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Spatial Light Modulators and Applications II
Editor(s): Uzi Efron

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Volume Number: 0825
Date Published: 19 February 1988

Table of Contents
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Invited Paper Multiple-Quantum-Well CCD Spatial Light Modulators
Author(s): Brian F. Aull; Barry E. Burke; Kirby B. Nichols; William D. Goodhue
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Multiple Quantum Well-Based Spatial Light Modulators
Author(s): U. Efron; T. Y. Hsu; J. N. Schulman; W. Y Wu; I. Rouse; I. J. D'Haenens; Yia -Chung Chana
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Development Of Gallium Arsenide-Based Spatial Light Modulators
Author(s): Michael C. Hebbron; Surinder S. Makh
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Electro Optical Performance Of An Improved Deformable Mirror Device
Author(s): Wen R. Wu; Richard O. Gale; Larry J. Hornbeck; Jeffrey B. Sampsell
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Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Devices
Author(s): D. Armitage; J. I. Thackara; W. D. Eades
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Status Of The CCD-Addressed Liquid Crystal Light Valve
Author(s): M. S. WeIkowsky; U. Efron; W. Byles; N. W. Goodwin
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Optimization Algorithm And Fabrication Technique Of A Monolithic Image Plane Modulator
Author(s): Daniel Leigh; Nissim Ben-Yosef
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Invited Paper Recent Developments In Microscopic Descriptions Of The Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Organic And Polymer Structures
Author(s): J. R. Heflin; K. Y. Wong; O. Zamani-Khamiri; A. F. Garito
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Invited Paper Quantum Wells For Optical Processing Applications
Author(s): G. Livescu; D. A. B. Miller
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N-I-P-I Superlattices For Electro-Optical Applications
Author(s): P.Paul Ruden
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Model For The Molecular Origins Of The Polarization In Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Author(s): David M. Walba; Noel A. Clark
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Characterization Of PLZT For Holographic Mode SLM Applications
Author(s): Sylvia D. Mancha; Christopher R. DeHainaut; Robert W. Carter; Jeff A . Bullington; Jeff A. Poston; Richard L. Mills
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Invited Paper Fundamental Limit Of The Speed Of Photorefractive Effect
Author(s): Pochi Yeh
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Invited Paper Photorefractive Effect In BaTiO3:Fe
Author(s): C. Warde; D. Temple; P. G. Schunemann; R. S. Hathcock
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A Photorefractive Integrated Optical Vector Matrix Multiplier
Author(s): Demetri Psaltis; David Brady
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Invited Paper SLMS In Optical Symbolic Computing Architectures
Author(s): John A. Neff
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Spatial Light Modulators For Optical Neuromorphs
Author(s): Michael J. O'Callaghan; Dana Z. Anderson
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Capacity Of Optical Correlators
Author(s): Jeff Yu; Fai Mok; Demetri Psaltis
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Optical Feedback For Iterative Processing
Author(s): Anthony J. Ticknor; Harrison H. Barrett
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Digital Optical Computing With Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Author(s): Laura A. Pagano-Stauffer; Kristina M. Johnson; Dean A. Heimmermann; Mark A. Handschy
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Optical Correlation With Phase Encoding And Phase Filtering
Author(s): Richard D. Juday; Stanley E. Monroe Jr.; Don A. Gregory
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Gray Scale Operation Of A Multichannel Optical Convolver Using The Semetex Magnetooptic Spatial Light Modulator
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Davis; Timothy Day; Roger A. Lilly; Donald B. Taber; Hua-Kuang Liu; J. A Davis; T. Day; R. A. Lilly; D. B. Taber; H-K Liu
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Application Of Inexpensive Liquid Crystal TV To Optical Parallel Logic
Author(s): Francis T.S. Yu; Suganda Jutamulia; Don A. Gregory
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Fiber-Optic Crossbar Switch With Broadcast Capability
Author(s): Antonio R. Dias; Robert F. Kalman; Joseph W. Goodman; Alexander A. Sawchuk
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Link Analysis Of A Deformable Mirror Device Based Optical Crossbar Switch
Author(s): Robert W. Cohn
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Optimization Of Shear Modes To Produce Enhanced Bandwidth In Ghz GaP Bragg Cells
Author(s): J, I. Soos; R. G. Rosemeier; J. Rosenbaum
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Visible-To-Infrared Image Converter Using The Hughes Liquid Crystal Light Valve
Author(s): M. S. Weikowsky; R. A. Forber; c. S. Wu; M. E. Pedinoff
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Holographic Correction Of Aberrations In Collimated Laser Beams Using PLZT
Author(s): C. DeHainaut; J. Bullington; R. Mills; R. Carter; S. Mancha
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Phase Conjugation Of Low Power Optical Beams Using Liquid Crystal Light Valves
Author(s): E. Marom; U. Efron
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Color Image Correlation Using A Magneto-Optic Spatial Light Modulator
Author(s): B. Javidi; C. J. Kuo; Y. F. Chen; J. E . Ludman
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