathan D. Freeman; Julian C. Christou; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; Michael L. Cobb
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Phase-Gradient Speckle-Image Reconstruction: Discrete-Photon Case
Author(s): G. J.M. Aitken; R. Johnson
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Experience With The Matched Filtered Weighted-Shift-And-Add Method
Author(s): E. Keith Hege; Nicolas V. Strobel; Erez Ribak; Julian C. Christou
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Object Reconstruction From Photon-Limited Centroided Data Of Randomly Translating Images
Author(s): L. C. de Freitas; M. Northcott; B. J. Brames; J. C. Dainty
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Speckle Interferometry And Maximum Probability Methods
Author(s): Steven M. Ebstein; David Korff
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Reconstruction Of Images Made Through Turbulent Media : Analysis And Comparison Of Selected Methods
Author(s): J. L. Rapier; C.C C. Liu; D. C. Watson
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Towards Making Shift-And-Add A Versatile Imaging Technique
Author(s): R.H. T. Bates; B.L. K. Davey
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Towards A Fast Triple Correlation Algorithm
Author(s): Douglas J. Granrath; E.Keith Hege; Robert Greene; Richard Kruger
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University Of Maryland Program On Multi-Aperture Amplitude Interferometry
Author(s): Douglas G. Currie
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Image Reconstruction From Rotational Shear Interferograms: Laboratory And Astronomical Results
Author(s): Francois Roddier; Claude Roddier
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Nonimaging Techniques For The Extraction Of Noncoherent Object Information And Its Processing
Author(s): A. S. Marathay
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Effect Of The Atmosphere On Measurement Of Correlations Of Intensity
Author(s): Mark J. Beran; Alan M. Whitman
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Post-Detection Wavefront Distortion Compensation
Author(s): David L. Fried
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Electronically Agile Multiple Aperture Imager Receiver
Author(s): Philip D. Henshaw; David E. B. Lees
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Imaging Correlography With Sparse Collecting Apertures
Author(s): Paul S. Idell; J. R. Fienup
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Image Reconstruction In The Presence Of Noise
Author(s): D. C. Watson; L. B. Race Jr.
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Derivation And Simulation Of An Imaging Correlography Algorithm: A Modification Of The Idell-Fienup Algorithm
Author(s): Kang-Soo Kim; David Caballero
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Automatic Deconvolution And Phase Retrieval
Author(s): R. H.T. Bates; R. G. Lane
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Comparison Of Phase Retrieval Filter Methods
Author(s): Piotr W. Kiedron
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Gerchberg-Saxton Phase Retrieval When Image Magnitude Given Only Approximately
Author(s): R. H.T. Bates; W. R. Fright; P. H. Gardenier
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Estimation Of Image Distributions From Limited Intensity Data
Author(s): H. M. Berenyi; C. L. Byrne; M. A. Fiddy
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The Effects Of Tapered Illumination And Fourier Intensity Errors On Phase Retrieval
Author(s): R. G. Paxman; J. R. Fienup; J. T. Clinthorne
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Design And Execution Of A Phase Retrieval Demonstration Experiment
Author(s): J. N . Cederquist; J. R . Fienup; J. C. Marron; R. G. Paxman
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