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Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion VI
Editor(s): Carl M. Lampert

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Volume Number: 0823
Date Published: 12 November 1987

Table of Contents
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Selective Radiation Shielding And Solar Control Applications Of Multilayer Metal And Dielectric Coatings
Author(s): Ian Ritchie; Wilfred C. Kittler Jr.
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A Proven, Industrial Magnetron Sputtering System With Excellent Expansion And Scale-Up Capabilities
Author(s): D. Griffin
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Bendable Silver-Based Low Emissivity Coating On Glass
Author(s): J. Szczyrbowski; A. Dietrich; K. Hartig
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Transparent And Heat-Reflecting ZnO:Al Films: Preparation And Optical Properties
Author(s): Z.-C. Jin; c. G. Granqvist
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Characterization Of Spray-Deposited Tin Oxide Films
Author(s): H. Demiryont; K. E. Nietering
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Plasma Oxidation Of Silver And Zinc In Low-Emissivity Stacks
Author(s): R. C. Ross; R, Sherman; R. A. Bunger; S. J. Nadel
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Ellipsometric Study Of ZnO/Ag/ZnO Optical Coatings: Determination Of Layer Thicknesses And Optical Constants
Author(s): K. Memarzadeh; J. A. Woollam; A. Belkind
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Smart Window Coatings: Some Recent Advances
Author(s): S. M. Babulanam; W. Estrada; M. O. Hakim; S. Yatsuya; A. M. Andersson; J. R. Stevens; J.S. E.M. Svensson; C. G. Granqvist
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Preparation Of Electrochromic Metal Oxide Films By Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): D. K. Benson; C. E. Tracy; J.S E.M. Svensson; B. E. Liebert
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Sputter-Deposited Thin Films Of Linbo[sub]3[/sub] And LiTaO[sub]3[/sub] For The Ion Conducting Layer Of Smart Windows
Author(s): T. E Haas; R. B. Goldner; G. Seward; K. K. Wong; G. Foley; R. Kabani
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Characterization Technique For Transparent Ion Conducting Films
Author(s): K K. Wong; R. B. Goldner; G. H. Foley; L. Jauniskas; T. Haas; G. Seward
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Prototype All-Solid Lithiated Smart Window Devices
Author(s): G. Seward; R. B. Goldner; K. Wong; T. Haas; G. H. Foley; R. Chapman; S. Schulz
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Improved Colored State Reflectivity In Lithiated WO[sub]3[/sub] Films
Author(s): R. B. Goldner; G. Seward; K. Wong; G. Berera; T. Haas; P. Norton
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Design And Optical Modulation Of A-WO[sub]3[/sub]/A-IrO[sub]2[/sub] Electrochromic Windows
Author(s): Stuart F. Cogan; Timothy D. Plante; Robert S. McFadden; R.David Rauh
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In-Situ Spectroscopic Studies Of Electrochromic Hydrated Nickel Oxide Films
Author(s): P. C. Yu; C. M. Lampert
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Electrochromism Of A Tungsten Compound Film
Author(s): Kozo Fujino; Hiroaki Tada; Hideo Kawahara
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Properties Of Electrochromic Oxides Deposited By The Sol-Gel Process
Author(s): Niall R. Lynam; Frank H. Moser; Bryant P. Hichwa
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Photochromic And Thermochromic Pigments For Solar Absorbing-Reflecting Coatings
Author(s): Thomas Novinson
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Solar Radiation Control Using NCAP Liquid Crystal Technology
Author(s): Peter vanKonynenburg; Stephen Marsland; James McCoy
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Photochromic Properties Of A Pyrene/Methanol Solution
Author(s): R. L. Sutherland; V. P. Tondiglia; D. M. Brandelik
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Electrochromism In Cu[sub]x[/sub]O-WO[sub]3[/sub] And V[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]5[/sub]-WO[sub]3[/sub] Films
Author(s): Huang Suiyang; Zhou Jicai; Chang Jingyi
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Design And Optimization Of Holographic Solar Concentrators
Author(s): C. G. Stojanoff; H. D. Tholl; R. Kubitzek
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Investigation Of The Properties Of Dichromated Gelatin Layers And Their Influence On The Diffraction Efficiency And On The Bandwidth Of Holographic Solar Concentrators
Author(s): C. G. Stojanoff; W. Windein; S. Tropartz
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Photostabilization Studies Of Silver/Polymethylmethacrylate Films
Author(s): H. H. Neidlinger; P. Schissel
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Durability Of Silvered Polymer Mirrors
Author(s): Paul Schissel; Rita M. Goggin; Yvonne D. Shinton
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Metal Substrates And The Photodegradation Of Polymers II: An FTIR Study Of Polyethylene Terephthalate And Polyvinylfluoride
Author(s): D. M. Smith; W. F. Welch; S. M. Graham; A. R. Chughtai; P. Schissel
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Light-Scattering Properties Of Laminate Membrane Mirrors
Author(s): Richard L. Wood; Timothy J. Wendelin
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Reflective Performance Of Total Internal Reflection Film (TIRF)
Author(s): Steven G. Saxe; David L. Wortman
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Properties Of Black Cobalt Coatings
Author(s): B. Vitt
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Progress In The Commercialization Of A Carbonaceous Solar Selective Absorber On A Glass Substrate
Author(s): John D. Garrison; J.Carlos Haiad; Anthony J. Averett
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A Tandem Surface Of Lead Sulfide And Cobalt Oxides Bade By Spray Pyrolysis Method
Author(s): Cheng Bo-hou; Li Xiamg -ming; Zhang Lu-zheng
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A Comparative Study Of The Degradation Of Elastomeric Sealants In The Environment Of The Solar Collector
Author(s): Morris A. Mendelsohn; Russell M. Luck; Francis W. Navish Jr.
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Infrared Transmittance Of Borosilicate Based Fiber Insulations
Author(s): Gosta Ljungdahl; Carl G. Ribbing
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Interface States And Fermi Level Pinning In CdSe Thin Film Solar Cells
Author(s): H. Richter
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Chemical Deposition Of Highly Photosensitive CDs Thin Films And Their Prospects In Thin Film Solar Cells
Author(s): P . K. Nair; M.T. S. Nair; J. Campos
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